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Shawshank Seven Invictus They're not trying to compete with the NFL or even college, but piggyback off from it. 2nd season was 5 weeks and only cut short due to covid. Ratings started out strong then died down. Playoffs might have been interesting and maybe kept it around for a return season if they were good. Some games were good, others bad, but it was nice to keep watching football after the NFL season ended. Loves football. Cheap price if he can actually make it work. Yup, had appendicitis which was treated with antibiotics. Surgeon was an amazing doctor and seemed like a great intelligent person. He was in the OR that afternoon, but swung by that night at 11 to check on me and talked for about 30 minutes. The surgeon had me followup with a GI specialist just to make sure there wasn't a more serious underlining issue. That doctor could have cared less about me. Basically had no idea why I was there, did not review anything beforehand and couldn't give me a straight answer about anything. He was in the room for about three minutes and told me "we'll see how this plays out." Afterwords I made an appointment with the surgeon at the hospital for a followup visit. Certainly beautiful. Personally I don't mind them. I understand why it is seen as lazy; basically someone explaining the plot rather than letting it play out on screen. I think some great examples are the ones you mentioned and also Fight Club, Taxi Driver, and American Beauty come to mind. It's hard for me to think of a film where it was detrimental or a large problem and it's easier to think of films where it did work. Maybe Spielberg's War of the Words it seemed kind of unnecessary. Maybe try to sell them on facebook or craigslist first? At least maybe get a lil grub money out of it. Or donate them to friends/family. Eastwood by quite a bit imo. Also a pretty good director. She's still pretty young. Lots of time to get more comedy rolls, maybe she'll try to branch out too. Couldn't handle the drool View all replies >