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It just felt real to me, like how young boys will say shit about each others' moms like that and then having a callback to it I'm gay, and yeah the scene is disturbing, but that's the point, and it didn't really get to me or anything. But I've read the book and read enough about the movie where it wasn't a surprise. I do think it's sad to consider it's as relevant in the present-day as it was decades ago, when it was set in the book. It was clearly established they were poor, they were trying to save on their electric bill Haha bugged me too I can see that, very cool, thanks for sharing :) I was expecting there to be a twist with revisiting the stalker in the finale as well, just seemed too good to fizzle out how it did, would've been more fun had it gotten a little more focus. Yeah, a middle-aged woman exploring her sexuality has become a trope at this point. She wasn't ready yet. I was a teenager in a similar Ohio town almost 20 years after this was set, and I wasn't comfortable coming out of the closet until I moved away. So I get where she's coming from. You might lead people on because it's easier than coming out. It's not "right," but for all we know Steve's the first one she ever came out to, so she doesn't really "owe" anyone. And look how quickly Steve bounced back. Same scene. His disappointment was a lot smaller than her risk in coming out. But yeah sure of course let's make it all about the poor popular guy's disappointment and paint the girl out to be a villain Yeah, would be nice to thin the herd a bit. I think it's part of the problem with the longer seasons. Context clues ;) What they need to do, in my opinion, the only thing that could turn this likely trainwreck into a classic of its own right: Cast Macaulay Culkin as one of the robbers That's always bugged me too. It was marketed about being about the beginning of the outbreak. I wasn't necessarily hoping for patient zero or a solid explanation, but yeah, more would've been nice, but we got like four or five episodes and that was it. Now it rushed to become the Morgan and Alicia show. I don't understand why they've forged such a supposedly strong bond anyway View all replies >