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Why are men in the Star Wars movies? Why isn't Peter Quill a black lesbian woman? Another mass shooting and Trump does nothing! Why are there ugly actresses like Parker? View all posts >


The best ever is Forbidden Planet. But if you're high, check out Santa vs The Martians. But now when there's a cliffhanger you can say the Doctor is fucked now! That didn't make sense. Wtf am I saying? I miss Tom Baker's crazy eyes! I didn't. The moderator must be racist against my opinion guns are bad and that I don't respect Americans who think everyone should have a gun. What a joke. What's the point of posting opinions if someone else can censor me!!! Different opinion equals troll? That is the final argument of a lost debate. But even though logic has prevailed you refuse to admit your wrong under any circumstances so you resort to troll. I don't agree in continuing to let children die in mass shootings so i'm a troll? So then is the UK, Canada, Australia etc etc because they are fine without guns. And they didn't have 17 kids die today. Hey, why don't you phone up the parents that lost their kids and give them your reasons? Redneck wanna be. View all replies >