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In the 80s, so many teen/early 20s actors looked like some variation of Kirk Cameron, Sean Astin or Corey Feldman. Another thing to hate about this movie is the retconning of Springwood, CA to Springwood, OH. ''Get an ambulance! This man is still alive!' Underrated and somewhat forgotten. Apparently, Olsen refused to get a perm/wig. This felt like an (unintentional?) throwback to pre-Scream 90s horror/sequels. Amanda and Chelsea's nudity The coach getting hit on the head with a basketball in the "Loosiers" episode. Dominion winning the lawsuit is great for Democracy and the fight against evil/fake news/infotainment, but... View all posts >


Yeah, I don't understand why people are so confused by this. It's obvious she was a human for most of it, then they turned into a robot towards the end. Bump Agreed. 1,2,3,4,5 Interesting. Sort of a unique character for this genre. I would love to hear Joanna Johnson's thoughts about her character and the movie as a whole. IMDB claims filming took place in the fall of 1984, but according to Wikipedia, summer 1985. Sally Kirkland said she didn't know what a misogynist was until she worked with Michael Winner. This is either a joke you're mistaken. 90% of what the OP is complaining about has always existed, but I do agree that most horror movies (and movies in general) in the 21st century are a little too slick for their own good. View all replies >