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First time you heard about this movie? One of the strangest filmographies of any director. That last song is kind of dated for 2012. With the exception of The Breakfast Club, I think this is better than Hughes' teen output. Big Little Lies saved her career. Feels like "My Girl" a little bit. Ricky Busker interview So many are confused and take away different things from the movie. Should be called "Late Eighties: The Motion Picture" Xander Jones View all posts >


That was before Tamra Davis was hired as director. I think one of Jonathan's teachers was also on the board. I think she's dating Emma Watson's ex now - or was. I think this show was on NBC or one of the other big ones. American Psycho 2 is her best role - even if the movie's not so hot. I mean at the time, maybe she and/or her agents had a different mindset - especially this being a horror movie. I've heard two reasons: 1. Something to do with Aaron Spelling 2. He thought it was going to be a Karate Kid type of deal not Martin Scorsese meets Savage Steve Holland. I think even Robert Zemeckis agrees with him now. View all replies >