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So, I guess I'm not the only sexually frustrated person here? I don't know whether I should feel good or bad.... City: Chicago, USA Dish: Pizza Puff (A fried pastry with a pizza filling) I kinda agree. Flounder is great! I ate in buffets during evenings (before COVID came to the U.S.) It was probably sitting there for a while I guess. I got the pain after getting full. But I adhere to the theory that I just ate and drank too much. Not necessarily. Although it is a Far East recipe. Ooh...Fish and Chips! A Wrinkle in Time (2018) Edit: Added the year released This was before COVID. A lot of stuff like Prime Rib, mashed potatoes, fajitas, and sausages. I think the soda was the culprit.... Sounds delicious! Hmm...that sounds like a reasonable suggestion. Thanks for the idea! I liked it. It's tied around a theme which is integral to the plot. (I'm not sure if I can mention it here because I might spoil the movie.) American Pie (1999) Aladdin (1992) Indeed! Yes it is! I totally agree! I gotta see that movie! North Side of Chicago (Edgewater/Rogers Park)