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why didn't Michelle just tell Cadence the truth about Stifler? 5x10 Joker the wire hangers the irony of Mischa why Walt and Aaron were special Ben's hatred of Julie Game Night red-headed Emily Jr when Happy says "walk me through it" View all posts >


Interesting, and good to know, thank you :) They could still do the general storyline, it's not like they never take liberties with their adaptations Show reason: Norman sympathized with her more than he was interested in her, so he could let her go, and Sam was set up to remind of his dad so he'd kill him. Real life reason: They wanted to redo the Psycho story but still do their own thing, so they could surprise us and avoid inevitable comparisons. Case in point, yet again. Grace is introduced and of course immediately has a redemption story. And don't tell me Dwight won't when he shows up. DUH ME. Thanks Okay, thanks everyone for setting me straight. I have read the books, but only once, and a few years ago, and anyone who has read the books can understand missing a few details ;) Even though it's fiction, glad I was wrong Yeah, it seems that every season, situations and characters are drastically different. Guess one could argue character development, except it's always extreme and random for most characters. That was all very well-put. I agree I'd hope we'd get Laura Linney back, she was good for Frasier and I don't want him to have to be single and searching yet again. Dang dude, nearly all your posts begin with clarifying that they're off-topic. The heads up is nice, but wouldn't it be just as easy to post them where they would be on-topic? View all replies >