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hhhaha. man i agree- L O L Hannah is her only competition, i think. but Mads already met the family so . . . . . . . . i dunno but Peter is dull as hell.. not sure if any of the gals actuaLLy like him.. "hot" pronounced in my native language i like Millie Bobby Brown, hoping she doesn't mess up her career in the future... but so far so good! ST is aiight dunno. when you find her lemme know for me it was one of the more enjoyable Bergman films. i can see that hahaa yup. perfect for the plot meh Looper was alright ^ yah i think it had to do with Linda's discovery of the affair you know what there's too many but the one i will never ever ever get tired of is the traditional cover of "God's gonna cut you down" johnny crushes it aw ya. this is the toon right here. rodney dangerfield, always. yah popular theory is she's talking about impotence i agree with your list hahaa the movie magnet trick was hilarious ahhha the skeleton is definitely the worst .. for me she was cutest in the oversized Mathlete's jacket and sorta golf shirt uniform (near the end of the film)