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MCMC Assemble...AGAIN! MCMC Assemble! Stonekeeper 17 K! Lynyrd Skynyrd... Movie Club record? Are we doing MC movie club Friday and Saturday this week? STONEKEEPER 16K!!! Test What happened to him? View all posts >


That’s a good one, and a great video too! I have no idea what that’s like but it might appeal to introverts. Emergency jobs like police, fire, EMT and nursing must take a toll on the nerves. Those people are heroes. What the heck bro, I hardly shut up last night! I got Lyme’s this summer and it banged me up! I was out of it for a week, missed a family vacation and barely did any house chores. I think all these months later I’m still walking it off. Joints are killing me. If you like the woods check yourself often boys and girls! DDL was amazing in that role, but then he’s damned good in everything. Cumberbatch played a similar character in The Power Of The Dog. Both were prideful, predatory and cruel men who seemed to be unconcerned or unaware of other people’s feelings or worth. Two perfectly delivered sociopath characters delivered with equal skill imo. Agreed, a series would have worked very well too. You don’t need it buddy . It’s kind of dangerous.’ Cool, fun movie. I’m your Huckleberry Hell Yeah! An explosion should kill Dr. Giggles. There’s No Way he survived that… View all replies >