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We view posts with those characteristics as spam and remove them on that basis. The sites they link to are often serving illegal streams and/or are laden with malware. I'm still seeing the problem. I reported this issue to Jim last month, but it has not been fixed yet. This post describes a workaround that will help you avoid the problem: You would get the funds much faster if you provide the bank info. It may take quite a while for them to send checks. Thank you for providing this example. Thank you. I will let Jim know about this issue. Until it is resolved, please note that there is a workaround that should get you to the right place. It appears that the invalid link examples are all present in the results page that appears after clicking on the "See more results..." link at the bottom of the search box. If you directly select one of the search results that appear in the search box <i>instead</i> of first clicking "See more results..." and then clicking a link, it will take you to the correct page. As an example, if you were to click on the links highlighted in red, you would be sent to the right page. Thanks for reporting this. I am unable to reproduce the behavior that you are describing. Could you please provide a specific example? There was a series of these posts recently from one member. The posts were removed and he has been warned. If anyone comes across a post of this nature, please report it. View all replies >