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Do you work in Health Care and/or Medicine? When was your first kiss? Cheating on a romantic partner After a long time drving on the Interstate, dining at a Denny's. Would you want to visit a real-life Jurassic (Cretaceous) Park? Favorite type of non-bird dinosaur? Rarest Ice Cream flavor you ever had? Nearest parallel (Latitude) and meridian (Longitude) to your location? DrTokyo from IMDb boards Melt. View all posts >


Probably not. Maybe if they have natural talents? Inception I'm 38. I don't think what you did was cheating, because you ended those previous relationships before you met your wife. I never experienced a first kiss. I'm 38. The most important thing: do you regret it and which you could right your wrongs? You make good points about how wrong it is to complain about food, as well as the importance of ordering something you can't easily make at home (to avoid comparisons with your cooking.) From a "dogfree" (someone who dislikes dogs) perspective: -A takeaway I can claim from all this is that not all people who have dogs as companions are nice, empathetic people. Noem is an example of that. I would actually argue many, if not most are empathetic, but its not applicable to everyone, as Noem has shown. That's why I disagree with dog people saying dogfree people are the ones who are soulless and lack empathy - we just simply want nothing to do with dogs, we don't go as far as killing them as some dog people do. -Another takeaway is that I'm not surprised. Most people in the West love dogs and the killing of one is sure to spark outrage. Noem is finished, even if she tries to rehabilitate her image by working with or promoting ASCPA, PETA, or whatever. -I personally think Noem should have rehomed the dog or put in an animal shelter. Killing the dog would have been too much. View all replies >