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Was thinking more on it, idea All the stuff about Jughead isn't real. It's in Betty's head. Remember when she had the interactive vision when she chose to not strangle her childhood cat, in an effort to destroy the darkness within herself. Maybe it's something like that. She's going more crazy and imagining it. Or sense Jughead is always involved in her dark dealings, arguably more so than anyone else, maybe she breaks up with him and does another vision quest to imagine killing him off to save herself. And maybe the stuff after is her healing. Or changing her mind in some way. Maybe Charles is involved in manipulating her thoughts. I mean okay so I know it's far-fetched and I'm probably wrong, just a fun idea I wanted to throw out. But, it's Riverdale, crazier has happened. And I can't think of anything right now that could prove I'm wrong. Oh this show. I'm happy about this, it's honestly what I've hoped for. I never thought it needed to surpass BB, but by one symbolic episode is fine. Though I do worry 13 episodes might feel a little long, but probably not. My predictions/hopes: Season 5 will have Walter White return for an episode, and we'll see the events of Breaking Bad, condensed, from Saul's pov. Then time jump, and Season 6 will be about what happens to him after Breaking Bad. put her career on hold, moved back to Dublin, married, raised their family Basically the answer's in the question To my knowledge she was up for the part of Eowyn but it didn't happen because she was pregnant It's worth mentioning (and I don't think anyone did) that when Billy first appears quite shortly thereafter, it is from the outside of the front door. That would put weight on Stu having killed Tatum. Unless Billy sneaked back out of the house again and then went to the front door. Other than that I've always assumed it was Billy though. Haha I'm a millennial but nice try :) ^I really like that, thanks Oh I thought they said she abandoned her training. Well in that case I'd say because even though Luke had checked out as an active participant, he still had some Jedi ideals in terms of how he lived. Leia wasn't a proper Jedi. She was Force-sensitive and had trained, but wasn't full-fledged Jedi. But knew enough to help Rey's training along. Not as good as if it had been Yoda, but better than nothing. Bet that's something we won't see on Disney+ Lmao that was a hilarious read, thank you :) Who knows with Jughead. I'm so torn. I don't feel like they would unless they're doing Afterlife. But it would make for a shocker. But then it would be more shocking to not tell the audience so far before it happens. But if it does happen, the way they're telling the story is working surprisingly well for me. But if he's alive and/or there's a different twist, it's being told interestingly as well. Depending on where it goes. So much back and forth. View all replies >