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Reminder: the woman having a meltdown over her son going barefoot in an ice cream shop is the same woman who was photographed going barefoot in public bathrooms. Robert Mitchum and Ralph Fiennes are two actors that I’ve always found smarmy and not attractive, in contrast with a lot of other women. I’ve also never seen Ted Bundy as particularly handsome like another poster mentioned in this thread. It’s a black mark on this otherwise decent film. Some people are missing the point. The cruel and sadistic bullying isn’t what’s unrealistic. What’s unrealistic is the bystanders’ behavior. In real life, most people would be disgusted by the bullying, not laugh at the victim. Most wouldn’t have the courage to stand up to the bullies, but at least some people would have asked El if she was ok and most would have thought Angela had it coming when El decked her. She’s way out of your league and wouldn’t look your way. Same goes for the rest of the incels here. Looks lame. On a positive note, the Sanderson sisters don’t look too different from the first film. I thought age may be a problem. Most men have watched lesbian porn. Some of them are uncomfortable at the thought of two women actually having romantic feelings for each other rather than just performing lesbianism for the benefit of men. Actual lesbians are off the market for men and don’t care about being sexually appealing to men. That’s what makes them uncomfortable. The ones who act horrified at the thought of seeing two men kiss are afraid they will be turned on by it to some degree, like George Constanza and the male masseuse. Wow I remember seeing him in Supernatural when he was a kid. If HE doesn’t identify as either male or female, what difference does it make who searches HIM? This show isn’t *great* but it’s comforting and nostalgic. The setting, the score, and even the pretentious dialogue add to the charm. View all replies >