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Wow at the reviews Peele is the new Shyamalan J.W. Fails interview Changes you would make to the movie? The dad Scream 3/Goonies fanfic mashup Which celebs are your type? The best filmography of any actress under 40? Very similar to Mike Marvin View all posts >


It has some effective atmosphere. Cool, thanks. Agreed. Best role: Marshall/Charlie in Vice Vera Best movie: Ruthless People Crazy Kerri Green (Andy) and Steven Spielberg. She's getting bigger and bigger. I kind of wish she would slow down, so that each movie is like an event - ala Tom Cruise or Jim Carrey back in the day. William H. Marcy is probably the main reason why Alex signed on. The bigger question is, why did Macy take on this project? Bump She's more my type than people like Megan Fox and Margot Robbie (though I do like her). View all replies >