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the question of Kim blooper prediction two surface observations the Myers house the cast, Kirby wonder who will return one odd thing about every episode ending with Season 3 so how does Krampus hunt? my worry about Becky as monitor View all posts >


I find interesting the idea that he fights so hard for a life he nearly forfeited Yeah it was messy, occurred after Season 5, *supposedly* he cheated on her with Julia Stiles. I guess they made it work for the show out of contractual necessity. So I doubt she'd volunteer to return, cool idea but not necessary, she'll remain dead in all forms. Because obviously Dexter can't be the one nixed from Dexter, this isn't Roseanne More that she probably doesn't want to sign up to work with her ex again That'd be cool but I doubt it, I just don't see Jennifer Carpenter returning Did not know, thanks. Either way I tend to give little credence to online stuff anyway. And I prefer to avoid spoilers, but also can't help myself. But what the OP posted sounds decent enough at any rate. Either way, pandemic allowing, we'll find out in October I mean, that does all sounds plausible. I've long thought this one will have a lot of deaths that are homages to previous ones. Especially with the high amount of returning characters/actors. And one teaser shows Michael's hand shattering the glass of a car window right by Marion Chambers, I bet she bites the dust there. Also assumed Brackett and Tommy would die, Lindsay as well probably. But these almost have to be cases of them pursuing Michael or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because why would Michael really pursue any of them? Except maybe Chambers. Plus, it'd be hard for Michael to identify them seemingly. He had a brief encounter with them 40 years ago and they weren't his target, and they've since grown up. People tend to look a lot different at 50 than they did at 10. My guess is they'll have Samantha now living and working in Hong Kong, and we might get an occasional mention of what's going on with her, so they're still emotionally if not geographically close. Maybe we'll get a one-sided phone call where they use a voice actor. Also leaves the door open for Kim Cattrall to return down the line, even though she won't. Of course the "not mentioned at all route" is the simplest and likeliest. Or maybe mentioned briefly. Like in the opening sequence when Carrie catches us up to speed, there's a throwaway line about Samantha moving away (especially if it was shortly after the second movie) because if someone moved away or fell out of the group that long ago, they wouldn't necessarily be mentioned. Death also feels likely as a way for them to slam the door on Kim Cattrall and throw shade, they could even say she died in a ridiculous manner. Guess we'll wait and see. Nancy is a little annoying at times. Yes she had reason to be but still. Beyond that, she's not really lacking, it's just that Laurie Strode is the perfect ultimate definitive final girl Especially since she's bothered about Philosopher's Stone being called Sorcerer's Stone, think she'd understand a lil better Just follow her on Twitter View all replies >