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Poolhall Junkies (02) is a very good movie with a brilliant bit of dialogue by the immortal Christopher Walken Youtube Walken Lion Speech robocop I'm going to do that right now for the twentieth time👍 3. Gilligan's Island (64) Right on👍 I'm a Big Apple lad and you're a wild Jersey boy...rules shmooles 'Moo-oon light La-ady, Co-ome a-long with me' seems like such a good pick-up line and not creepy at all😄 To each their own, I liked pretty much everything he did His crappy movies were silly fun too😃 Happy to hear it Great band for sure I played Prince for an hour this morning and I've got Tom Petty going now...what are your favorite bands? Ok, now you've made this weird Correct👍 *and I just edited my post as I noticed I spelled his last name wrong DURP! Thanks for not beating me up over that lol Chuck (16) was really good, a director I'd never heard of and a wonderful cast delivered the goods on the story of a troubled champ The Hurricane (99) was the other one, what a fine cast as well! Oh, I know I was just being silly and riffing off your joke...I like to riff😁 View all replies >