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1982 British short film, fairground, no dialogue, screened with The Thing

I have one here that's so obscure it's bugging me, I can't find anything about it online, but I saw this in 1982 in the UK when I went to see John Carpenter's The Thing in a London cinema.

It was one of those 30 minute shorts that they used to show in British cinemas decades ago, before the main film.

I don't remember any dialog; I may be wrong but I think the entire film was just silent and had a music score instead.

The action took place in a fairground at night.

A group of young men who were dressed in what I can only describe as the new Romantic/"futurist" fashions of that time were the characters in the movie. Think "looks like members of Duran Duran circa 1982" and you have what these actors looked like. Young men in makeup, dyed hair, New Romantic clothes.

I think the story was that this was a group of human looking aliens or some such. They walked into the fairground on some kind of mission.

In one scene, a synthesized versions of Debussy's Clair de Lune was the soundtrack, while these New Romantic supposed-aliens rode on the Big Wheel.

I know, it sounds like I've been running a fever, lol! But does anyone - probably one for the older Brits - know what I'm talking about or remember seeing this in the cinema if they went to see The Thing back then?