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Anyone nostalgic for this show? Link for good torrent? He was so unconvincing as a paraplegic This show is unwatchable now Liz's Last name (Spoilers) What is this song?? Anyone feel sorry for Walt in 'Ozymandias'? Why isn't the show just about Kevin? Did anyone think Hannah was "fat"? 13 People she's going to torture View all posts >


Yeah, that's what I meant. Of all the things they chose to bully her over, that was NOT one of them, yet they made up every last other excuse they could think of. That's his last name, he has no control over this. I'm not convinced her parents didn't name her that in order to get undeserved minority points in Hollywood! He sounds insane. Is he supposed to be Pee Wee Herman or something? You called it. they'll find a way to keep Chuck around, as if we care about watching him and don't want him to leave asap. Much sympathy to the man. His kids have public Facebook profiles with sympathy messages on them from March, I'm amazed some stalker nerd didn't reveal this already. Glad he was able to keep it private until he was ready. She should have gotten naked in the bathtub, it would have made it 10x more horrifying and disturbing, especially for her parents to find her that way... Why do you even care if it's legal if you don't want to pay? on AMC Sunday night is the only answer bud. Kim is pretty gross looking. I don't get the love for her. That voice is really what kills it though, if she sounded a little more like, god help me, Kellyanne Conway or something, it might help but she sounds so mannish. No one is uglier than Chuck though- a lumpy piece of crap. If he git his hair close-cropped it would look better but that mustard-dyed swirl he's got going on to pretend he isn't bald just looks ridiculous. Because it falsely implies she's Asian when she's not? And they get into show business and then use that name? The problem is no one will remember this by the time a hypothetical season 2 rolls around. they badly needed to wrap it up on this go-round. He doesn't really have motive for seeking revenge on anybody, save Clay for disseminating the photo of his skinny white boy ass nude. View all replies >