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RT 92%, audience 100%? Karate Kid movie reference/connection Character's origins... Product Placement in latest episode (Ford Mustang) Instinct S01E03 copied Bones S05E03 Spoilers... Snoke's future and Rey's parents... MF'er count? Great documentary I already bought into "The Unit", then it was cancelled... View all posts >


Sorry, not a book, but a short story. Nothing wrong with him, wouldn’t say it was his best, story has some plot holes, maybe not as bad as the book??? Hard to watch movie with a bunch of unnecessary MF cussing, and it wasn't needed, really more like bad writing. You're implying that hollywood is alt-right racist white supremacists? Try again. You really need to read up more on this. I know the movie took liberty with the situation, but the facts of the incident paint Ted in a really bad light. “Under Massachusetts law, (judge) Boyle found "probable cause" that Kennedy had committed a crime and could have issued a warrant for his arrest, but he did not do so. Despite Boyle's conclusions, (district attorney) Dinis chose not to prosecute Kennedy for manslaughter” because they were “Kennedys”. Wow, he was right there, in almost every scene. Where were you looking when the movie was on? ...and that's why he should have been charged with murder. We all knew something was fishy about the situation. Would have made an interesting sequel... View all replies >