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An orgasm is one of the best experiences...and women in porn don’t have them on screen. If you’re so concerned about inequality of women, you’d acknowledge that the sex in mainstream porn is purely for the pleasure of the man and the heterosexual men watching. Mainstream porn is very misogynistic and hostile towards women. Men who hate women watch it because they like to see women being punished and abused. Porn has a long way to go before being considered ‘beautiful’. Porn pushes the same narrative that religion pushes- that sex is something that women give to men rather than a mutual experience. Women who love sex don’t want to have horrible sex with men who try to emulate porn. Porn performers regret their decision not only because of stigma, but because they were probably in a bad place to begin with that led to their decision, allowed themselves to be used and abused, possibly ended up with serious physical damage/diseases, and possibly wasted abilities and talents. We get’re all red-blooded virile heterosexual males. You’ve got nothing to prove. My personal favorites: The Hitch-Hiker Nothing In the Dark Walking Distance One For the Angels Miniature ‘The Passersby’ just barely missed the list. So their beliefs are in line with manosphere dwellers, as I said. The entire ‘manosphere’, whether it’s incels, MGTOW, or PUA’s is made up of entitled, delusional manbabies who think women owe them something. They think women should have their rights taken away so that they have no other choice but to marry and be financially dependent on losers like them. Many are Christian fundies and are the scum of the earth. Their beliefs are in line with backwards radical Islam. The only reason they oppose immigration from third world / developing nations is because they don’t want sexual competition. But they lack the self-awareness to realize how pathetic they are. And I’ve been to the forums, so don’t try to convince me otherwise. Apparently it’s not credible. It’s the same serial killer who wrote a letter claiming that Steven Avery confessed to him. I wonder if this is another John Mark Karr. What a bunch of laughable BS. You say that women seek out men who will provide resources, but also say that women go for prisoners and guitar-playing leeches. Most women want to be self-sufficient in finances and skills, not live under a man’s thumb. It’s laughable that you think most women would go for Roy over Jim. Jim is the easy winner. He’s more attractive in looks and temperament. The only women who go for bar-trashing, unevolved, reactionary types like Roy are fellow trailer trash who are probably violent themselves. The only reason Pam was with him is because she had been with him since high school and was afraid of change. I haven’t seen very many ugly, out-of-shape guys with gorgeous women outside of TV and movies. The only situations where I’ve seen that is when the couple has been together a long time and the guy had started out attractive but gained weight over time. There are gold-diggers who go after the money of rich schlubs, but it’s the money they’re after. The man is just an obstacle. Women are aroused by a masculine body. Just look at the book covers of all those smutty best-sellers. The ideal man for most women would be good looking, mature, level-headed, emotionally stable, intelligent, good with kids, sympathetic to the needs of others, confident, and hard working in whatever he does. There’s no such thing as your notion of an ‘alpha male’. No man can get every woman he wants. A man *absolutely* has to have intelligence to be a respected, effective leader. Incels like you create this fantasy world because you refuse to face the fact that it’s that giant chip on your shoulder, nasty entitled attitude, and probably laziness that has prevented success in your social lives. People need to give up this notion that a formal education / money equates to having more character. Look at all the privileged scumbags in the news lately. Also, people need to stop using the term ‘educated’ as a synonym for having a college degree. There are people who have a PhD who are severely lacking in intellectual curiosity and never pick up a book once they’re out of school. Most education occurs outside the classroom. I agree with some of your points, but I never got the impression that Dan tried to hold Roseanne back. Why try to diminish her writing space gift? What more could they do with what they had? And she herself was boorish, domineering, and reactionary. “4. The cheesy dancing, especially at the end credits.” That’s the best part off these schlocky 60’s movies! View all replies >