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great thread. i for one can see where the direction an actor's character takes could definitely affect the person in real life. heck, i was just a viewer of the show and still have trouble letting it go, so i can imagine that's way tougher for a cast member. i bet that the way they imagine it all in their heads actually takes them into that world, and sometimes maybe they have a desire to stay there. maybe? dunno, but i could see it happening. as a writer i struggle with the same thing myself, so i imagine it's not much different for actors. thanks. please return here and let me know if you hear news! but the one he put in the gun in the trailer when cartoons were playing was not a hollow point either. honstly i don't think donner knew the difference. but somebody shoulda caught it definitely. [url]https://www.reddit.com/r/BrieLarsonBreasts/[/url] you raise excellent points. is that the one where the guy paints her by the beach? yeah saw that years ago. perfect breasts. this whole thread has an odd grammar pattern to it that seems almost llike the comments were composed by a bot lol that is a good point. and yes i see what you mean. quite similar. i am not the mindless michael bay aficianado type but i just prefer a narrative that's more overt than not. out of all of Towne's films the only two I didn't care for are thsi one and ask the dust. they just bore me. i mean, i could 'work' to try to like them, to connect to the characters, etc but honestly that doesn't make for a fun watch. good point about altman. i have a term for films that meander aimlessly and require a lot of inference on the viewer's part: i call them 'literary' films. because, they employ devices that are generally better suited to novels, such as introspection and other non-visible cues. literary films rely heavily on the viewer to connect dots themselves, since some of the information is not conveyed. sorry for rambling. probably because i have not had supper yet. :) you have your predicate reversed. had the film been interesting enough it never would've crossed my mind to come to the board. the film is boring. I stand by that. And don't forget, I am a huge huge Towne fan. Probably way moreso than you. View all replies >