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Air Force One: The Layover Lol never knew about it until now! Certainly worth a watch though! No, not at all, but certainly intriguing, interesting, and symbolic. I would have liked more suspense though. Yup, it made a lot considering its budget. Lots of good picks in your list. Strange Days would be awesome! How about: Willow (which may actually happen) Reign of Fire Waterworld Billy Madison: The College Years Terminator Salvation The Matrix Robin Hood Beverly Hills Cop Wow quite difficult to do actually, I am going to go with Inception. Absolutely. I think it happens with directors and themes for me too. Not too long ago I went on a disaster movie binge and watched Dante's Peak, Volcano, The Day After Tomorrow, and 2012. They got worse as it went on. Lol so true! Alien Covenant. I really enjoyed Prometheus and was very excited for Covenant, but it was absolutely terrible. Not saying that the other choices aren't also terrible, because they are, I think I just had much higher expectations with Covenant. At least with Dark Fate we knew what we were getting. Just from watching the trailers you could tell that it probably wasn't going to be very good. However, I didn't think it was going to be as bad as it is, like killing John Connor for no reason and then replacing him with a different character with the same exact purpose. I am thankful though, as this will hopefully end the franchise. They just keep making it worse and need to stop. Alcohol The way they changed the image results format is absolutely terrible. Secretary I see what you mean, good point. I will say that I stream A LOT of shows and do rent movies more often than buying them. I watch a lot of Netflix and then for film, I will rent it On Demand or on Amazon. If it's a movie that I really like, then I will buy it once the price drops, a year after the DVD release. I can't remember the last time I bought a DVD or digital right when it was released. But isn't that the whole point of this site? To discuss the reasons and your opinion as to why you liked or did not like a movie? I mean I agree if a person writes just "this movies sucks, don't see it" and then offers no more insight or discussion as to why they feel that way. Yes, DVD's and digital. For a while I was just buying digital on Amazon, but then after further reading, found out that it is possible that if Amazon broke their agreements with content owners then you really have no stake in that property and would no longer have access to that film. So, now I have transitioned back to buying DVD's. I am thinking about getting a blu-ray player though. I do have a VHS player somewhere in a box in the basement. Not sure if there are any VHS's left to play on it though. Haha me either. I always just thought they were showing off cool special effects with the ripple and had no clue that he was damaged until I saw the extended version! I agree that the theatrical version is much better. I recently watched the extended version, and although it does have some good information surrounding the lore of the series and explains why some things happen the way they do, like the terminator learning, there is a lot of humor that they rightfully took out and some cringy acting. Spot on about the pacing also, the extended version's pacing is not very good and the film kind of drags in those added scenes. The only thing that I think they should have kept in, briefly, was showing that the T-1000 was damaged after being frozen and then exploded, like when it touches the guardrail. I would leave out the malfunction on that last part though, when there are two Sarah's. I always liked the thought that John knew his mother well enough that she wouldn't call to him, but instead in the extended version, it shows that the T-1000 had blended with floor. Normally you have the option to watch the theatrical or extended version when you buy the extended version. Maybe they did, but we just don't know about it. Or maybe that is why we can never beat the machines because the real Skynet is located on Venus.