Brazil are OUT!

Five time world champions are out of the tournament... Beaten by Belgium in the quarterfinals...

2-1 to Belgium with Brazil scoring an own-goal in the first half and going down 2-0 before recovering to 2-1...

To my mind Brazil were the better team and had the best opportunities, but choked on key chances to equalise and go up as well as making some unfocused errors... I'm glad that they didn't capitulate and seem to have recovered mentally from their 7-1 defeat to Germany in the last World Cup... Still, Belgium maintained a tight defence and managed to come out on top.

Belgium will face France in the semis... Should be a fun one as they are two attacking minded teams...


We're getting into the nitty gritty of it all now.

Glorious week ahead.

I like Sweden but I have to support England in that match.


Solid win for England... I think their coach is very familair with the Swedish style of play as it used to be common in the Premier League...


Belgium has superior defense. In fact, virtually all teams winning in this World Cup has superior defense. Brazil's own goal was just really unfortunate though.