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2019: 25th anniversary of this film's theatrical release This is a wonderful, funny movie! This is a wonderful, funny movie! Season 2 finale - those last minutes 1982 British short film, fairground, no dialogue, screened with The Thing 25 Years today Enjoying the new 2018 season Anyone want to discuss? (Possible spoilers within) Borrows heavily from . . . Anyone watching CBB summer 2017? Come on ye olde IMDb folks! View all posts >


Thanks GlenEllyn, you're very kind. Answers regarding if this would be life-changing or just a nice bonus you might even give away, depends heavily on the circumstances of the person responding. If you have practically nothing and are struggling to even get above that level, even 1 million could completely transform your life - as long as it was sensibly used, that is. If you are already in a good place in life and have everything you need, the money would just be a good addition to your nest egg/safety net, or a nice bonus to be able to treat family and friends, travel more, change out the kitchen, give to charity, etc. In my own case, things are currently at a very low pass for me. I rent, my living circumstances are toxic, I'm economically trapped, my work and income has diminished dramatically due to complications physically and mentally. I haven't always been in such a situation. 1 million would change everything overnight for me. I would buy my own property and finally be free of the economic entrapment I'm in. That would go a long way to improving my mental health and I can better pursue my two small businesses again - which in turn would improve things anyway. There's nothing wrong with feeling shock and sadness over the death of a public figure who has been part of culture and people's lives, even if they never met or knew that person personally. There are always those people who attack that kind of thing; they don't understand how and why it's valid to feel sad at such a death. It not usually worth explaining to them. Just ignore those people. I will always aim to, but there are times when I plain forget to even visit the site again for a while. I even assume that nobody would have replied to me. If I have failed to acknowledge anyone's reply to me, I apologize; it would have been honest forgetfulness, not deliberate snubbing. I'm tired of Streep, but I just saw this movie and I'm pleasantly surprised at how good she was in it. In my opinion she actually did pull off this portrayal. She was even convincing playing, singing and how she behaved onstage. Bear in mind this character never made the big time but was bar room act, not Cher. I expected to see Streep coming through, but she did well to make this character believable. This is my take on it too. I think Maggie knew from the start that there was something unusual about him, therefore the stalky behavior became less of a focus than the fact that this didn't seem like your usual creepy guy. That's a great time of life, just before the teens. I didn't mind the post-'94 grungey part of the 90s - there were lots of things going on and I liked it all. :) 1993. I felt like my life was just about the happiest and most filled with potential that it had ever been - or ever has been since, as it turned out. I was making a lot of new beginnings and I had a ton of motivation and zest for life. I had come through some very difficult things, but I got very positive and strong, forged a whole new social circle, pursued goals, had some great new best friends, had a blast, started a small business. Almost everything was going great for me and I felt good about things. Most of the 90s continued mostly good - I had ups and downs and challenges, and I've never not had to battle depression and anxiety, but mostly the 90s were a time when I felt I was doing okay in life. 1993 was the best though. I hear ya about Texas. Movies getting it wrong even becomes "gospel" to people in other countries. I told a UK friend a story about one of my Texas experiences, then someone who came into the room late asked, and my friend retold what I'd said and added "in the desert" -- as her own embellishment. Even though my story took place in lush, hilly central TX hundreds of miles from the desert! Drives me nuts. Movies also make London, England, look nothing like it really is too, and people in other countries take it as fact. I've had strangers start up a conversation with me in a public place when I'm actually reading a book, head stuck down into it, supposedly the one great way to signal that you are not up for a random chat. :( I live in a block of apartments where neighbors act offended if you don't stop to chat on your way through the building and you happen to pass one of them. The other week I was getting home from an errand that had been annoying and exhausting (busy store) and I had frozen goods, I was tired and irritable, and I just wanted to get inside my damn home and close the door on the world. Two neighors chatting at one of their doors, one greeted me and expected me to stop and chat. I carried on hurrying right on through to get inside, but I did actually smile massively, say a loud, bright, cheerful "HI THERE!" even while I breezed on through. But this neighbor goes "OH...." in a tone of voice that managed to convey a world of offense caused, just because I didn't stop. Seriously, I made my best effort to not be rude while determined to just get HOME with my shopping, but this place is a nightmare. Plus when you're coming home from work, frazzled, don't want to talk to anyone, just get inside. It sucks. View all replies >