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WWI and WWII..? Currently on Tubi 12/31/2022 🎈🎁🍿KOWALSKI😎🫶🏿👾 Anyone else getting obnoxious pop up ads today? Have you ever lost something really important? On TUBI now Bands you are really tired of… A bit of a letdown. Let’s make up stupid taglines for good movies… Uncomfortable Situations🙄 View all posts >


Weird! I just searched The Night Of The Hunter and got no result…strange, I hardly have any problems on MC. I’m hearing about tech trouble from other users but no, I’m having no issues with search at the moment. I just searched for Commando, The Karate Kid and Convoy as tests and all of them popped right up. That’s a really good one! Tom Lister was a great bad guy, that dude died too young, I really liked him as a mean tough guy. Ice Cube is good too, I like his performances in movies. He’d be real good in a war flick but he’s a bit older now. Just a few weeks ago I showed my 15 year old son this movie, he loved it. I didn’t know that. Some directors won’t put up with any improv. Quentin Tarantino won’t allow it for instance, except if the actor is Sam Jackson…I guess you can’t tell a De Niro or Jackson level performer what to do lol, they always deliver the goods in their own way. I’d watch a Taxi Driver sequel for sure, I’d like to think Bickle survived his wounds and maybe went for psych help at the Veteran’s Administration. Does he live a more grounded life going forward or does he relapse to his violent PTSD leanings..? It could be a good story. The Flamingo Kid (84) had a great cast and a terrific story. It’s one of those forgotten movies that should have attained cult status by now. A poor High School graduate from Brooklyn takes a decent gig as a cabana boy at a wealthy Long Island beach resort against the advice of his hard working, blue collar Dad played by the always excellent Hector Elizondo. The Kid, played by the great Matt Dillon has to juggle his humble upbringing and the high stakes world of the well to do and somehow make it all work…He works hard, falls in love with a really beautiful girl, learns that the wealthy club members are as screwed up as anybody else and gains a great respect for his humble, decent father. It’s really quite a good, fun movie and a small portion of it, at the fun park, was filmed in Yonkers. Check it out👍 Go Giants, smash that stupid Washington team! ‘Commanders,’ what a dumb name. ‘You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the hell else are you talkin’…You talkin’ to me?!? Well I’m the only one here, who the fuck do you think you’re talkin’ to?’ Travis Bickle had a ton of great, angry lines. You should feel lucky that they didn’t send the hang glider squad after you, those guys don’t take prisoners! Oh, yes now that I can see the pic, that dude does look quite a lot like MJ. My wife thinks so too and she’s never wrong…trust me lol🙄 View all replies >