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Must be...Everyone loves Froggy Magic Man! Crazy... I feel like the Mods are very reasonable here...maybe it's all a big misunderstanding Froggy is a smooth dude...I'm sure he'll hash it all out Seriously? Why? Tonight I'm going to watch a slasher movie called Cutting Class (89) with a 25 year old Brad Pitt in the role of a cool High School kid...I never heard of Big Bag...was it a sitcom about a fat old woman because that would be hilarious Every day! His comedic genius seems undervalued in his current location... Damn shame...he's the best of a very crummy lot😉👍 No I live in a wonderfully boring area in the middle of thousands of forested acres...I'm more likely to get mauled by wildlife than have shitheels bust into the house The shitheels better not try it:) No watch here Well that was unexpected! I was scared, then I liked it and then I ran away😃 All of it true...he'd bust my chops and have me laughing out loud with his next statement Cool Hand dewey! View all replies >