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2019: 25th anniversary of this film's theatrical release This is a wonderful, funny movie! This is a wonderful, funny movie! Season 2 finale - those last minutes 1982 British short film, fairground, no dialogue, screened with The Thing 25 Years today Enjoying the new 2018 season Anyone want to discuss? (Possible spoilers within) Borrows heavily from . . . Anyone watching CBB summer 2017? Come on ye olde IMDb folks! View all posts >


I know what you mean about musicals - I do usually find them annoying and silly. But there are some good songs in this - I would recommend taking a listen to James Marsters'/Spike's own solo number "Rest In Peace" which is a fairly decent rock song fitting to his character. Other songs are typical cheesy musical fodder but Rest In Peace could even be something you hear on the radio. As someone who went through the same thing when I was not all that much older than Buffy was, this episode resonated with me so deeply that I was basically crying on and off through the entire thing. And everything was SO right! The writing, direction and performances perfectly captured all the things you really do go through, I went through. It was the most accurate portrayal of shock, denial, numbness, brain fog, grief, loss, etc that I think I've ever seen in film or TV. Whedon got it spot-on. It was devastating. Once More With Feeling is at the same time cheesy as hell and amazing too. I like it a lot; the dance scenes are great - seeing Anya and Xander doing a Fred and Ginger is huge fun. And I liked the song where Buffy reveals the shocking truth of where she was. The fact that Spike is the one who tells her the best any of us can do with how hard life is, is to just go on simply living, is actually pretty darn deep for a daft musical episode -- that whole scene resonates to anyone who has ever felt like this is hell right here. I can't pick between Dawn, Riley or Faith. Dawn was a drag and I never really got used to her abrupt supernatural insertion into all their lives. Like the reply above me, either have her be the sister from the start, or not at all. Riley: THE most boring boyfriend in the history of fictional boyfriends! So perfect, so good, so "sir yes sir." I groaned out loud when he shows back up again later on. I don't think there's a fix for a character who is supposed to be the perfect, normal, golden-boy potential "hubby" for Buffy. While Buffy could be too goody-two-shoes at times, I hated Faith for being so 180 degrees the nasty shit-stirrer, and all the jumping the bones of the guys who matter to the other characters. B word all the way! I guess they had to have someone who was the dark to Buffy's light, so I have no suggestions for how Faith could be different; I just couldn't stand her lack of ethics. I'm seeing those E4 broadcasts, and it's so refreshing to be reminded of a time when nobody was dependent on their cellphones, lol! In the final season they do have them though, and someone alerts someone by mobile. :( Another aspect of doing the right thing is this saying I like a lot: "Ethics are about what you do when nobody sees." Doesn't matter if doing the right thing goes unrecognized or your moral values go unpraised. You do the right thing because it's the right thing, sight unseen or not. Yes; open casket, family. I would have done the same thing; you did the right thing. To me it would have felt sucky if I'd kept the money. I know how it feels to really need that extra money but it feels better to know you did things right. I had a physical answering machine at home, and you could call your own home landline, punch in a code number, and listen to your answering machine's messages. So I did that. This was before cell phones were widely owned, so I didn't have one and I used friend's landlines or a payphone to call my own machine. Only just airing now in the UK - oh my god it's bad. Another Charmed-style fuck-up. They've warped everything about these characters. View all replies >