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Seatbelt alarms and other annoying things... Let's all get very seductive... They are really flipping out over 007... Is Catbookss right? Best WWII movie... What are you all listening to? hownos 30 K!!!!!!!!! Our favorite Twist Endings... Slasher Fan Alert! Rename a movie or TV show View all posts >


Yes, those are the worst Luckily my phone displays the number and if it's one I don't recognize i just dump it I should look into this..I have Guns and Roses playing should probably be louder! I need to catch up on my Giallo are lapping me dude...I need to get on it! I'm in New York and I'll tell you this man...these chubby little coo-ers are all over the state! I tend to love 'em but they are terribly annoying at first light...just shut up birds! Spoiler alert... I tanned his ass and he never came back LOL The lawn remained lovely and well trimmed, no lawn ever looked better! Only one bird was harmed during this story, but he was a very chubby dove and should have been paying more attention to his surroundings! I never sat him down and had the 'hawk talk' but I probably should have:/ I suppose I'll have to live with this... I suppose it's their little coo but since I tend to hear them every damned morning I just call them Morning Doves...They are lovely, chubby little birds but a bit rowdy in the morning if I'm being honest👎 I like that expression...unfortunately I grabbed the garden hose and sprayed that hawk like I was attacking Iwo Jima...he did manage to carry off my little Morning Dove buddy but he he never came back for any more... the lawn turned out great! I was mowing the grass one day and a red-tailed hawk completely demolished a Morning Dove in my garden...I was at least as shocked as the Morning Dove...He had a pretty call, I was unhappy to see him go, but I suppose hawks need to eat too:( Ain't nobody dope like me, I'm dressed so fresh so clean... somehow this suits you Moose! The Moose is loose and he means what he's saying...whatever it is! View all replies >