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A bugs bunny costume. [none] But the science told me that I should listen to Greta or else I'm a racist that hates science. So I'm going to listen to Greta. Are you not gonna listen to Greta? How dare you? [none] I don't agree with most of her politics; and, MUCH LIKE YOU, I don't agree with her statements about how Hermione's and Ron's relationship should never have been written. As far as Dumbledore being gay, I don't particularly care about that, and to be honest, I sort of suspected it based on how his backstory relationship with Grindelwald was described in the books. I did object to how she just sort of publicly declared him to be gay after the books were out. I'd prefer to either explicitly state that he is gay in the books; or to have had her write it exactly the way she did in a suggestive way and to leave the final conclusions to the readers. But whatever, my point here is not about how much I agree with all of JKR opinions or decisions. It is more about the kind of society we are becoming. I think the way DR handled this was just wrong, but also emblematic of how are culture is changing (and not for the better). Keep in mind, also, that at least DR was being polite in the tone and language of his response to JKR. So, unlike the rest of the online mob, DR at least spoke softly when sticking the knife in and twisting it. Maybe JKR can take some solace in that. [none] None. But I would have if my post was ABOUT those friends. I would have spoken to them privately or at least given them a heads-up before publicly embarrassing them or joining in the mass pile-on upon them by an angry online mob. Especially so, if the friend in question would have been the one person most responsible for my blessed life. Since I don't know either JKR or DR, since her tweets and his reply were both done publicly, my opinion on it is... well, it is just that... one more opinion in the opinion-sphere. [none] And, I just found out, she voices F.R.I.D.A.Y. in the MCU movies! She's awesome. [none] For sure. They did take care to vividly show the physical toll the trek with the bags took on Saul. It was an immoral mission on behalf of an immoral man. It was blood money. That said... Saul sure did earn his cut of it. [none] You addressed this point (Wendy not getting new Rx for Ben), I think, in your point about these meds taking a while to start working. She could have given him all his meds that day and the next, and he would still have done what he did. There simply was no way to really reach him, let alone control him. His condition had overpowered his good senses by then. [none] Ben’s mistake, his culpability in his demise (and well as the chaos and danger he caused for others) is flushing his meds. He made this choice while on his meds, so his condition was under control. He made this choice after a lifetime of struggling with this mental illness and knowing he needs his meds in order to function responsibly. We are all empathetic or at least sympathetic to his reasons for ditching the meds, but he should never have done that. Now, once off the meds, he is less to blame for his actions, as they are caused by his affliction. His mind doesn’t work normally. But his original choice - while still in a state of lucidity - to place himself back into an unstable state, is something for which he can be blamed. And Ruth is to blame for letting him out of the hospital. These two decisions were an unbelievably destructive combination of poor judgment. [none] You’re right about Marty and Ruth being the only good decision makers. But with Ruth it is only because she makes good decisions relatively compared to most other people on the show. But she has messed up royally on occasion. She too often reacts with passion and anger which cloud her judgment. Getting Ben out of the hospital was a mistake. And later, wanting out of the Byrde crime enterprise was understandable. But leaving that life to join the ranks of a dangerous psychopath is a huge mistake. If she stopped screaming at people for five seconds, listened to what they were trying to say and then went off quietly, thought about things and made her own decisions, things would work out better for her. [none] We now know that Mike is the one who taught him this line of thinking. It now turns out that when he says that to Mike in BB, he is referring back to this previous conversation of theirs in BCS. We just didn't know this when we first heard it in BB. The writers took this opportunity to give that scene from BB a more layered context. [none] View all replies >