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The ''white'' lie... I wonder if this film was an underhanded parody of... Anti-Hypergamy? Watched the film in a nail salon... A cruel man Would have been an American ''Thatcher''? Such a mentally sick woman Not clever enough dialogue or writing He's not the first View all posts >


He never deserved the second chance. The ''devil'' was right -- evil just set the stage, it didn't force Kevin to make his incredibly selfish decisions that lead to disaster. I used to watch this movie and be frightened by it every time it played on t.v as a kid and thought the devil and the demons were after Kevin and his wife. But watching this movie again as an adult I have a totally different take on it. The evil stuff was just background noise rather than the real problem which was a self-centered and greedy man who would sell out his morals, his wife and whatever else to get ahead. He had many chances to make better decisions but he never did. Why should he get a second chance? House of sand and fog. I literally died inside watching the scene where he was praying for his son's life - it was incredibly genuine. Douching doesn't work. Vaginal steaming is actually better... Wow, they must have performed a miracle. He's got absolutely no ''oots'' in his speech. This idea could have turned this mundane Christian drama into an interesting horror movie. Too old and married with kids. I think after she became a mother her career really begin to die and her male fans lost interest in her. Which is a shame because that was right around the time ''The eye'' came out and though the movie stunk her acting in it was a significant improvement from her early and mid 2000's roles. She was developing a skill set in other words. Shame. That's because he just died. There is no LE company. He died in the car accident with Julie. It takes a few watches to figure it out (yes I bought into the original ending idea too) but he's definitely dead. The movie like a purgatory with David ''moving on'' towards the end. Megan Fox's acting was terrible and wooden. Rosie's a bit more natural despite this movie being her first role. Rosie had a better body and sophisticated styling, Megan a better face. Yes. The entire film is about the process of an entitled person dying suddenly. He doesn't want to let go of earth. In the mid 2000's she looked like she was 16. I think this is what's getting people, to see a woman age who seemingly just a short time ago even ten years back looked like a teenager. View all replies >