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What I didn' get in Season 1 ( spoiler) Six was better I don't get the ending ( spoilers) The lack of budget is showing in this episode Humvees in the 1980s? Only ONE carrier? How come that family still had money!!? My theory about last episode's ending What were the writers thinking? If Netflix picks this up... View all posts >


If you're looking for a similar score ( exact same harmonies) check out "Gorky Park", maye one year later with the same composer! IMDB says April 19h. I was thinking that all the time! also why didn't she go home with backup? Looks like you called it! I wonder what the Coyote wil look like! Looks like Magnum has shrunk over the years!!!? The original was a hit and miss sometimes, but this one is definitely a miss! My bad. The CIVILIAN version of the H1 was buit in 1992. It's a textbook guilty pleasure. We know it's illogical and jingoistic as hell in many places ( OMG that opening music !) But it's still entertaining somehow. You mean season 4 finale, unless you have the whole thing, so help a brother out! lol I think season 4 is the weakest. what do you think? View all replies >