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PC pretty much. I have posted on mobile to test the emoji. Umm.... I agree, lots of changes! COVID took a toll on many of those though. Yep, totally agreed! Great lobbies but they are far from the street! And shopping is great! Haha...ouch! Maybe so. Maybe not, I could be wrong. Maybe Hi-C and Tang are just fruit flavored drinks. But still I prefer that to "natural" orange juice because that is kinda sour for my tastes.... 1. Sammy Davis Jr. 2. Sam Winchester 3. "Sam?",both%20Molly%20and%20Oda%20Mae. 4. Samantha Spade from "Without a Trace" Yeah, unfortunately I agree with your realistic take. So the idea is not really that popular huh? Ah, I guess that's a good point! I guess that's a realistic take. Oh wow! Yeah, I guess if you have good money management skills, a Financial advisor isn't necessary.... He's one you can trust! That's great! Awesome! Yeah, that's a good example, too! I eat the crackers...and carp - a relative of the goldfish.