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There was nothing in the 1st episode that made me wanna move forward What is the deal with Cora's constant sad puppyface Just how big was Kazon space. Wow. I hate Tom Brady, but...... I couldn't finish it Kinda crazy! It wasn't so bad. Moral: Before you walk a dangerous 85 miles for the booty, make sure the booty is still yours I was unclear on Leo's motive View all posts >


^^THIS!^^ It's funny you say that. I watched Casino Royale when it came out, didn't care for it. I watched Quantum, didn't care for it. I watched them back-to-back recently, and all of a sudden I found them to be good movies. I don't recall them actually being one long movie with no chronological gap. Pretty enjoyable. I could never figure out what their hair consist of. Some odd shit I'm really not sure what the appeal of this movie is. It did not represent it's genre very well. Agreed. Straight-up, party-pooping, moral-busting, punk-ass bitch. No one ever needed to know that. The Borg tried the same thing, so turnabout is fair play. But The Federation is too "goody, goody" to do something like that. Mulgrew was incredible in the role. I can't imagine anyone doing it better. I do, too. I like 'em thicc. There was an article stating that he said he would not do the affair on the show. But I think it's a easy work around. She was Top Shelf with the BJ. Put almost anyone to shame. View all replies >