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I like my movies simple so I can escape the complexity of life. Predictable movie, until.........(spoilers) Not a bad movie Hey, let's join a morbid cult we know nothing about! Damn, she's fine. Could Kirk have saved Earth in the Xindi War I really tried. Had potential to be the greatest show ever S2 EP3 "The Who of You" Helen hunt looks like she's wearing a mask. View all posts >


I do agree that The shaman and the demon were buddies. Scamming people to get cash flow. The rest of the movie may be above my head. I'd have to watch it again. I watched a little of that series Glow. She did look damn good. But it's not my type of show. I couldn't sit through it. I agree. SFX. Now why didn't I think of that. On the initial viewing, I was like "WTF!". But watch it again, knowing what you know. Let me know if it gets any better You'd think quick decapitation would finish one off. It's kinda like watching a vampire movie. Different movies have different rules. One would think that if you lived for a few hundred years, you'd figure out a way to end yourself. For all we know, a head-chop would just leave their head rolling around on the ground watching the body for the next 100yrs. I like gay men, but I don't care to see the actual act of them kissing. It was only for a sec, tho. If you dumped the movie, you missed out. It wasn't that clear, but maybe it's something that manifest itself around puberty. And as a kid, she probably had superficial wounds that all kids get. No one pays attention to how fast their wounds heal, unless it was one of a serious nature. I think it was the worst episode of the 2nd season. View all replies >