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"I am coming by there at 10:00, and I..." sorry dude but I just can't. I just can't Well done, sir Gets me every time I think I found a plot hole 6.5 WAY too high after almost 20 years, yall still havent told me... what kind of coffee cup was Dexter drinking from at the diner? decent little London noir View all posts >


...anyone? yes he was. oh snap. was that really necessary? lmao you 'could' have just fired up the dvd player and looked for yourself ;) i think the final part of the movie was the best, from the bahamas/cayman trips till the scene where she tosses the leather jacket and rides off. that music and photography in that final shot were particularly fitting and well done, and worked together very well. that final shot gave me such a strong vibe it makes me want to go to visit sweden lol. i love the street scenes in the movie. but i have a friend from there and he just laughs and tells me it's nothing special, just a regular place, cold in winter. i guess i have kinda romanticised it in my mind. but, that's the point of the cinematography and music, right? to elevate daily life. so fincher did his job well! back to the topic.....yeah, as to your post, i did feel sad for her. i identify with loners a lot, especially disenfranchised ones. it was a terribly poignant moment, when she SEES them together, TOSSES the jacket in the dumpster, then RIDES off into (literally) a sunset along with that great, great musical score. sad is an understatement. it has pathos. it is timeless, existential, pensive, ironic. I am gonna do screenshots and come back here and post them. Then you will see. thanks you make a good point. but i think that is the implied irony anyway, that an exceedingly careful guy like XXXX can still 'think with the wrong head' lol. if you look back at the greek plays, this same pattern repeats often. but yes, i agree that on the surface it does smack of incongruence. but as i stated above ^^ he is a street kid originally (in the book; you don't catch this vibe from the film, because craig is so damn smooth) and i surmise that tammy is actually more fitting to his 'taste' in women. she's from his 'native' tribe lol. My guess is he probably feels more at home around a cockney babe. just a bitta .02 :) lol whoah there buddy, tell us how you really feel, lol six years ago, wow. i can't believe i haven't been to this board in that long. i agree it is really well done. caught it on HBO the first month it was out in 98 and have rewatched it many many times since. it is one of my main go-to's. love the story, love the characters, love the location/settings. there's just something about this film that strikes a deep chord. oh yes, and the music. i have not been able to find a copy of the script. been trying for years. mosley always has great stories and characters. because of this movie, i watched devil in a blue dress and loved it too. it has a similar 'pathos' vibe to always outnumbered, in the 'struggle for survival' and 'one man fighting the system' and 'life in los angeles' kind of ways, except it is set in the 1940s. the end scene tears me up every time, burke sitting on that bench as the bus pulls away. mosley really knows how to nail you where you live. i don't like his politics and activism, but i love his writing. natalie cole's diner was a cool thing too. i bought the book in the early 2000s and have read it twice. the movie and the book are closely aligned, i guess since mosley wrote the script. also there was a 2nd book and i bought it too, but i don't remember much about it. the socrates character was masterly conceived, and touches a nerve with anyone i have ever known who saw this film, even the 'non sentimental' types. it is truly a masterpiece of cinema, and a snapshot of life on the streets in LA during the 1990s. a definite underrated gem which has flown under the radar. for anyone who likes this film, you may also enjoy 'the saint of ft washington' with danny glover. check it out. ""xXx is a flawed man. As much as he preached about having a plan and sticking to it, he forgot that forging strong relationships as being a big part of securing your future. Going at it alone can only take you so far, and as we see he's very much a loner with no time for a real woman because he's a criminal and can't establish any normalcy, so he settles for a Cockney coke whore."" well said, BK also, from the book it's shown that xxxx was also a poor dirty face street urchin, so it quite fits he'd identify with cockney tami as a fun available piece of ass. maybe the dark suits he wore distracted the OP from realizing this. but actually how could one know that, unless they read the book. but your point about keeping cursory attachments is a good one. i agree. and a lot of this is explained in the opening chapters of VLM, of which i am a huge fan in spite of all the hate for it lol cheers yeah, good irony. lotta people at the time complained the ending was ripped from carlito's way. but...that was a tack-on. the original ending (the one sony wanted) was xxxx and tami driving off in the convertible. as for the other point, about the girl in general, that also was forced onto vaughn by sony. for whatever reason. i personally don't find any problem with her at all. i thought it was a nice bit of natural motivation for the character. guys at that age are constantly chasing kitty. maybe not the dudes of this generation so much lol, but for xxxx it would've been a very typical thing. 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