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This is a tough one. Most of the time the original is the best of the batch, and then for the original to be bad and the sequel good is quite rare. Going to roll with Captain America: Winter Soldier. The original was a forgettable average action flick imo while the sequel was outstanding, especially the choreography in the action scenes. Yes, sounds good. Might as well add some green pepper, bacon, ham, and sharp cheddar while you're at it! Although I think this is a fantastic film, I think it was too slow for the younger audience hence the mediocre box office results. I wish we could get a sequel, but I don't think the studio can get the returns they want. What about when they said that the Egyptians would have needed diamond tipped power tools to cut through granite so smoothly or levitation or making stones weightless to move the stones? Oh never mind you did say they just used the aliens tools, my bad. But, then again, we know that the Egyptians could cut the granite and move the stones without ancient alien tech. Yes, I've seen a couple of episodes. Of the episodes I did see, it was anything but conclusive as they twisted theories and ignored others especially after reading what actual historians have wrote. For example, Aliens building the pyramids yet we know how the Egyptians moved the rocks, what tools they used, how they cut the stones, and how they stacked the pyramids. Ledger as the Joker Pfeiffer as Catwoman Nicholson as the Joker Ian McKellen as Magneto Hugh Jackman as Wolverine I've never had one. Just looks scary. No, I find it unusual that people take the show Ancient Aliens seriously. I mean it has 14 seasons, now THAT is strange! I don't disagree at all. One is a sci-fi/action film while the other is a horror/sci-fi film, and as I mentioned, they have completely different tones. The problem is the studios trying to replicate T2 instead of doing something different. I wonder if they reverted back to a serious horror focus in T3 if it would have been successful. Although the scene is informative, I'm glad it was cut. I actually watched the extended edition a few weeks ago for the first time in probably a decade and many of the extended scenes are just kind of cheesy and goofy. I'm glad they edited a lot of it out. View all replies >