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Inquiry about Lady Silence Movie bashed the Catholic Church..... An extremely horrible remake of Aliens These guys were Special Forces? DC/Warner finally gets it right C.M. a wrestler? I'm not used to Dracula being a smart-ass Complaint. (Major spoiler! Stop here if you haven't seen the whole series!) Just an okay movie Re: Ep 2 View all posts >


2. But these weren't suppose to be a group of just any Supremacist. They were a special "task force" that considered themselves the best. They probably respected others of their kind, but probably saw them as a lower cast. 3. Extremely lame. Wouldn't they be just as guilty? 4. It seems they forgot all about that. 6. I agree. Where the hell did all that come from, and why was it necessary. It changed no outcome in the story. Seems like that was force-fed to the viewer for no clear reason. 7. I wondered the same thing. I absolutely agree. 8. And damn, I want to know if she walked on water. Regina King did an okay job, but she would not have been my first choice. I could think of other actresses that would've been better in the role. By asking that question, you open up a can of no-answer-will-ever-make-sense. Even the writers couldn't answer that one. Seems unlikely, but never say never. Plus, I need to know if she walked on that water!!! I'm not even sure what that post means or implies. Check out who wrote the movie. A white dude. So who you mad at? And I'm not complaining. Just laughing at your post. posted 3 months ago by EZRider (266) 1 reply | jump to latest It. Totally racist movie against white people. Black people really have their priorities wrong. Extremely funny post. Get you a dose of what black people have been getting from white people for hundreds of years. And BTW, it was written by Peter A Dowling. A white man. So who is it that has their priorities wrong? Sounds like you're mad at the wrong race. Well, I guess that's okay then. Whites already hate black people. Exactly. It wasn't worth giving any input to. If you'll complain about the vapor, you'll complain about anything. CGI dog: Thumbs down. I'm not the least bit interested. View all replies >