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Disney really need a different Plot in the middle of their films. Won’t Dr Nicky know? Why can they see the goats away from the house? They Pulled a six feet under with Gordon Breaking Bad ripped off a scene what if Melony had not been killed? Popes Fate and Spoilers I can't Stand Baz What did you think of the ending? Well the Show has been cancelled are people becoming lazy with watching shows? View all posts >


The scene was to simply show She is a Donavan and used to that and can deal with it and has the stomach for it, where as the other guy isn't a donavan didn't grow up with a father working for Gangsters etc Also come on the show nothing is believable now, how could Bunchy get out of Jail? or Mickey 2 years ago nothing about the show is realistic at all lol Hahahaha I only just noticed that now that it came up goats I found I was rooting for joe most of the season (a bit like dexter in a way) but when we got to the final episode that changed. When he found out she cheated i thought to myself who cares about beck now no emphay for her. But wow I still felt for her in the final. Ps wasn’t the teeth just benjis? So that he didn’t have dental records that was implied earlier on, not thst it’s a collection of teeth being a serial killer. I knew the house was syooose to be the magic that keeps the ghosts but the plot hole is they can see the ghosts away from the house as well. But with this Nell big clue was “ time doesn’t run linear Your right it is, season 5 when all the characters just became ridiculous unlikable deb became a bitch. (Liked her on early seasons) Fiona a even more of a whore, lips iq dropped Ian became bi-polar. Carl went all black then went completely out of character and “normal” The only good stuff happening now is Liam and Carl. Did you guys ever watched six feet under?? they pulled the idea from there clearly. where a near death problem was there got fixed and forgotten about and came back at the end to shock us all Thought that too. The question now is why are the police so incompadent ? How are they ruling suicide surely something came back bring knocked out and head trauma. note I did write the post before last nights episode!! I didn't see that coming with J at all but now yep he now is becoming one of them slowly! in fact he might be the most dangerous out of the lot of them because they all under estimate him I thought it was more South African. In the first season I actually felt sorry for her when J broke up with you, at the time I thought that was harsh, now I couldn't care less that J is sleeping around or not. shes nothing but a junkie now and dumb.. shes gonna do something stupid that will get the whole family into crap. well she already kinda has. don't be surprised if they kill her off at the end of this season they seem to be killing a charter off at the end of a season. View all replies >