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Are there active mods on moviechat.org? Has anyone talked to Buford T Justice lately? Regency Cafe is in Brighton? omg this board is brutal lmao Yawn. Very dated, but still really good Yawn. Yawn. Yawn. huge mistake: did my eyes deceive me? (spoilers) View all posts >


i was seventeen that summer, almost eighteen. it was my senior year. that was right at the time when i started going to movies on my own. its a good era in my memory. i remember how blown away i was when he said 'wrong' to the terrorist and shot him in the head. then went crashing down the mountain in that bronco! love the username. that was one of my favorite movies back in the day. i saw it at the theater like three times lol Oh okay thanks. Will PM I was using the [email protected] address.... Your imagination has run away with you! Eh, I get you saying that. I don't expect anyone to understand but, they were a movement here, our hometown stars. The town was like an extra character in the films. In my mind the town is woven into the overall vibe. They still live here btw; just shooting films in other places. That took an essenetial piece of the appeal for me, changed the context. But for this was never the case, so that's why you don't understand what I am saying. They're great guys. Just miss the cozy sowega vibe we had going on for all that while. I think part of the reason was for marketing's sake. To 'spread it around' the country as a way to amp up interest. Cheers. I heard it was good. But I just lost my taste for them after they left Albany. Well... he did with Fireproof which imo was his best of all (up until 2011; I have not seen the two latest) It just strikes me that way. It's an intuitive thing, so I don't expect others to see it. Buford T Justice. Remember him? You and him threw a barbecue for his mom when she got out of jail last April. When is the next one, btw? I'm looking forward to those ribs and baked beans. I can taste it now... Yum! like I said... [quote]Because nobody's listening. Because nobody cares. ...and that is really the main thing to digest here. [/quote] I didn't say the book began as a movie, lmao. Oblique much? View all replies >