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Full moon. Which horror franchise have you dreamt about the most? For a few years, I'm fairly sure my mom thought I was gay based me buying the DVD of this show. I Always knew he was probably a bad dude, but it's clear lately that he... The best poster of the whole series? Dante and Randal are kind of old for mid-30s. The third act. She and Sydney Sweeney. His interview with Fox News. View all posts >


Now I know it was indeed featured - and it was a panther not a wolf. Jennifer Connelly is far more attractive, but doesn't have the charisma and charm of Julia Roberts. No, she didn't mean any harm. It was a completely innocent misunderstanding. And totally cool with the idea of me being gay. She was a great mom. Interesting. I also think the director just didn't give a shit and wanted to get on to his next movie (which started rolling literally right after this). Maybe. I heard that Margot and Tina snort cocaine in this, but didn't notice. Does it actually happen? If she were a legit "uber-feminist", she wouldn't work with people like Quentin Tarantino, James Gunn and David O. Russell. It's one of the better reveals in any movie or show. Then there's even more shots. I think some of the reviews exaggerated the sex/nudity, but it is a fairly funny series. View all replies >