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Just had a look and can see no farm cart (unless they cut it). Great London post war locations. George Raft more wooden than a wooden thing! The ginger cat was nice. I hope he was OK. I always worry about animals/pets in fillums! The actress was Maureen Swanson. No sure who the Japanese captain was! Never fails to have me in tears every time I see this final scene at the airport. I've always wondered how they got that animal's head in the bed without Woltz waking up. Just a few observations: - I wouldn't think fashions changed much between 1938 and 1945. The war would put paid to that. - Morality wouldn't have changed much either, though maybe got a bit looser! - Film was not set anywhere particularly but going by the eccents I'd say it was meant to be Home Counties. They filmed at Carnforth in Lancs as it wasn't subjected to bombing by the Luftwaffe so less vulnerable. (I've had tea in the cafe there!) - A middle aged couple would lack passion but they just got on with it, as so many did then and still do these days. - He would probably not be suspicious at her going to the flicks with a strange man as he trusted her implicitly, as she says. If you're a respected and expert armaments designer, you can drink neat, un-iced Campari. (Would taste like diesel.) I doubt it. He'd have had no need to, he'd just let it go. It was nice to see the streets of Camden empty and basking in the sun - a rare occurrence! View all replies >