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Is your male ego really that fragile? Damn, stop being such a whiny little b*tch, grow some balls and act like a man. Well I mean... the original trilogy is extremely cheesy too, with bad acting and dialog/writing. So they fit right in. And your opinions matter why? That's so silly, how do remakes "ruin the original"? You sound ridiculous. No once is forcing you to watch the remakes, and the existence of a remake doesn't just magically ruin the original film. If anything remakes HELP the originals because they can get younger audiences and people who may have never seen or heard of the original to seek out the original film. You poor thing, maybe one day you can get another chance to stare at a 15yo characters bulge. John Wick: Movie ruined Imagine being so pressed over a 5 second shot in a 3 hour movie. I was surprised to see some of the horror movies this has a higher rating over. I own all four of the movies and three seasons of the tv series, love them. But I've always loved them as fun BAD movies so it really baffles me when people try to act like these are great movies. Hell, the tv series was better than any of the movies. View all replies >