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I do not concede any such thing Sunny, I prefer to stay positive What's the alternative? Fear and sorrow...No thanks. Anything wet is just fine The cheap Rum and Malt Bodega beer are most welcome anytime👍 Sorry to hear it... Throw a big party this coming Spring, have it all catered with a fully loaded bar...They'll love you in no time Cuba👍 Best to make more friends than enemies Red Dawn reporting...I've lost an engine!!! Braveheart (95) That was weird but in a good way Eh, you'll encounter a few brigands from time to time so keep your powder dry and give them a good blast of buckshot every so often... Tomorrow is another day and I hear the forecast is amazing! I totally missed this...Quasimodo takes a bit of getting used to...I'm fairly certain he greatly dislikes me and who does that LOL😃?!? Anyway, consider this a fine place for movie talk and random chats about silly stuff A lot of the crowd gets sarcastic and humorous sometimes but I promise you they are a fine wont meet a better gang on the web👍 You are my favorite 'fake girl,' whatever the hell that means😉 I sense that you are not in the most upbeat of moods so I'll leave you be but with this... Life is as grand as you make it or as painful as you allow it to be Best wishes and chin up! Nothing can beat you but yourself:) I've heard this 'not a bang but a whisper' line before, oddly enough...probably in some movie. I'm sure T.S. Elliot was way more intelligent and schooled than I am but I tend to disagree with this sentiment We are not going anywhere and neither will the world because we are all scrappers...We will hold this joint together with bailing wire and duct tape if needs be... Nice enough poem though...Elliot sounds like he was suffering from depression View all replies >