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John Titor Who is the leader of MovieChat? If there was a government with jurisdiction over all of Earth... I'm stranded on Earth.... I love Barack Obama! Would you laugh at me if I wore a Rapunzel wig in public? Do you find "Grey Aliens" scary? Do you think that males have less restrictions placed on them than females? Do you wear clothing inside your home? Favorite "sensual" songs? View all posts >


Hehe! Indeed! Yes. He said he came from the year 2036. He said something about another civil war happening among other stuff. I think older people view older films with nostalgia, that's why their heart is with the oldies. A creepy chef obsessed with a certain girl. He chases the girl and her boyfriend around the country with a butcher knife. Something like that. Mmhmm! I'd give it a read. It may be...enlightening. Yeah, you are right indeed! I'm not so sure myself. I just know that France has both offices and there is a thing called cohabitation where the two leaders can come from different parties. I decided to borrow the idea for my hypothetical Earth government. I'd assume the president has the final say, nonetheless. Thanks for the response, Shogun. You make great points against the idea. I better behave, then! View all replies >