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The co-writer is a current podcaster. The Kathy Scruggs scandal Sold herself out and Kathy Scruggs as well. Recent interview Not bad, but... I liked it more than the original. Matthew McConaughey's performance Movies that feel like an (intentional or not) elaborate prank on the audience? "We Summon the Darkness" Cool concept, but it's been done to death by ths point. View all posts >


Way more movies need to have courage when it comes to the issue of abortion. I remember this was the scene that made me love this movie. In the audio commentary for the original Final Destination, he seemed irritated by the f words - I think the cast ad-libbed many of them. So I don't know why he didn't put his foot down for FD3 or this one. A PG-13 slasher movie is a disgrace. For me, Brokeback Mountain (2005) had the last honest-to-god memorable movie theme. Bump I'm surprised I never saw this movie back in the day. Bump Bump I just wish they had toned down some of the silliness. View all replies >