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In the immortal words of Chris Tucker: “Marion, don't look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don't look at it, no matter what happens!” The only danger is... If any film merits a sequel, it is this one. Anyone want me to step in and host the Oscars? This movie is awesome and... Was anyone else incredibly moved by the S4 finale opening sequence? Second time Mike has inadvertently gotten an innocent person killed? Lalo vs. Jesse’s bathtub... The ending of s4ep9 was a combination of Forest Gump and Bio-Dome (ending, no spoilers) I admit that I am no longer clear on what Gus and Mike are doing Nice going Jimmy. You have officially corrupted Kim. All it would take is one ABQ (or NM) inspector tag, one local receipt or vendor invoice... Booze and bitterness don’t mix. Mike and Gus forgot what our grandfathers taught us all Walt and Gretchen - same restaurant as Jimmy and Kim? Robert Goulet showing up at the Denver airport… Real reason why Kim is loitering about the courtroom... Is Kim doing the right thing re: the letter from Chuck? The most realistic film ever made.