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Your all-time favorite potato chips? II vs III It's kind of shocking how much this movie has been ripped off. Rumor has it that her kid's father is Paul Thomas Anderson. Alison Brie rocked in this. Harley Quinn in the new Suicide Squad Never cared all that much for the movie, but the VHS cover is the bee's knees. Rank the Rocky franchise (including the Creed movies). Great deleted scene Pre-release rumors/stories you remember? View all posts >


Very interesting This is true, but Suicide Squad was the last one she did that was hardcore male-gaze-y. Alexandra Daddario should be higher. You can probably count on one hand the amount of non-sexy roles she has done (she gets sexualized even when there's no call for it). I actually think the movie is at its best when it's taking jabs at the pop culture of the time. I can't if this a movie is satire of feminism or misogyny. Either way, it's pretty un-PC. And both were one-term disasters. Yeah, he used to look about 20 years older than he was. A solid one from the best season, imo. Evil Dead 2? The Hill Have Eyes The People Under the Stairs Scream 2 View all replies >