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It’s hard to believe he’s around but I’m happy he is, I thought he was often very funny. Those are three great movies too! Hackman had a great career, he was a relatable star and he chose a bunch of good scripts. Hackman was cool👍 Eh, I figure it was largely a group effort, whoever the button man was hardly matters. The deal got sealed. Ooh, the classic one! It would be nice to tuck this mess away but we never will. I doubt it. Going hundreds of miles an hour over wooded hill country at night in very poor weather seems like a suicide jump. I doubt even a highly skilled military commando could have stuck such a landing. I’ve read about this event several times, I’d bet his skeletonized ribcage is still impaled in a high tree out there somewhere. That guy jumped to his death. I was unfortunately distracted by my little princess of a dog and some music out in the garage (it’s possible I was inebriated at that point as well) so I missed the crucial final moment. I think only pistols or swords at Dawn will settle this matter. Take heed, tcrum might seem like a tiny woman but I’ve heard she fights like a She-Devil! Are you saying the results were stolen😄 Both parties will have to choose ‘seconds’ of course lest there be any trickery on the morning of and all pistols will need to be inspected for trigger pull and such…dueling is a complicated and often lethal business but it is sometimes required to maintain one’s honor. All joking aside did you ever see The Duellists (77) directed by Ridley Scott and based on a story by Joseph (Heart Of Darkness) Conrad? It’s a really excellent movie👍 You’ve led a charmed life and why should’t you, you are the sweetest person ever online! It’s excellent. Hackman has too many beauts to just pick three but them’s the rules! Yes, with Hackman you could easily make a ‘top 10 favorite movies’ list. The man is a legend👍 Never mind that court stuff, they should both demand satisfaction! We’ll row them across the river to Weehawken and have a classy Hamilton/Burr affair. Let the pistol shots decide the truth once and for all I say!! It’s the perfect government program: Step 1- fund the arts Step 2- ??? Step 3- profit Superman Bat-21 Mississippi Burning Use a side door until it melts. Sure. Most guys are really good on a job and might even be the strongest guy on the crew but show them a spider or a great height and they get a bit wobbly. Everybody has a phobia, that’s why we tend to work in packs. A very funky opening scene! And if Sid Haig is co-starring how can anyone say ‘nope.’ It is pretty cool. I never got around to reading those books but I watched all the movies with my kids. It was a great, epic story. Maybe you don’t like war movies or old country music..? It’s fine if you don’t Amiga but in my opinion it’s a pretty solid opening credit sequence. Excellent choice. Fine movie. I’ll have to think of my pick, good thread👍