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I agree that the first one was just OK, never got around to seeing the reboot. I didn't think it was terrible, but it certainly wasn't good imo. One of those movies you see and don't care to watch ever again. I would put it on par with Green Lantern. Yup totally forgot about it. Road rage drivers Beirut explosion People that don't put weights away at the gym Movie theaters not being open Haha just saw the title and instantly thought of John Carter! Terminator: Dark Fate was set to be a trilogy, but doesn't look like that is going to happen. Super Mario Brothers, I remember this was supposed to be a trilogy as well. Golden Compass, although this has been revived as a series thankfully. Fantastic 4, both times! I think in some interview she says that she regrets it because the prequels weren't well received. Something along the lines of it set my career back for years. I'm sure she didn't mind the paycheck though. I think she has lots of talent that was poorly used, like most, in the prequels, but sometimes you do a big project for the money. Hence her return to the MCU. Sometimes it just isn't. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I can enjoy something that takes tons of time, mess and effort, but sometimes the product just isn't worth it. I'll probably get yelled at, but one of those for me is fresh hollandaise sauce. The effort it takes to make hollaindaise from scratch is a pain as opposed to just opening a packet to some milk and lemon juice. Honestly I can't tell that much of a difference. Sure from scratch is better, but not by a long shot if you tweak the packet. Now gravy on the other hand, never a packet, jar, bottle, or can lol. Another for me is pasta. It takes a lot of time and effort to make pasta, but imo, it really isn't that much better than just buying pasta from the store especially if you go with a quality brand. People really started freaking out about him after the couch jumping incident. It took me a few years before I eventually watched it and I still don't understand what the big deal is. OK, he's extremely excited and energetic about himself, great. He was probably coked out at the time like many other stars. I guess I don't understand why that was the pivotal moment where people were like, oh he's crazy. I think he's a great actor and has been in quite a few good films. I don't even like the MI films, but there are many others that I think he is great in. He may be a nutjob in real life, I don't know, but it doesn't really bother me. I don't think there is an official answer, but it seems the percentage was quite low. Those remaining were then hunted down by Vader over many years. Some of the books and comics delve into this. I don't think it would have had the same tone. I mean I think he can be a good actor, but I just can't see him pulling this role off. His style is loud and obnoxious while Reeves' is calm and reserved. Right there with ya. Shawshank Seven Invictus They're not trying to compete with the NFL or even college, but piggyback off from it. 2nd season was 5 weeks and only cut short due to covid. Ratings started out strong then died down. Playoffs might have been interesting and maybe kept it around for a return season if they were good. Some games were good, others bad, but it was nice to keep watching football after the NFL season ended. Loves football. Cheap price if he can actually make it work. Yup, had appendicitis which was treated with antibiotics. Surgeon was an amazing doctor and seemed like a great intelligent person. He was in the OR that afternoon, but swung by that night at 11 to check on me and talked for about 30 minutes. The surgeon had me followup with a GI specialist just to make sure there wasn't a more serious underlining issue. That doctor could have cared less about me. Basically had no idea why I was there, did not review anything beforehand and couldn't give me a straight answer about anything. He was in the room for about three minutes and told me "we'll see how this plays out." Afterwords I made an appointment with the surgeon at the hospital for a followup visit. Certainly beautiful. Personally I don't mind them. I understand why it is seen as lazy; basically someone explaining the plot rather than letting it play out on screen. I think some great examples are the ones you mentioned and also Fight Club, Taxi Driver, and American Beauty come to mind. It's hard for me to think of a film where it was detrimental or a large problem and it's easier to think of films where it did work. Maybe Spielberg's War of the Words it seemed kind of unnecessary. Maybe try to sell them on facebook or craigslist first? At least maybe get a lil grub money out of it. Or donate them to friends/family. Eastwood by quite a bit imo. Also a pretty good director.