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He is the creepiest child actor ever. Jessica Biel in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) I Know What You Did Last Summer 1 & 2. I'd still like to know the story behind that pic. When I first saw this movie, I actually thought Duke was the killer. I also didn't get that Mrs. Spoole was the real killer in Psycho II either. These sequels were enjoyable (especially II) but very confusing to me. People have been asking "why isn't she a big star?" for years now. I think she's purposely avoiding it. She turned down the Maria Hill role. She's also turned down other big movies because she didn't want to play someone's girlfriend/wife. You should watch that Netflix show "The Society." Some of the actors/actresses look like they're pushing 30. Julianna is obviously not one of those Shannon Whirry types who simply don't give a shit - so I guess she was desperate and/or somehow thought this would make her a star. I hope it flops because I'm sick of Tarantino getting a free pass (the Uma Thurman incident, knowing about Harvey Weinstein and not doing anything about it - plus the Polanski comments on Howard Stern). I heard a theory and he and his wife had some sort of open marriage situation, but he screwed it up by falling in love. Either way, it's fascinating that Mary got involved with him - as she doesn't seem like the type at all. View all replies >