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Is it ethical to send Earth lifeforms to Mars? Do you like gyros sandwich? President Most important human-made technology? Barack Obama: More effective as a "head of state" than a "head of government"? Great movie. Is he still friends with Prince Harry? One thing I don't understand about him. I love this movie! Do you think he drinks? View all posts >


Yes, but what about the welfare of the Martian ecosystem (if there is any?) On second thought...yeah! That also sounds like a good strategy! He will serve at least 4 years. I'll watch it. This is somewhat of a serious topic I posted: I agree because even if I post a serious topic here it gets ignored. All people seem to do here is name call. Yep, you're right. Although all-lamb does seem appetizing, too.... Mmhmm! Yes. Why? Expected more explosions! View all replies >