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Perfect, thank you. Also been a while since I've read or watched too obviously. I've never read that before. Is that something you *know* or something you consider head-canon? Because that's a good explanation, thanks. Go ahead and order the whole series. Like any show, there are peaks and valleys, but if you liked Season 1, the quality never dips enough where you'll lose interest. You held on to something that witty for years? Wow Fair point. But I would argue that literally anyone who dies in the original is more established and developed than at least 75% of the deaths in 6. They traded the "small town living in fear" vibe for the "no one cares in the big city" vibe "It seems they put everything into Season 1, and then had nothing left in the tank for the rest of the series." Happens to a lot of shows. Also, the way the writers' strike happened, especially with this show being done in volumes, resulted in a very truncated Season 2, from which it just never could recover. Season 3 was awful, all over the place. I thought Season 4 was decent but by then no one cared anymore. Reborn was mediocre in a landscape overstuffed with superhero stuff. Mostly bothered it once again got cancelled post-cliffhanger. I'm positive, once I remember it comes back in full force, and I just double checked, it's the Season 5 finale No, the TV show, toward the end of Season 5 if not the finale. I think she says it to Giles when he floats the possibility of killing Dawn to thwart Glory. Thanks all! Good tips for future. Remembered this one anyway. For anyone who cares it was Buffy talking about Dawn. I can see that happening. And Sam will kill one of the twins first. But, the way they like to subvert, I can see it being reversed, one of the twins will be Ghost Face, trying yet again to frame Sam. What's wild is that since these characters are new, we don't really care about them, or at the least we're less invested than we were with Sidney, Dewey, and Gale. So they can pretty do whatever they want to be subversive and even if it's not great, likely no one will be too upset. View all replies >