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breaking news...interesting update on Paul I cant believe I find myself saying this sexy and hot back in the day He seems like a nice and reasonable chap She is a goddess. hit it or quit it? The bald chick with wide hips wearing a man's tie at 44:00 "I'm good at two things. Robbing banks and fucking black chicks." View all posts >


thanks mate. I've hunted everywhere for news. so sadly it is shelved then. figures. lol for fuck's sake. i said i locve the film! you motherfuckers argue about every damn thing that comes up. hence, why i'm deleting all my posts and leaving this cess pool of a site altogether. hope you see this before it's deleted. and one more time, the film is dated. i didn't say the story is dated. the film. music, sets, clothing. or are you just not very smart? geesh take it with a whole bucket of salt for all i care :) well whaddya know, it appears we are on the same page! :) lol okay then. bye [quote]The OP wants to invoke so-called “natural law” to prove that all women ought to be relegated to a very short list of career opportunities, and that above all else women rightfully ought to be subservient to men.[/quote] never said that. not my position at all. View all replies >