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All good points. I was trying to place him, then realized he was the little boy from Jurassic Park. Thank god for IMDB. Totally agree. Ha! I was happy to see that it got a wide release, as well. It was a sweet story, no car chases or big explosions, just a story of two people starting their life together in an unconventional way. Holly Hunter and Ray Ramano stole the show. Well worth watching. good insight-thank you! Yes! I've been looking for a site like this since February. The IMDB BB was always my first stop after seeing a movie. I could always count on the board to address anything that did not make sense or was questionable. This looks very similar-hope it stays up and running. Now...will someone please tell me the point of the "Huck" character in Table 19??? How did the "Huck" character figure into the movie? View all replies >