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There is no epidemic of racist cops killing unarmed black people. It’s a myth perpetuated by the media and leftists with a political agenda. [url][/url] If white people are so cruel and unjust, why does everyone else flock to majority-white countries in droves? So since you hate seeing your black brothers and sisters killed for no reason, surely you raise hell about black-on-black murder, right? After all, it’s far more common than cops killing black people. Only 0.009% of arrest situations result in the death of a citizen. Even when cops are assaulted, that figure is only 2.1%. Black cops are more than 3 times more likely to shoot a citizen than white cops. [url][/url] [url][/url] Blacks make up 12-14% of the US population, but commit 38.7% of murders. I love it but I prefer ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory’ and The Sound of Music’. I don’t blame cultural decline solely on liberalism. It’s a combination of modern liberalism’s elimination of standards and unfettered capitalism. But this particular movie’s creation and adulation from critics is a result of leftism and how it views everything through the lens of oppressed/oppressor. Those on the far left (the loudest segment) try to make saints out of the ‘oppressed’ and elevate people who have no character or intelligence if they tow the line of leftist dogma. Lol. I think the rapid dialogue was to try to cram in as many scenes from the book as possible without having an excessive runtime. I wasn’t bothered by the time jumps, but I’m sure it’s confusing for people who have never read the book. Jo is supposed to be very physically active and somewhat manic and reactionary. But I found it strange how manic Amy was, especially towards the beginning when she and Laurie are running, shouting, and hugging in a public street. Amy is supposed to be concerned about being refined and sophisticated. I don’t think that would’ve been socially acceptable public behavior back then. I also thought Pugh was a poor fit for young Amy. She looked silly when acting childish. She was very impressive as older Amy, however. I thought the others could pass as teenagers. 1- The Art of Discourse 2- Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design 3- Remedial Chaos Theory 4- Intro to Knots 5- Basic Intergluteal Numismatics 6- Wedding Videography Yes, Hedy is a psycho. You can’t state that the dog died in an accident as if it’s fact. The death is made ambiguous in the movie. It’s possible that Hedy killed the dog and we know that she was physically abusive to the helpless creature. Maybe you forgot, but she also murdered people in cold blood. Hedy’s obsessive behavior isn’t normal. Grown women don’t go out of their way to dress like each other or have identical haircuts. Hedy was creepy and overstepped boundaries. Most of the people defending Hedy are just guys with a hard-on for JJL. They bash Alli because she rejected her horrible boss, who they identify with. View all replies >