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Spoilers... Snoke's future and Rey's parents...

Snoke's not dead. He was astral projecting the whole time. A test for Kylo, which he failed. Snoke is too smart, and has the ability to read Kylo's mind. Kylo couldn't have hid the thought of killing Snoke, and Snoke wouldn't have gone out like that. When Luke projected himself, he looks younger, less grey hair, hair cut. Now, go back and look at Snoke from TFA and compare to TLJ. He looks better in this movie, not quite as beat up, scars aren't as deep.

The only person that tell Rey (and us) of her parents is Kylo, and he lies about everything. He lies to her to get her to join him. We'll find out in Ep. 9

Besides, Luke repeats all through the movie, "This is not going to go the way you think"... The whole movie is a ruse.


If Snoke isn't dead, why is he letting Darth Emo mess up his empire?