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Show anyone other than a white male on screen, and it's woke. You and your kind need to quit. Thank you for this warning. After looking at your post, I went to IMDB and have seen others comment on the shaky-cam. I don't do that shit at all. Moving on....... Hollywood started putting out long movies during the Covid years. People were at home, and I guess they were trying to appease the masses. Somehow they have forgotten that those days are gone and that we don't need movies this long. If a movie is gonna go beyond 2hrs, it needs to be good. This was not it. I love that type of music. I just thought it was a little much. If it ain't white (male), it ain't right? It's funny you say that. I mentioned that idea to my wife, and I thought she was gonna divorce me. It would be amazing if he did anything. I do believe you're correct. If that footage was leaked, why not the one with her pulling drugs out of her snatch. The first one would disbar her. The 2nd one would probably put her in jail. Whoever leaked it perhaps didn't want that to happen? Or did the writers overlook something. You either are trying to be funny, which is morbid as hell. Or you really believe what you're saying, which is also morbid as hell. Either way, you need to by laying on someone's sofa seeking help. View all replies >