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I watched this for Debra Paget, but..... What is Tyler Perry's issue with men. I love her. Not sure what the mother's ultimate goal was Seriously. How does shit like this get made. Re: Jake Gyllenhaal The facilities motive? Pretty good movie I sided with Gertrude See! This! Movie! View all posts >


Raimi's Spiderman didn't pave the way for anything. They might've been cool back then, but have you watched one of them in the last year or so? They're really bad. They're corny and cheesy. They don't hold up well now. MCU has made Spiderman look like Spiderman should. What an odd thing to worry about. My first exposure was the 2nd episode you mention. I happened to catch it on EPIX today, and I was like WTF!! One violent scene after the other. I gonna assume this is an insane show. Answer me this, OP: Why would you need anything. FB. Don't waste your time responding to this dude. I'm guessing he's about 12yrs old. I liked it. I'll tell you what I'm talking about. Watch these last 2 Marvel Studio movies, then go back and watch the Maguire movies. Those movies are corny and cheesy. Maquire is about as stiff as a board. He's better-suited to play a dry-ass Vulcan in Star Trek. And Kirsten Dunst is about as appealing as a brick. Nothing good happened for this franchise until Marvel Studios took the reins. Next, they need to get FF back and do some magic with that. Too bad I didn't see this BEFORE I sat through this crap. Dude. I'm really glad you're not writing these movies.......... View all replies >