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That's the one. Brother you said a mouthful! Blockbuster had it's moments didn't it! No matter where you live. I had a knife pulled on me, a car went through the parking lot and shot out the windows while I was working (that killed the budget) and numerous drunks and robbery attempts. Who says retail isn't fun! Never something like that. Sometimes it's worse to watch others go through it isn't it. Just a totally helpless feeling. Thanks for sharing. A lot of people never even get the chance to get to the medical care part. First world country or not. I really am happy you were able to come through it. It's a horrible experience but at least you have "great" story for life. The important word being LIFE. That's a rough one. A lot of people couldn't tell the story. It's nice that you can. shattered roses Magnolia This is the place that the concrete path in front of the building stops I dropped from heaven View all replies >