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The male and female lead do not look traditionally Arab.. Fashion and tech was nothing like in 2003 The better adaptation? Totally got into Hollywood through Zionist nepotism, but... Pedophile The dogs breed... Has anyone ever read the book ''The rise and rise of Gaga''? What was with her massive weight gain in the 2000's? Great ambience.. Why were the ghosts so hostile to her? View all posts >


''Chloe'' Hands down. She looked GORGEOUS in the face, her hair was beautifully done, her body hourglass and the fashion in that film (late 'aught's haute couture) looked splendid. Strangely in her other movies she looks so plain looking in the face and either too thin in some or chubby in others. Funny, Sean seemed to almost be copying Dustin Hoffman in the film with some of the behaviours but it wasn’t translating into anything believable. Sean Penn was just acting a ret*rd and getting paid for it. The funny face pancake tantrum at big boy burger sealed the movies fate. Oh she was spot on. For anyone who watched save the last dance, dance flick is a riot. The imitation is spot on. Also the parody of the hideous late 90's/very early 2000's fashion was hilarious. I think through most of the movie she was armouring herself up, she had to be the ''tough girl'' to survive. There was many awkward moments in the film that didn't phase her. Starting from her crappy room mate threatening to kick her out her reaction was very nonchalant. She didn't get in his face she just said ''I should enjoy cleaning the bathroom'' - or something like that. What I noticed by this early scene is that her interactions with people were especially superficial, she didn't seem to care enough to let anyone get under her skin. Almost as though she was in her own world or sedated some how. When her bitchy boss fired her at the photocopying job again, no reaction, just ''That's fine, I'll go''. Then through all the sexual abuse again, she remained sedated (literally). I believe she was deliberately locking up her emotions and the ending was her emotional awakening and breaking point. It was not just the near death experience, she was not the girl she tried to be ( stone cold). The ending was her catharsis. Her face was beautiful but her body.. good God, when she was (spoiler) lying in bed naked during the scene with the one abusive man on top of her she looked about 10 years old body wise. Her body was completely underdeveloped, those didn't even look like breasts but 'buds'. Brilliant film? This is a cartoon for children as with the other two movies produced before. It's not brilliant, it's ''cute'' and for a family audience with young kids. The first movie's success rid on the ''3D movie craze'' of 2010 released just a few months after Avatar with some similarities in the story line which is why a lot of people spent their money on it hoping to have more of an Avatar-esque experience. There was nothing about the first film that stood out to me as anything other than a family cartoon, ''Up'' was a brilliant animated film for its story, this was just basic. I do find ''Toothless'' very cute though. The show had a ''cheap'' feel in terms of picture quality as you mentioned. They had a cheap Canadian actress in the main role who was not attractive enough or ''engaging'' (Why was she picked for a female lead?) and the black step brother was also bland. The two needed to be recast. One of the most beautiful men ever. Men aren't really supposed to be ''beautiful'' but handsome. Sometimes there are exceptions though. You have to be out of your mind to think this movie wasn't scary. It was absolutely terrifying, it had atmosphere like no other horror film and the ghosts were genuinely creepy. The tent scene scared me to death as a kid. It wasn't just that there were ''ghosts'' it was how they behaved and the tone set before they appeared. LOL I agree. What a ''non plot'' film. Another ''Village''. But James did good... View all replies >