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Well, I certainly didn't see that coming (spoiler) How the hell do you have that much water in the basement. The dumbest thing I've ever seen anyone do in a movie.... Tried to be "twisty" but became convoluted and fell on itself. How does "Ahlivaaa" do it Kinda interesting........I guess Show that video, and I'm out! I love me some Gina, but is she ever gonna go to acting school? Not what I expected Amped-up version of X-Files View all posts >


How did you assume that. I'm not a Buffy fan, and I'm not a millennial. I've watched all episodes. It's really gotten no better. You're not missing much. It is reminiscent of X-files. One believer, one non-believer, and stories left open for your interpretation. It is real, or isn't it. I was laughing my ass off when they were running out the house to the neighbors. A whole family full of Usain Bolts. That's exactly what it is. Twilight for youngfolk. There's a few really good ones in there. I wondered that, too. Towards the end, she did receive that text from her daughter saying "Destroy the phone, Mom." But it seems it really wasn't from her. Not really clear. She (the daughter) was not around in the end, so I assume Lydia sent that text to give her some encouragement? In any group, you have "that one". The odd one who can't quite fit in. I loved him in this. I watched the first season and kinda liked it. It's not so bad. The only episode I've watched in the 2nd season is Episode 2. (The Takedown) The ending caught me totally off guard. WTF!! Right on. You didn't miss anything crucial to the movie. Those are all valid questions. My guess on Travis: I think The Rock needs a caretaker to spread the word and it elected Travis to be it. It looked like he was uncontrollably drawn to it after he killed Ross. That, or either he did it on purpose hoping he'd be strong enough to show Tobin out to safety. Of course I'm just guessing since the sorry-ass movie didn't want to be clear about anything. Linear time didn't seem to exist within the field. The movie had too many unanswered questions and didn't make much sense to me. A waste of time. View all replies >