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Very true. Watching it straight through makes a difference. Right. I can't recall much conversation between the two. And out of nowhere.......... Well, sure. After Tyrion made him see the light. But Jon knew already knew what Tyrion told him. His weak-ass just needed to hear it from someone else. The love she had for Jon is what would've stalled that process. She wanted it to work with him. The people would never choose her over him, tho. Jon knew it. And plus, she was a tyrant. Jon knew he'd better take her down before she wised up and took him down. After all the cruelty we had to watch this bitch do? She seriously gets off that easy? That had to be one of the biggest rip-offs in the history of television. I'm kinda shocked there was no follow-up with her since the show isn't shy about what it shows. LOTRS is an excellent trilogy. GOT is not as good, but it's still a very good show. Dany was extremely immature and run by emotion. Very dangerous for anyone who's under that type of person. You have to have tougher skin when friends die, think wisely instead of roasting a city full of innocents, and rule with competency. She was too stupid to realize that she had won it all. Jon had to take her down. It was the only logical thing to do. He saved many innocent lives. "worse and worse and worse" is exactly right. The show started out great! About the 4th episode in, it just went straight downhill each episode. It took me a few weeks to watch the last episode because I had lost interest. I finally watched it, and it turns out to be just as bad as than the previous ones. What a disappointment. One day, if I ever find the time, I'll read these books. View all replies >