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How do people in other parts of the Western World think of the U.S.? Were you a well-behaved kid? Have you ever been inside of a mosque? Highest level of mathematics you've mastered? Facebook used to be just something for college students. Now, everything is connected to it. Upcoming movies you are looking forward to? Chris Pine Eighteen. I still remember a beautiful flight attendant who smiled at me back in 2002. I don't know if I really like or hate humans.... View all posts >


Why? Aww.... Lemme think about that, actually.... Nope. A D for effort, at least! Yeah, I rarely use it anymore. Hmm...that could explain why he isn't hitched yet. I knew it! Really? That's interesting.... Yeah, I agree! Sounds like quite an experience you had! Indeed. Heh...I suppose! View all replies >