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Why were people surprised by Daenerys [Spoilers] World Cup Final! France vs. Croatia! France Vs. Belgium Semi-Final! Brazil are OUT! Can't wait! Colombia's coach fuming at refs after loss to England! World Cup efforts over? Brazil vs. Mexico! 2018-06-02 Not watching?! MISSING OUT! Messi and Ronaldo are OUT! View all posts >


Quality cinematography... Current filmmakers could do far worse than draw inspiration from the 1999 version... One of the best shot movies imo Maybe he should have dated Kyle.... haha Are people shocked that Charlie's Angels is female led? Who do we Charlie's Angels to be? Jason Statham or Liam Neeson and Vin Diesel? ... haha Jon knew his life was at risk after Daenerys killed everyone in the city... he was the only remaining threat to her power and control of the throne.. He had to kill her, or die at her hand... She was always a power hungry tyrant who would crush any enemy... She was spiteful from the beginning and wanted full submission from all... this is constant throughout the series, but fans (and many characters) couldn't see it because she is pretty... It was only a matter of time... She would have erased other cities and tribes much earlier if it weren't for her advisors holding her back.. Jon certainly wanted leadership throughout the whole series (the lady doth protest too much) and the idea of the throne did appeal to him, but he was immature as a man (almost a virgin) and was easily manipulated by all of the women he was attracted to, from the wilding girl to the witch woman and finally the dragon chick... it's only after denayris commits genocide does he bring himself to act and a big factor in that is self preservation as he certainly must have known his days were numbered as he was still a threat to her throne... Agreed Possibly the greatest actor of his generation? Was discussing this with a few friends and we couldn't come up with a viable alternative... thoughts? Haha... So true I did... Had more fun than I expected from a mid-90s special effects movie... Good choice! View all replies >