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Are small BIC COMMENTS/JOKES considered insulting?? Interesting but a bit slow Well I ain't superstitious... Invaders!!! Stupid Things... Pretty much Perfect! Perfect Final Stands... Had some potential but sputtered out very badly... Not bad I hate the winter, I really do View all posts >


Indeed she was and good on you for remembering Amigo! Cat will grace us soon with her sweetness... Yep, the door is always open for our cat!! She'll be back👍 I'll bet you $1! I'm sure he would I dont miss any of the 'exiles' as much as I miss croft True Our sweet friend will be back any week now I'm certain Exactly I rather hope so too Our Cat was sweet love🐯! She will come back to us...just a busy Lady is all Lucky you man, I'm counting on a big hammering! The fool will never realize that I have been the secret Mod the whole time, you were merely the decoy and I banned everyone!!!Mwahhaahhaahhaa *sorry, that's the best maniacal laugh I could muster... They do tend to over think stuff over there... Truth be told I still miss croft! No thanks Under 40 F and I start crying! Big storm hitting NY over the weekend, are you guys getting whacked too? Twice tonight General Schwarzkopf has posted attack threats against you He promised a full military invasion against the boards to run you down how lol Seemed like classic pop-actor stuff Very funny lunacy but it all got deleted right away (the Mods are on point, but I wish they would let the ridiculous pop through once in awhile😂) View all replies >