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I love that movie😃! The remake isn't awful either but it is Swayze-free so not nearly as good 2. Boys Don't Cry (99) Rumors of cannibalism, slavery, mass rape and torture...God only knows what else Yeah, the aggressively expansionist 'Empire Of Japan' deserved a visit from a Fat Man and a Little Boy Mucho Grassyass! I never knew you were a sexy black Lady😍 It certainly Lox like it True The political nonsense that seems to get posted daily is a bit of a drag Likewise, the 'My demographic has it harder than yours' hooey is a bit of a buzzkill's kind of unintentionally funny too, their opposite numbers are just as likely to post the same bullspit as well POOR US! We feel victimized and helpless😭 Hold it together, you get one ride around and you do your best Wood was one of a kind, one of the worst Directors ever and seemingly unaware of it LOL! His optimism hardly ever allowed for self doubt He is alleged to have stormed Tarawa with the US Marine Corps under heavy fire, wearing Lady underpants and a bra under his combat battledress...can you even imagine the reaction had he been shot on the beach and stripped by the medics!?! Great Quote The Boards are what we make of them sslssg, nothing more and nothing less Dear Friend We are fortunate to be in the company of some fine movie and music fans, many of them reasonable and able to expand on their opinions...We've all 'been around the block' so to speak and MC offers the highest concentration of normal media consumers I've ever encountered There's a toilet out there somewhere that must be backed up, how else to explain the turds that have floated by in the last couple of days? We hold the high ground, we'll always be here, just ignore the trash in the gutter👍 Well done K👍 It's fine to hear that Damo will likely return and none of us caused him a problem View all replies >