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Obscure '80s comedy True Detective Either make this a weird, unconventional friendship story or an all-out farce. Weird casting choices? I'm kind of looking forward to this She looked the best in what movie? Early 90s HBO promo Her voice Amanda Seyfried I wish this were R-rated and still has its original title. View all posts >


The tone was maybe dialed back a little, but there's actually a lot more female nudity than the second one. I've always loved that shot. 1. Child's Play (1988) 2. Bride of Chucky 3. Child's Play 3 4. Child's Play 2 5. Cult of Chucky 6. Curse of Chucky 7. Seed of Chucky I had two older brothers who were really this movie for a time. Yeah. This is the best she's ever looked by far. The female casting on season one was kind of ridiculous if you think about it: Three gorgeous women and all much younger than him. Even Heather Langenkamp said the nun was scarier than Freddy. I think Catherine O'Hara looked the best in her "Tales from the Crypt" episode. Hard PG-13, but still PG-13. View all replies >