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yah aw ya.. those kids definitely needed spankings i'm pretty sure she liked him at the end.. or maybe I'm wrong. aw ya blow was good back then. you win some, you lose some m i rite yah i think it was to show rich and poor can suffer from the same stuff he's in Final Nightmare playin Spencer she might've been pressured though.. money talks babeh ^ can't argue there.. she's got the Resting Misery Face, yet. ahha oh Benjamin.. you cray cray that dude sucked, almost more than the movie itself. LOL stranding her ass like that was weak. so apparently there's more yes. at least implied. but Soph ran away. idk what that was.... it was stupid. i get the idea that the producers wanted to make it SCARY rather than w/e comic relief the previous movies had but failed miserably. the golden POV shots didnt help either 1.7/10 Jackie Brown is a GREAT film. I liked every movie he has done since though.. or at least partially. Things start getting sloppier after the death of Sally Menke.. and Bender's departure. fair point. i really enjoyed her performance in A Streetcar Named Desire I like the OG. Should've stayed as 1 movie. I've seen her in person and have to say she's prettier off-screen. I'm not sure either... strange choice for her.