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I heard Brian Backer was supposed to play Joel. The reason Emma Stone dropped out Julianna Guill Julianna Guill's weight I'm surprised Margot Robbie didn't get more flak for working with Tarantino. I heard the original cut was much better. The kind of movie that is probably going to be worshipped by Zoomers 20 years from now. The Jesse Eisenberg of the 80s? I thought this was the apex of comedy as a kid. Surprising that Jessica Chastain took this role View all posts >


Absolutely. I just thought I would bring this up because no one ever does and I think it's interesting. I remember there also being a lot of stuff about Cher. When I got around to watching the movie, I realized it wasn't MAGA propaganda, but it did kind of throw that crowd a bone. Ironically, they got the movie shut down initially. Or maybe just less of a stuffy vibe. She's actually weirder than Brit Marling. Cool. Agreed His career was very inconsistent early on. Then he was on the verge of major stardom around the mid-90s. Once the 21st century came around, his luck ran out. Probably the best scene of the movie. To add one more thing: I read it as borderline subtext in the movie, but I would make it explicit that Kate is sleeping with the principal. She also gets fired in my version, but uses the affair as blackmail to get her job back at the end. I know about that of course, I'm just talking about really hot kissing scenes. View all replies >