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What is your dream Kevin Smith project? The hard R rating is sort of surprising and makes me want to see this more. "Riders on the Storm" Hitchcock by way of Kubrick. Top 10 U.S. presidents? Dakota Johnson is insanely hot in this movie. Who is Eli Roth backmailing? "The Forgiven (2021)" A couple of interesting/funny quotes from him regarding Lisa Wilcox. I want to see her on "The White Lotus" or a movie with similar characters/themes. View all posts >


I was hoping more deleted scenes would make it. Thank you. Well: -Post 9/11 America -The Iraq war -Hurricane Karina -No smartphones -Social media barely existed -NuMetal -Pre-MCU/multiverse -Glam rap -Post-Grunge Avril Lavigne -Pop punk -Paris Hilton obsession -Trump was just a rich Reality TV guy -Frat pack comedies -Torture porn horror movies - - "Save the Green Planet" is now called "Bugonia." She's very much "woke". And I'm not sure why exactly Hollywood would put the kibosh on someone's career for staying quiet about politics/social issues. It's probably what they'd prefer. Her career has stalled because she wants to take time off to raise a family. I also get the feeling that she doesn't have as much passion for the industry as others. I miss that other vomit thread that got purged. A lot of personal stories and interesting observations. I want to see her go back to the early edgy stuff like "Jolene", "Lawless" and "Zero Dark Thirty." The recent "The Forgiven" was a very nice change - really cynical movie - and her role - while underwritten - is still probably the most interesting character she has ever played. She looked kind of different back then - especially in "Alpha Dog." A body double was only used for the dive into the water. It's in my top 10. This episode also has probably the grossest gore gag I've seen on this show. View all replies >