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How long will it take for Jim to make a "delete your account" option? Jim, could you give us the option to delete our account? How many times a week do you get asked for directions by a stranger? I am so sick of these ADS! This is interesting I tried to watch this last night. Boring AF movie I see a few new members on the board Do you ever feel as if your life is a reboot? I cannot wait until the dvd View all posts >


Well i never had a shtick like the rest of you. I really am done participating in forums. Nothing about them interest me anymore. Take care👋 Bye Oh how gracious for you to say goodbye but it really wasn't necessary. Really, it wasn't because we decided not to talk to each other. Remember? Have fun talking to ghost accounts though. I'm sorry but I don't need to look at another post in order to have ideas on what to discuss. Furthermore, I'm just not interested in participating in forums anymore. I've even deleted my account. The option to delete your account should be available on every member's profile. Nuff said. It's fine if you want to stay but don't be surprised if other people want to delete their accounts. People have already left their accounts inactive because there isn't an option to delete their account. Why would you want to reply to a ghost account anyway? By deleting my account! Why is that so hard for you to understand? What kind of ridiculous attitude is that for you to have? Just because you're happy here doesn't mean that everyone feels the same as you. Every reputable site has a delete your account option. You can stay here if you want to. You can be satisfied with leaving your account active even though you won't use it. But when people do that, other members will still respond to your posts thinking that you will reply back to them. Maybe you are comfortable replying to inactive members but that doesn't mean others do. My god, think about someone other than yourself. I'm ready to leave here permanently. No offense but, why do I need to explain myself? Nah, I think that he didn't consider the possibility that members would want to leave permanently. He will add the feature. I just need to know how soon that will happen. Jim said that he would respond to any of our requests whether we presented them on the board or via email. I'm waiting for a response from him. I want to delete my account. I don't think that it is an unreasonable request since other forums have a delete your account option. Also, a lot of features have been added to this site. Delet your account should be one of them. People come and go. That's the way life is. View all replies >