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Should we stop using fossil fuels for good? I'm so blinded by anger and hate. Do you think interfaith dialogue wll help solve some of the world's problems? Favorite written symbol? Emoji test I was probably some kind of solitary animal in a past life.... Do you wish magic was real? Long-haired guys Less than two months until this movie comes out. What do you think of this commercial? View all posts >


Well, if you say so.... Damn...I posted this in the wrong forum. I'd request for this to be moved to General Discussion. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Money talks indeed! Now you're speaking my language! But of course! (Wouldn't your favorite be the euro symbol, though?) I heard the primary emotion of a mouse is fear. It's a purse of some sort. (Posting now from my laptop, more emojis for now....) :( Probably this: 👝? 🥰 View all replies >