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Why is Sara Rue (Attorney General (Funbags)) not listed in the credits??? Why does the wife give him the damn book? How pissed was Davis about Baxter's spoiler effect? Holy shit I can't believe how awful this was Lawsuit claiming this is not a documentary Math question Georg/Ólafur Relationship How on Earth was this getaway plan supposed to work? STILL no complete DVD release Lillian Bond (Gladys) View all posts >


I was getting some major Kevin Bacon vibes as well. There was stuff cut after the initial US test screening that went over really badly. I think I remember them saying the original cut was more violent. This was my impression as well. The one thing I don't understand, though, is why he would have shot Turner. Also, why would Pherber put his body in a closet and skulk away like that? Chas rustles a form on the bed. When the figure rouses and turns around, we see it's Turner (Mick Jagger). Then it cuts to a different angle, from behind the figure, who is wearing the same robe and has similar hair. At that point, the figure gets on top of Chas and they start making out and you are definitely led to believe that it's still Turner. However, on close inspection, you can see it's actually Lucy. So, the two men never actually kiss. Oh man, this is depressing. I came on here to make a post about how insanely gorgeous she was in this movie. What a bummer to hear about what became of her. Really interesting that she ended up in Kabul considering her scene where she keeps bringing up Persia and the bandits. Maybe she was interested in that region and possibly influenced the script there a bit? What a great little character she was. This DVD was being given away by my local library. I grabbed it on a whim. I could not believe how good it was. Completely blew me away. Utterly fantastic. Incredible, unbelievable footage. "God, this is awful!" Seriously, I love Jim Carrey and thought he acted well in this, but the movie itself is a steaming turd. The only movie his that I've seen so far that I haven't liked. Really? You think an intelligent policewoman like Marge would need this experience with an old high school friend to suspect that someone might lie to her, especially someone acting as obviously suspicious as Jerry was in that initial interview? That makes no sense to me. Pancakes House View all replies >