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"and doesn't even make you famous" the lack of logic with Kate Rebecca's death a higher body count Aaron was wrong but why Earth? the post-credits scene the end a line that always weirds me out question for those who saw it at its original release View all posts >


That was all very well-put. I agree I'd hope we'd get Laura Linney back, she was good for Frasier and I don't want him to have to be single and searching yet again. Dang dude, nearly all your posts begin with clarifying that they're off-topic. The heads up is nice, but wouldn't it be just as easy to post them where they would be on-topic? That would be cool, maybe in the finale Lmao, people like you are funny. You don't agree with my opinion, so it's your place as the ultimate Indy Maestro to officially read my mind, decide for me, and declare me not a fan. Yeah. Sure. That honestly would be better, but doesn't fit AMC's agenda. Well I guess mostly how Kim points out "That's the truck that's going to kill everybody!" which is a true statement. However, in her vision, the accident takes place a significant number of minutes after they get on the highway, whereas in real life, it's merely moments after the truck passes. So we're supposed to believe that since Kim didn't get on the highway, the accident happens that much sooner? Implying that her getting on the highway somehow delayed it. Additionally, right after she points out "the truck that's going to kill everybody," it's an entirely different truck that smashes into her friends. I suppose you *could* argue it lost control while trying to steer away from the pile-up, but that still seems iffy to me, because it only leaves a few seconds for the pile-up to occur *and* for that driver to react that way. I know, it's a horror movie, I'm over-thinking it, but they still always bug me Well, it's called Katy Keene, so even if Josie is *a* lead, more likely a *co* lead, than *the* lead, who is generally the title character. I think Josie will more likely serve as a link, but still probably be better serviced in the spin-off. And she and the Pussycats broke up a while ago and we haven't seen them since Haha, I'm not a parent. But I don't think you can necessarily say all parents would make the same decisions either. They're still their own people. Case in point, Iron Man and Ant-Man both fought, both parents, so maybe you're being sexist in who you choose to acknowledge as a parent? Anyway, my thought process was more along the lines of that Pepper has stood so near to such superhero greatness and strength for so long, that maybe once she became a parent, she wanted a bit of it for herself, to make her stronger to protect her child, and throw in if an apocalypse were to occur, as it did (not for monitoring the neighborhood like Spider-Man on the reg) All true. But I thought she looked shocked. And the way Jaime delivered just sounded like it was meant to be news View all replies >