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I'm sorry, but if I was with John Krasinski id be getting knocked up left and right! Penseven- this is exactly what I kept thinking the entire episode! What is the age of consent wherever they are in Italy? Wow I have a religious background and was raised christian, was never told dinosaurs were a fake. I don't even understand the reasoning on why they couldn't exist? It doesn't represent an issue for christians. And on the bigger note, why not bash all the horror movies, the kids movies about dolls and animals talking, and all of the fantasy movies? Hollywood makes movies, and I enjoy the hell out of them. Especially fantasy and things that don't happen in real life. It's just nonsense. And it's great entertainment. How are they connected? Did you see Unbreakable? However less conspicuous, it was about a guy with supernatural super strength, who goes around saving good people from bad people, a superhero if I may. And it obviously happened in the around the same area or city. And it was trying to drive home the point that split personality disorder can cause different body chemistry within the individual personalities. The wall climbing was a little crazy but men free hand rock climb and that wall looked concrete and not flat if I remember right. He was certainly very fit and muscular. I loved the way they did it, even if the wall climbing was a little far fetched. But we're dealing with M Knight here. All the time? How did that work when he only emerges for a year? And I think they put that scene in to show that Bev is not innocent and knows how to play the perverts out there They should have let the wight "accidentally" eat her. I'm so glad I'm not the only one.... View all replies >