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Kinda easy to figure out Sam just couldn't get a clue. Started out slow, and then got weird. A little too much 3rd season is too much shaky cam. If you're gonna send your robot into Horror Mode, it should be explained better. Interesting for a moment, but became extremely ludicrous. Beth's character is over-the-top unrealistic Re: The Enterprise Incident Odd, but interesting. View all posts >


It's not that great. I almost didn't make it past the opening wedding scene. I thought it was never gonna end. Since when does an accurate adaptation of a mermaid means she's white. So you base your characters on looks? And she's not the best actress. You gotta look beyond her pretty face. Absolutely pitiful that they would cast an Asian girl in this role. You can find PLENTY of Native Americans that could play this role. What the fuck...... You sound like an unintelligent bigot. Naw, it's not just you. The show is pathetic. And I agree. Gates does look good with the grey. Did you watch the movie. Not sure if you're a Star Trek: Voyager fan, cause that question had been debated on that show. Is a android/robot really developing free will, or developing what it was programmed to develop in to. I tend to lean towards them not having free-will rights. It's a machine. A advanced one, but still a machine. Did you? Did you watch the movie? View all replies >