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I was once in a restaurant in Texas in 2012. (somewhat political) How do you feel about the possibility of a President Mike Pence? Should there be an maximum age limit for the executive of a country? Blonde/brunette (or redhead) rivalry Do you think its okay to raise genetically modified organisms for food? If fictional characters had an Instagram... Do you like ambient music? Have you ever seen a rainbow? I will forever associate this song with sexy girls flaunting their hair. Favorite futuristic setting? View all posts >


Haha...yeah I heard about that. I guess there are bigger carnivores out there! I don't know. We left the restaurant well before the hour was up. I have my doubts though...72 oz. is a lot of steak! Congratulations Toronto Raptors! Great minds! Sounds awesome! That's why I like it! Nice. Hehe! It is a pejorative for attractive, confident young men, who may or may not be gamers. That's a common sentiment, but I did enjoy Genisys. Salvation was okay. View all replies >