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Don't waste your time. I wasted it for you. (and you're welcome) So why did they not save the cavemen Did I miss something regarding Imogen and Argreus? I'm taking Kong in 3. Realistically, could something as big as Rodan or Ghidorah fly? How many times can you stare a Titan in the face, and live to tell about it. How the hell do you stay alive so close to all the fighting. The Brady Bunch: Solving family crisis's in 30 minutes or less. Marlon Wayans is not that funny, and this movie is not the good Who the flagnar picked this crew!!!! View all posts >


Yeah, that was kinda bogus. But remember the cop that came to John's door and pretended not to notice what was going on? I think it may apply to the whole damn police force regarding these people. And he was already a bad-ass. So the Kong we say in Skull Island is just a youngster? Blame that on white Hollywood. They think white women are god's gift to the world. Actually, there's nothing rational about you thinking white males are oppressed. Nothing at all. Yeah, you are mad. White males are the ones who are oppressed? Are you mad? Must've been someone totally irrelevant to the story since it was never mentioned. Marilyn Manson Jr? I wondered the same thing. Absolutely no way. View all replies >