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Uncle Buck The Great Outdoors Spaceballs Haven't seen Hereditary yet. I would still recommend the OP go and see the film, especially since they are excited about it. I really enjoyed the visuals and acting. I thought it could have been 20 minutes shorter, but I don't think I would have had a problem with the length if it wasn't just so predictable. The first half of film is outstanding, then it is very drawn out until the last 20 minutes. You should go see it and judge for yourself, especially if you are excited about it. It is certainly an interesting film. I enjoyed the film as well. It's my third favorite in the franchise and I think much better than T3 and Genisys, although I guess that's not saying much. As you noted, I respect that they tried to do something different and I think it worked for me for the most part. I would have liked the premise to be a bit different in that I would have preferred a story where Connor had already established himself as the leader of the resistance rather than an up and coming soldier. Additionally, I would have liked the world to be a bit more futuristic. I understand why others didn't like it, but for me, it was overall an enjoyable film and I would have liked a sequel to this world rather than Genisys. With the return of Hamilton and Cameron, I am interested in seeing where Dark Fate will take us, but it kind of looks like a rehash of the T1 and T2 stories. I wish we could get another film of the future directed by Cameron. Terminator: Endless Sequel Fate I thought he had some funny parts, but knew that all of the animal characters were going to kind of take a backseat in this film compared to the cartoon. Completely agree. I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. The sets, costumes, and live action original songs were outstanding imo. My favorite part of the film was the Prince Ali song; that whole sequence was amazing. I found myself kind of bored actually in between the songs. I think the biggest problem for me was Jafar who was not sinister or evil enough; I just didn't like the actor's delivery and portrayal of the character. As you put it, he didn't seem menacing at all. I also thought the climax would have been better if he turned into a snake too. It's certainly possible. I thought it was weird how she had duck tapped the hose to her face which could have been done by force. However, he still needed Chris to invite her on the trip. There was always the possibility that he doesn't invite her or more likely that he breaks up with her prior to it since they were clearing having problems. I think that he just had a crush on her and the theory is a bit of a stretch. I'm guessing the Swedish uni friend guy would have tried to induct her into the family. If she refused, she probably would have been killed after the ceremony since the society was protective about their culture and couldn't risk any chance of being discovered. Only halfway through, but enjoying it a lot! As with most series, season 1 is the best, but this is certainly just as good as season 2 imo which I thought was great. View all replies >