LTUM (993)


excellent, excellent casting There's two good reasons to watch this film gorgeous woman One tiny goof that always bothered me prototypical Ben Foster Stand-in so in love with her. so in love with her..... Most powerful first three minutes I've ever seen Boring. View all posts >


Mister was riveting through the whole thing. this ^^ totally agree lol you're off your meds again! wow! crazy stuff! i like craigs first two films, but the others really suck. but not due to him but due to mendes. IMHO [quote]The "because", was just bridging two sentences together.[/quote] Yep, that's what you did alright. You connected two unrelated sentences to derive a false 'cause effect' relationship. I, however, never typed 'because' in my post. [quote]This film was made for (1) Oscar bait and (2) the one-shot gimmick. This is not art.[/quote] 100% correct. well said. [quote]I rank his two Bond films as the worst and second-worst of all time. I think Spectre slightly edges out Skyfall as the worst of all time, but they are both so terrible that I really can't be certain.[/quote] well said. right on the money. [quote]Sam Mendes ruined James Bond, perhaps beyond repair. I will never watch a film from this person again.[/quote] i have been saying this EXACT thing for years, and i thought i was alone! 'mic drop' View all replies >