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I love the shot where the bullies sneak into the garage. Lorna's death The cheating scandal makes her a lot more interesting, sad to say. What constitutes an artist "selling out" to you? The homoerotic elements The original script 24m. budget? Barney Cohen interview You know there's a problem when this PG-13 movie feels edgier than the R-rated Birds of Prey. The girl from Jojo Rabbit looks like Stefanie Scott View all posts >


Season 4 was the beginning of the end. It didn't get really sucky until 6, though. I'd also include raunchy, nude sex scenes. The R-rating was always going to be a risk - so they should have just gone all the way with it. She still looks good, but something happened after the early 00s. The episode is on YouTube. I think Kathryn looks like a young Virginia Madsen. Also, a younger Amber Heard. I think there was a similar shot with her in "First Reformed." I never noticed that until someone pointed it out in a review on Letterboxd. Pretty weird detail. SPVTW Smashed Faults I'm kind of pissed that we may never know the whole story. It's so damn interesting. Bump View all replies >