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Well, Luke did say to Wedge "You can't do any more good back there..." Troll question, but I'll play. Like Trump: TV personality, Republican Not Like Trump: Articulate, genuine, well-mannered, respected, intellectual Thanos is a Titan, a race that is probably comparable to Asgardians, being many times stronger and more durable than humans. But Thanos is a mutant among the Titans. His strength is many times that of a Titan, putting him in the Hulk's class even without the Infinity Gauntlet. Definitely much stronger than Cap. Good old storytelling wasn't always so good. Good old boys often told stories that were sexist and racist by today's standards. There is a good story here. And some social commentary and perspective, which are not mutually exclusive. Judy is a bit of a Mary Sue, smarter and braver than any two men in the story. And then she gets PTSD. Maureen is an alpha female, genius-level engineer and de facto leader of the crash survivors. But she'll break the law for her son, and her family life is a mess. So it's not quite in-your-face SJW propaganda, but it's definitely not just White Man Good either. I love the fact that this show is unlike any other superhero show. There are a LOT of superhero shows on TV. The fast guy, the flying strong girl, the mystical martial artists, the guy who shoots lightning, the one where all the heroes fight the guy who steals hero powers, etc etc. And a lot of "secret agency/war" shows too. But they're all essentially told in the same manner, often with just minor variations on the same plot. Legion is different. Jessica Jones may be a little crazy, but it's really more mental illness like depression than mental illness like hallucinatory insanity. David Haller is really batshit crazy, and we are never sure if what we are seeing is reality, hallucination induced by drugs, hallucination induced by schizophrenia, hallucination induced by telepathy, or maybe just the daydreams of a guy who can warp reality. The plot is pretty far in the backseat to the visual experience, which are definitely driving this show. I wish this was a 13-hour Netflix binge watch instead of a week-by-week marathon: I think the immersion into insanity would work more effectively and the waiting for the plot to develop wouldn't have months to drag on. But I just like having a different experience watching this show to shake me out of the traditional narrative shows. It just works better with the altered reality theme. Yes. Yeah sure, bringing to light the extent that political parties and the voting public would tolerate deplorable behavior from their politicians (right or left) has no relevance today Amen View all replies >