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Enjoyed it quite a bit. Looking forward to number 2. It'll be interesting where the story line goes. I certainly didn't see it coming at least in the first few episodes. Adam in the first 5 or 6 episodes always had a rebellious attitude, but I didn't catch any bisexual undertones. I felt like his coming out was kind of forced and only there to appease the story line. I was also confused as to why Eric even let him do oral considering their negative history. Sure Adam was physically attractive, but he also humiliated him on multiple occasions, even publicly AKA tromboner, but yet maybe he is just that desperate? It didn't make sense for Eric's character, who had just taken a major step an episode or two before, where he accepts himself, stands up to his dad, Adam, and essential the entire school, yet the biggest bully in his life, he just lets him continue to bully him in an emotional way. There's a short clip on Youtube about how they made some of the effects and it is really awesome. I wanted to look up how they did the dam scene because it looked incredible and what an amazing special effects crew. Took them 4 months to build and a 680,000 gallon water tank. Air Force One: The Layover Lol never knew about it until now! Certainly worth a watch though! No, not at all, but certainly intriguing, interesting, and symbolic. I would have liked more suspense though. Yup, it made a lot considering its budget. Lots of good picks in your list. Strange Days would be awesome! How about: Willow (which may actually happen) Reign of Fire Waterworld Billy Madison: The College Years Terminator Salvation The Matrix Robin Hood Beverly Hills Cop Wow quite difficult to do actually, I am going to go with Inception. View all replies >