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I think it's more interesting that so many fans pushed for this for so long that the studio actually gave in and then gave Snyder $30 million more towards the project on top of it. So they give Snyder back the reins along with more money and then they are getting close to release and they decide to announce that they are rebooting Superman, just crazy. What if, and I don't think there really is much chance of this happening at all, somehow this film actually ends up being good? You kind of have to stick with this Superman don't you? This makes the most sense. Why not terraform anywhere where you don't have to perform genocide? Zod's motivations to get the codex and restart his race made sense, why he chooses Earth doesn't as it is a load of unnecessary extra work. Solid points. I haven't seen this in a long time, but wasn't she like his childhood sweetheart or something like that? He wanted to be with her, but they never got together? I haven't seen the new show either. I did watch a review of the first episode and they were surprised that it wasn't bad, but went in with really low expectations so maybe I'll check it out when it goes to Netflix or HBO Max at some point. I guess I'm a bit tired of it all and I'm certainly not an Abrams fan. I'm glad someone else is writing and he is just producing. It'll be a couple years before a trailer hits so maybe it won't seem so repetitive and dull. They'll most likely cast a black Superman and people will have meltdowns so that may be entertaining. Hopefully he is not directing as well. Didn't the CW just make a Superman show too and isn't he in Supergirl and in the Snyder JL film? Seems like a bit much or they could have waited longer for the super-reboot. No, too many bad people get away with it in the end. Considering how popular HP is, I imagine she has a large following, but she's certainly not an A-lister or anything. Makes sense. She will forever collect from the Potter films and has no need to work ever again. She hasn't really been in anything exceptional since then. I thought she was good in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Beauty in the Beast was meh (but made boatloads of cash), and the rest of her films have been OK to bad imo, although I haven't seen Little Women. I don't think she ever really enjoyed the popularity that comes with being an attractive star and I don't blame her. Probably attempts a comeback in 5 years or maybe moves on to theater. I mean they're both bald, but I don't think it's that close. View all replies >