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Alexandra Daddario Friday the 13th (2009) Wes Craven ripping off Friday the 13th is like Ozzy Osbourne ripping off Korn. A good bad movie I hope it does well WW at least. Barbi Benton is like a hotter Olivia Wilde. Some casting thoughts/theories The kind of comic book movie closer to my taste. Lame, but I like when Dakota Johnson casually reffered to a girl she doesn't even know as a "cunt." I love the poster View all posts >


Alexandra Daddario has been sexualized a lot on screen, but it feels particularly sneaky and inappropriate in this movie - considering her character and the situations. I'm surprised. She seems like the type who would do it for free. Despite her super babe image, she's a dorky, unpretentious girl who is very enthusiastic about the industry. They've strangely changed the title now. There's a theory that Chastain is trying to bury the movie because she's afraid of the Matthew Newton factor. Either she didn't know about this guy's fairly recent history (highly unlikely. I'm not saying that to be cynical, it's just common sense) or naively thought he was in the clear. It's funny, she'd rather let him walk away from directing this than defend him - I guess she knows how weird and hypocritical it would sound coming from her. What a story It's a sleazy movie, but it's got nothing on the 2009 remake in that regard: -A girl oils up her breasts -The Donnie character -Topless wakeboarding -Shameless dance scene -A naked girl rides a guy for seemingly an eternity - plus a ton of references to how great her breasts and nipples look. She was in quite a few mainstream comedies after this. Then became a pretty big television star thanks to My Name is Earl. Maybe. Revenge of Nerds is more offensive - even Sixteen Candles, surprisingly. She's perky, but not Anna Faris perky. I like her. She looks like a cross between Jennifer Garner and Neve Campbell - with Elisabeth Shue's acting style. Jessica's dad was a musician, but I'm not sure she even had a relationship with him. View all replies >