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Movie would have been better with a better lead Happy birthday funnyman I give her credit for standing her ground on the issue. One quibble I had with the film (slight spoilers) Hanks playing another WWII military leader? I see ads for Amazon on virtually every page on this site Show is a big let down Netflix added it to its lineup 9 years after the movie was in theaters My god, couldn't MC put up a better picture of "Lilly? It's set in the Outer Banks, but it doesn't capture the essence of the region Oh no...... Bait and Switch What!? Top Gun is being produced by...the Chinese!? I am excited for this movie Decent movie, but didn't stick the landing So do they follow up with any of these people? This should be watched Leaders in Western Europe that are promoting So Pena's character is wearing a Che Guevara shirt and Wahlberg reads Happy Birthday Greta!