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This is a simple Physics simulation I wrote in Javascript. Favorite field trip? Describe your favorite teacher or instructor. Do you know how to play Blackjack? March 5, 2004 (the real deal) July 24, 2004 Do you consider all of modern humanity to be one civilization? Do you have a strong sense of justice? Are you excited for the upcoming film "Terminator: Dark Fate"? Would the United States and the United Kingdom ever have a reason to go to war? What is Europe like? Jack O' Lantern Almost paradise Besides Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is you favorite actor who has played a Terminator? Do you use dipping sauces? Were you ever in Greek housing (fraternity or sorority?) Just over a month to go before it hits theaters! Any NFL fans wish they were also passionate about Association Football (soccer)? If you met Donald Trump, how would you address him? What do you think of this character?