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Filming Techniques Anyone know where to see this? Don't know I've ever felt this stupid after watching a movie What is it about Tatum O'Neal? I realize this is a dramatization and not a documentary... How old was Mathilda really supposed to be? What was Annette Benning's character intending to do at the end? Can someone explain the ending to me? The music that Newton didn't like... What is the significance of the charm? View all posts >


Absolutely fantastic. Love it! At first I found him to be a little off-putting but he quickly grew on me. I really like his presentation and delivery. I think they're well-suited to the subject matter. LOL I liked that hairstyle better than the long, wavy tresses she had at the beginning I agree with all of the above. Another good one that hasn't been mentioned yet was when she opened up that bundle of sticks and found the teeth/blood/hair/whatever inside. Funny story relating to that scene... If you remember, when she first found it outside, she just threw it behind the tent and didn't open it up. According to the creators (who were monitoring them from an undisclosed location), the actors were about to leave the campsite and head to the new location without ever opening up the bundle, so the director had to intervene to tell her to open it up and look inside. Anyway, I thought that was definitely a standout moment and Heather's reaction was *chef's kiss*. I also like how she kept it from Mike and didn't burden him unnecessarily with that disturbing experience. The original Lion's Gate DVD release was the syndicated (rebroadcast) version of the show, where they trim scenes to make time for more adverti$ing. For the nearly 20 years since they were released I've been steaming over this. I'm happy to report, however, that Shout Factory has just released the full, intact, original broadcast version, along with the post-series movie Project: ALF, the animated series, ALF Tales, a retrospective with creators Paul Fusco and Tom Patchett, as well as audio commentary on select episodes. THIS is what should have been released all those years ago instead of that half-assed Lion's Gate version. While I'm not happy to have been bamboozled into buying this twice, I am very happy to finally have the full versions on DVD after all these years (I had copies on VHS but those are a pain in the ass). Better late than never. Lesley Dunlop. She was so fucking beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her whenever she was on screen. Duh. Thank you. "The Ref" from 1994 with Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, and Judy Davis. Reminded me a lot of this movie, but I think it's better. Carnage had many moments that felt forced, contrived, and unnatural. The Ref has similar comedic elements, but everything just comes across as more realistic, plausible, and natural. It's my all-time favorite Christmas movie. "What Do I Get?" by The Buzzcocks View all replies >