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Found out (spoilers) debt paid or unpaid? the ending (spoiler free) strategic blunders in blackmail change of heart? In love and war How faithful to real life? the opening Sandra (spoiler) any idea what happened to Evan? View all posts >


I would have expected the hacker to get into hot water for that deception. I thought the pace became quite fast after the protagonist left the police station. I donno if you would call it "killed" but I thought he fell off a ledge. People responding to this seem to converge on a few titles which I think are okay but hardly the best of Korean cinema. I don't have anything like a definitive list but I'll mention a few that I think are better than most of those listed. - The Evil Twin - The King and the Clown - Sea Fog - Whispering Corridors - My Heart - Cello - Eungyo - I Saw the Devil In particular, I'm surprised to see only a couple of Kim Ki-Duk titles mentioned... and not necessarily his best. I would add definitely add Pietá and The Bow. Why do you group JSA with Oldboy and Lady Vengeance? That's just what one of the lead actors described the film as being about. Thanks. I'd never heard Atlanta mentioned as a hotbed of cinematography. Is it common for films to premiere there? I don't think those are mutually exclusive: she apparently was lying about some major details but could still have have been a crime victim. Tom could very well have been lying when he told Jean he was "an asshole but not a kidnapper." From what I could make out, Allison was lying bound in the back seat of his vehicle. You're right, there was more than one party with an unethical agenda willing to ride roughshod over Jewell. I don't know if aborigines were a minority in Australia at the time but of course you're right about the not very subtle message. I wonder what would happen if somebody made a film about a saintly Caucasian martyred by evil blacks? View all replies >