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New 007 game announced. Developed by IO Interactive (Hitman series) Is there any way to change the settings of the forum layout? E just got me too’d. Do you think any of the cast did a better job and were more suited than any of the originals? S3E1 seems like a parody of the show. Can we get her picture changed here so I don't have to look at that unsettling face every time I visit this site? How did Neal not notice Del's mess in the bathroom before getting into the shower? UNCHARTED - Live Action Fan Film View all posts >


Your either just a troll or a halfwit. I never said they were great, I said they were decent, you make them out to be terrible people when clearly they try to do good in the world. It’s probably a whole lot more than you do to help others. You're right, Ashtons a real piece of shit. Ashton and Mila seem pretty decent. Ashton also works hard to try to help children of sex abuse and trafficking, privacy of children online etc. Don't know much about Topher but he seems quiet and down to earth, I read years back that he just went back to his trailer during off time and never partied or anything with the rest of them. Wilmer is a known man whore but so what? lol Laura is a scientologist so she's wack. Danny is also a scientologist and accused rapist so he's extra wack. Erics sister, don't know the actresses name, but she was a junkie and died of an overdose years ago. OP how much of a bitch are you? "I don't agree with her so let me be honest, I'm tired of defending her honor, plus, she's not good looking anymore, she also doesn't align with my political beliefs so now shes ugly and fat and I won't date her, tears, salt." hahahahha the people who get upset when a celeb gets married because they're off the market, like they had a chance to begin with. OP this is some serious "niceguy" behavior, time to get your head checked before you do something harmful to someone irl. You don't like where her head is at? Move the fuck on and leave it alone, this thread is pathetic. Go spend your time donating your rent money to some random onlyfans and crying about the bad orange man and his nazi supporters like your type normally do. The do run Hollywood though, it's no secret, they don't keep it secret either. It's well known. This was solely a discussion about racism, I called you out because you said God no, Biden isn’t on the same level as Trump in terms of racism and now you’re suddenly talking about Covid and Global Warming policies. Let’s just agree to disagree. Also, best not use promises from politicians about their upcoming policies, they hardly ever follow through on the majority of their promises. Sweet baby Jesus, she's normally hot af but she's channeling her inner Nicholson Joker here. lmao hobgoblin Warner Bros is straight garbage for this, meanwhile she gets to continue working and shitting in peoples beds? Crazy world we're living in. <blockquote>if you can't see a world of difference between these two men when it comes to race relations, you clearly aren't looking hard enough(or at all).</blockquote> As an unbiased outsider without a horse in this race, you might be right, but I've followed American politics pretty closely for a long time now and based on MSM, social media, Reddit, Twitter, celebrities, athletes, you'd think Biden would have demolished Trump, yet somehow, unsurprisingly it was a pretty close election. There's clearly a lot of bias going on so you may want to apply that quote to yourself and try looking at things objectively. I also guess the largest minority votes for a republican since JFK were from self loathers who wanted him to stick it to them, right? Ones a douche, the other is a turd. You can decide on which is which. View all replies >