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White + rich + powerful = A slap on the wrist Not sure what to think I wasted 35 minutes before I gave up Geez, this was horrible. I hated the ending I can't do this shaky\wavy crap. Why! Got shut down due to 'Rona. Ep 1 Not sure what to think View all posts >


I just hope I can live until April 5th, 2063. I agree. They seem to never get a clue. Tell me. What/who do you consider "normal people". Get that shit out of here, you racist idiot. There's NOTHING wrong with a interracial relationship in a movie. People like you will complain if everyone isn't white. Yeah, well if he was a stand-alone statue, it would be okay. He wasn't. Thanks for the warning. As I was watching the movie, I kinda thought she served no purpose. They made one up for her, tho. She shot the arrow that knocked down the dragon. But the movie works fine without her. She really served no purpose to the story. He's not 6'5". That's a media lie. Mamoa and Bonet's marriage lasted longer than most do in Holllywood. He's nice-looking with lots of muscles. Of course he has a roving eye. I'm sure women throw the booty at him all the time, and for men, it's hard to always say no when there's a free opportunity. If I were him, I'd be banging Clarke in real life and not just on a movie set. This fool is guilty by association. You know damn well ANYONE who was hanging with Epstein knew what he did, and was "benefiting" from his business. View all replies >