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In the immortal words of Chris Tucker: “Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what happens!” The only danger is... If any film merits a sequel, it is this one. Anyone want me to step in and host the Oscars? This movie is awesome and... Was anyone else incredibly moved by the S4 finale opening sequence? Second time Mike has inadvertently gotten an innocent person killed? Lalo vs. Jesse’s bathtub... The ending of s4ep9 was a combination of Forest Gump and Bio-Dome (ending, no spoilers) View all posts >


Wouldn't surprise me at all if that convo took place on a movie set. [none] They're set to roll cameras on the Weinstein movie on either the 1st of Never or the 30th of February of next year. [none] The casting call for the naked, butt-pushing grandma would be interesting to see. The life of a talent agent: “there’s this part in a new movie that’s perfect for you. You should take a CRACK at it. There are many applicants so be pushy (literally).” [none] The film does have humor and the situations do delve into the absurd, yet I do not see it as a dark comedy. For reference and as an example, "In Bruges" is, for me, a dark comedy. That being said, your description below: <blockquote>...if you like movies that stay with you for days or weeks, haunting your mind with thoughts, images, and emotions, Midsommar will do just that.</blockquote> is one with which I agree 100%. To be clear, I am not sure I will ever want to revisit this film or once again spend time with these characters, who are, for the most part either severely emotionally damaged, insane, psychotic, sociopathic, mean spirited, evil, foolish, creepy, unpleasant, disgusting (or a combination of some or all of these descriptors). Yet, I will acknowledge good, skillful filmmaking when I see it; and won't pretend that this film has not stayed with me and even disturbed me weeks after seeing it in the theater. It did and, as of this writing, continues to do so. [none] Her training. How could Jaqen H'ghar, one of her mentors, sneak up on people and assassinate them with ninja like silence and speed, with no one even noticing that he was there in the first place? For the same reason why she can wear people's faces. She was trained by very skilled people and, in this world, some abilities are supernatural. She is not Brienne. She can't lift a broadsword and knock down an oak tree with it. Her diminutive size, dexterity and training by masters assassins make it possible for her to be in the same room with you as another person entirely, or to sneak up on someone silently, get close and kill. And keep this in mind: even with those skills... she almost failed! The Night King caught her almost took her out. She made a last split second move by dropping her blade into her free hand and stabbing him. The Night King did not anticipate this and died. But it almost went another way for all involved. [none] Ser FriendZone is so named not solely because Dany's repeated rejections give him a chronic case of the Blue Gonads. He is so named in part because HBO denies him regular billing, in spite of his dedicated service to Queen and Nomads. [none] Chewie Lefkowitz, Esq. Rooooooaaaaaaarrrrr! [none] The opening text will read: [i]The machines rose from the ashes of the nuclear fire. Their war to exterminate mankind had raged on for decades and gone through several timelines and temporal iterations. In this timeline, the leader of the human resistance, John Connor, is, unfortunately, indisposed. While attempting to take his customary pre-battle nervous piss for good luck, the legendary military bulwark got his dick stuck in his zipper. Alas, the final battle will not be fought for the future. It would be fought here, in our present...tonight.[/i] Then cut to a shot of a men's room door and the gruff sounds of male agony behind it. [none] Here you are. One of the deleted scenes. Cut when the director realized he needed a quicker pace in the narrative flow: [url][/url] [none] I know what you mean, but I see more optimism than is apparent in this finale. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a happy ending, but neither is it a grim one. Here is what I wrote in another thread, as a reply to someone who was upset by the direction this ending took. I share some of your frustrations; but I’m not sure we got a happy ending. I think we got a non-ending. Like you (and Wayne) I wanted to learn more. And this ending left me wanting. But I can’t pretend it was not meaningful. Julie’s story continues. The case might continue through Wayne’s son - he kept the piece of paper after all, and might follow up. Or not. Wayne’s story continues through his family, his grandchildren and his best friend by his side. Wayne and his wife live on together in his endless cycles of memory, taking him back and forth through time - the flat circle from season one. Wayne found everything he ever searched for - his family united and Julie Purcell. He found them all and yet... he doesn’t know it. He lost his memories and still found himself in them. He attained closure but he’s still looking for it. Per the last shot of the finale, he will always be on Recon in the intricate endless jungle of his mind. Always searching. Always seeking answers. A true detective. [none] View all replies >