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Hey guys, looked and found one myself Though, in fairness, I'd say most of these are reasons it makes it more surprising for the reveal, not necessarily impossible And again tonight, with using Jack to illustrate Will's potential as a parent And, with names. Grace's new guy is Marcus. That was Leo's last name. Really? I mean I think for that alone I'd have avoided him from the get-go if I was her Yes I know what you mean. When watching the main credits, it's still odd to see the actors for Eugene, Rosita, Aaron, toward the top, when once they weren't in the main credits at all Agreed. I would totally give fair warning if it were for a recent episode, but yeah, generally just stay off a board until finished. I'm glad someone was shocked by it being him though, so you could enjoy payoff. For a show that ended almost seven years ago, so, sorry, but only mildly Yeah, I know, hence my comment Though due to age, it couldn't be Sarah Paulson, I think it'd be kind of cool if they showed her Cult character as a child camper, but more of as a throwaway line than a real character Fair. But this post was last updated two months ago, so you were clearly seeking it out, and the episode aired nearly seven years ago, so... :-\ Depends how you look at it. Vegetables and fruits, are they not plants? Food is pretty important. No evidence I'm aware of, just a thought View all replies >