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LOL Was you sister bald? A baldie with no brain?? AHAHA She wasn't just ''drunk'' she was messed up on party drugs. She was out of her head when she got into the car and maybe not even able to walk up straight. Shame on her ''friends'' for not intervening and taking her home. Poor thing. Vacuum cleaners can suck the fetus out too. More like ''obsessed'' with the worry that women will end up killing them selves in the process of a self induced abortion or from a shady provider. Very sad what happens to women who self abort. She wanted her daughter to be a machine for ballet. Human urges like sexual desire would have made Nina less ''focused'' in the eyes of her Mother. Notice how Nina was unable to stand up to anyone? not just her Mom but the other girls in her ballet company that were giving her a hard time (kind of the adult version of bullying). She wasn't just sexually repressed but emotionally repressed. Maybe she would have quit if it wan't for this weird mental state her Mother put her in - like the poster says in this thread her Mother wanted to live through her vicariously. Maybe a ballet career wasn't what Nina really wanted at all. Most of the movie was Nina breaking out of her shell, starting to talk back to other people and advocating for herself (asking for the part). Her sexuality awakened and she defied the mother. Most of the breakdown and her (spoiler) death could be interpreted as a rebirth. The black girl trying to hang Sabrina in the first season of the show I believe was a political statement. And too busy working to pay taxes to support “EBT”. No but her Mother is abusive to her though, it was not shown in the film but it was hinted in the way Nina behaves with her Mom. There is a passive aggressive vibe in certain scenes (the ''cake'' scene most notably) where the Mother is showing her hostility towards her daughter. It actually bleeds over in the scene where as in others it's bottled up. I get the impression there was a fair bit of physical abuse when Nina was younger. Even physical abuse as an adult. Her Mother was also ''arresting'' her emotional and sexual development. She tried to keep her at the emotional age of about 12. Also some jealousy, my guess is that Nina was about 23 and the Mother in her early 50's and was jealous of her daughters career and youth. A career the Mother once had but never the talent or the success to her Daughters level. And I miss ''Oz'' but these times aren't coming back. The Chi has inconsistent talent, there are wooden actors in main roles and convincing actors in walk on roles. Watching the first episode of season 2 the most impressive actors showed up at the end playing the men robbing the old woman's home and beating her. They had a small part with little dialogue but their body language and intensity was excellent. That is what acting is about. I get the feeling the role was actually intended for megan fox... View all replies >