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Tokefinn would be clever Same. OP needs to realize that not everyone's reality will match I completely see where you're coming from, and you're not wrong. But I think it all mixed well in the end to maintain a sort of B-horror movie from a past era vibe But if you'd sewn him up everywhere how would you pump him? Agreed. It sounds like they're expected to have significant roles at least. I also hope Grant and Sattler are together. I'm not much of one to care for lots of romance in things that aren't *about* romance, and I know she had a husband and kid in the third, but that's been a while so who knows. I just liked them together in the original, we got that they were together and felt the spark without there even being a kiss Good point. Especially since Aragorn was also king by birthright, so he might've still been able to be lazy and claim it. Whereas Bran got it by a pseudo-democratic process, and yeah, did bugger all. I've read that Bran being king is one of the few details of GRRM's he gave, so yeah, looks that way. But, maybe it's wrong, or maybe it'll be more satisfying in the books. Agreed. Even if not by Arya, more painful and drawn out. I wanted her dead and I wanted it to HURT Yes. I feel like it's a Star Wars plot in a Middle-earth setting There's buzz. It's just that it's forced. And it's hard to notice as, well, buzzy, when the franchise has hit the point of over-saturation. I think the sequel trilogy would've maintained a more epic, buzzy feel had they not forced the spin-off movies, at least not when they did Bet it was Kyle MacLachlan View all replies >