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Give season 2 a chance The spooky version of A Christmas Carol Not awful, on Netflix (US) now Two words... Great movie! Literally the worst movie? 4.1? View all posts >


It's hard to explain, a lot of little things. It's more unsettling and not just tackling social issues. The music is more unsettling, and most importantly the characters try to reason out what's going on, why, how? The characters trying to figure out the situation was one of my favorite aspects of the original. Not all 10 are great, in my opinion 2 or 3 are very meh, 3 or 4 are ok to good, and another 2 or 3 are excellent. Which episodes? Which ones did you watch? No! I disagree, season two is MUCH better. I assumed he was drunk driving. If you pay attention, they die because the demon kills them, not naturally. The demon tells you your death date, but as part of the agreement you are not allowed to avoid it. If the demon didn't intervene, the people wouldn't die when avoiding their natural death. Na it's just warm water, it can be cloudy. It clears after it sits. Bizzare because the slow pace of this movie is closer to the classics than modern crap. I have seen all of the movies out have mentioned. A slow methodical force, much more scary than some bs cg monster. Let me guess, you find Saw to be "horror" moreso than this? No. In the movie The stories tie together. View all replies >