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the supposed original plan for Sam and Tara they'll reconcile Kevin totally would've cheated on his wife with Vicky Zach scene in book, show? Kristen's guilt same actor as Jo's mom in this how Mindy and Chad could return the "last man" part Season 3 length Harrison spin-off View all posts >


I very much did. I think different styles might work differently for different people. You found it inactive and repetitive, I found it to be a wonderful, slow-burn, tension-builder. It's scary because it's realistic. The things that get you at home, where you should be safe, are scariest. Of course it's also the vacation home which lends the travel horror element too. I remember the first time I watched it. I was alone in my parents' house, which is in town, but in an acre or so of wooded area. I forget where everyone else was, but I was home alone with my dog, I was in my early 20s. I was drinking and smoking, and it was storming, so yeah, it was pretty creepy. They could still do one about their widows, Grumpy Old Women. And it could take place on a cruise as an homage to Out to Sea Yeah, but that was direct to dvd, different cast, characters, story anyway, so doesn't matter much. And while both TV series weren't good, Scream 6 still was fun I mean yeah she's technically press but in that scene she seemed the most off-the-clock she ever has, was definitely there more in a personal capacity She is, but it's like an epilogue at Sidney's house, did you not see it, or forget? "If anything, that scene lays the foundation and sets the tone regarding how they're going to deal with his character for the rest of the movie." Nail on the head. So many references to his age, and he spent so much of the movie tagging along and begging Helena to allow him along instead of assuming control from the start. I can only say at least it was intentional. Ford is done with the role, the movie flopped, there are no known plans to do another one. I figure since they didn't kill him, they settled for making those kind of references to show that he's done. ^I feel like that won't actually happen, but I'm with you on both counts, that'd be awesome. And it'd be cool to have it be someone from outside the circle of suspicion. However, that kind of reveal, where they don't show her at all until then, would also make the movie lose something that gives them rewatch value: Going back and trying to figure out which killer is behind the mask in certain scenes based on who else is in the scene. Agreed. They try their best to connect them to previous stories. Nancy was always a figure in some way in Billy's life, and Sidney knew her too, presumably many others did, even though she wasn't shown until 2. Roman was revealed to be the puppetmaster behind it all, lurking in the background, involved in Maureen's death, but not shown until 3. Sidney probably spent lots of time with Kate and Jill growing up, though never mentioned or seen until 4. They put Amber in Stu's house. Richie's family of course existed prior to 6. I feel like 6 hinted at a possibility of Gale becoming Ghost Face "some day." But I just can't see her going after Sidney. Maybe Ghost Face will turn out to be the twins, as a way of branching them off from the Carpenter sisters. Say they killed them off-screen even. Heck, could even do all that and have Ghost Face be Sam and Tara's mom. Willie is short for Wilhelmina. Probably not that uncommon of a name for when she was born, likely early 1900s. You make a lot of valid points, but I still enjoy the movie. To build on your point about the story being told in a different way. What has always bugged me about this adventure is that it just sort of *happens* to him on his way from escaping another adventure. He has little narrative autonomy. He literally just crash lands into the story. In the rest of them, he actively sought something out. -g supernatural stalker moments. It bums me out that the three most recent seasons are my least, in that order. So I hope next season turns it around and returns to form. I for one would like a season about werewolves, maybe in a winter setting, I feel like those are among the few things the show's not done yet. But, even when complaining, I still enjoyed Delicate more than I wanted to watch anything else in that time slot View all replies >