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No doubt, Hitler was absolutely mesmerizing before a crowd. He would practice speaking & motions with his hands & arms before mirrors endlessly. But correspondents & diplomats who met with him personally consistently claimed he was awkward & not the least bit spontaneous one-on-one. No. I enjoyed it, by & large, & look forward to the finale. But I was deeply troubled by the way Jon & Daenerys blithely accept Cersei's statement that she "hopes it will be remembered" that she joined the anti-white walker alliance near the end of the season finale. That is just not Cersei. Not Lannister. & one need not be intimate with her to know that. She did blow up the Red Keep, after all. Her father, Tywin, destroyed a key component of Westeros culture when he rendered the custom of bread & salt utterly invalid at the Red Wedding ... Lannisters care only for Lannisters. Westeros could happily burn, or become an outpost to the living dead, if it suited Cersei in some way. & there's no way Jon & Daenerys don't realize that. That they appear to have taken her at her word seems like clumsy writing for the sake of rhetorical convenience. Very troubling, imho. Well, you know, there's no such thing as giants, right? Oh I agree, not sharing the reason for Jerry's debt/embezzlement was part of what makes the film great. &, sure it might just as easily been a get-rich-quick scam. Jerry, most than anything, wants to get out from his FIL's oppressive shadow, so falling for such a scheme might have been what happened. I just can't help but be intrigued by schemes that go wrong, wondering how they might otherwise have worked. Would Romeo & Juliet have lived happily ever after away from their home & families? How would he support her? What about Moss in No Country For Old Men? Just keeping the money was a lot more complicated than just not screwing up & going back with water for the injured carteleno. Gangsters would have flooded the nearest towns, asking who hunts out there in the desert? Who has just packed up & left town, & where did they go? I really believe if he had sat there longer & thought things through, he would skimmed a hundred grand or so off the top & left the rest be, hoping it wasn't enough to set them looking, or that they'd believe one of the dead men skimmed it out prior to the shootout. Like that....:) LOL! Exactly, precisely correct:) This would be The Last Sunset co-starring Rock Hudson & Carol Lynley? I distinctly remember Douglas's character in the end, breaking open his Derringer to check loads before walking out to meet Hudson, only later to see it was unloaded. "Generous peace offerings of Germany"? What do you mean, "of Germany?" You mean, from Hitler? Given how fair he played the Czechs, maybe you're right, maybe the Brits should have listened. Of course the film is an oversimplification of history—personally I think a better hinge might have been Churchill's order to fire on the French fleet at Oran. Very controversial, even to this day, but it showed the US in particular that, a) Churchill was firmly in charge, & b) the British were willing to do whatever it took to pursue the war, because, as you know, opposition to Lend Lease stemmed largely from the belief that the equipment sent to Britain would fall into German hands soon enough. Of course, as well, if you are some kind of revisionist Nazi symph, facts of any sort are irrelevant. That story about Churchill and the false alarm ... if true, so what? What people of significance don't have embarrassing stories in their biographies? Oh yes, no doubt. I was 18 when Star Wars appeared in theaters. I did think the juxtaposition of Ben Kanobe's comment about the blast hits being "too accurate" for Sand People, then later watching the intrepid heroes shoot down storm troopers without themselves taking a single hit odd, but not insurmountable. Now, forty years later, I kind of wish it had a evolved a little. Not to utter naturalism—e.g. outer space battles in complete silence. But really, why do they wear that armor? Yes, I do. So why not be a cop, or a spy, or TSA ... or something that reflects more education & career advancement. How can he even earn enough to pay for his home as a security guard? Good point, which I hadn't considered. I wasn't terribly troubled by the idea of white supremacists using Black bodies in that manner, but rather it was the practical issue of changing identities—shouldn't you pick someone as similar ethnically, in height, weight & other overall physical characteristics in order to be less obvious? View all replies >