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I find it hard to believe Isadora was married for 11 years... When, or how, did the dogs go to the 'bathroom?' R.I.P. (passed away in 2020) 'Witless Cunts, LumpenProletarians, masturbators and transvestites...' LOL The actress looked nothing like the real Antoinette Frank Where can I see this? Haven't found it anywhere R.I.P. When all else fails, get a white woman - a karen - as the villian Miss Kasmir I remember her "What Disgraces a Legend Most" Blackglama poster View all posts >


I had this book, 'Cruising', by Gerald Walker and also 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar.' Awww... to be a teen again and actually read books, which I don't do too much today. With 'Looking for Mr. Goodbar,' it was a flashback because they didn't know ~ spoiler alert ~ who her killer was, which she met in a gay bar call, what else , "Mr. Goodbar." ON A SIDE NOTE: I could swear that back in the day the candy bar Mr. Goodbar had a tag line, "A mouth full of nuts in every bar." They are good, though, and have a whole bunch of chopped nuts in every bar. It's disturbing for sure. I saw it when it came out at a theater in a really seedy section in Beaumont, Texas. Being in that neighborhood at night was more terrifying than the movie. Some things you should only do as a young person when we had courage... or were insane. I had actually forgotten about this movie, but a boyfriend of mine lived in New Orleans at this time. He was terrified of the cops.. and he was White. I think Antoinette Frank was the third New Orleans police officer on Louisiana's death row: 'They kill, they steal, they're the New Orleans police.' It was later reported that he actually died of a drug overdose in some skeevy motel, that people have said on Google reviews, that it's full of cockroaches and addicts. I wonder how it came to that because I had been reading he was a Christian youth minister in Hawaii? Sounds interesting. I saw bits and pieces of this movie years ago, but not the entire film. It's not really just the '70s, as back around 1998 I knew a transgender that had transitioned four years prior, but didn't have the surgery. We lived in the American south and the entire time we were out in public people would stare at her or occasionally gasp when they saw her, like you mentioned about Wendy in this movie. Sometimes teenagers would giggle or smirk. She denied that she was ever harassed or threatened by anyone, but I don't know whether or not that was true. She did lie about things sometimes. It took her over a year to finally find a job also despite having two college degrees. I think another transgender helped her get it that she mentioned at first, but a year later when she said something about it she acted like she got the job on her own and her boss and co-workers didn't have a clue she's transgender. When I questioned this (which I usually hated to do because she'd sometimes become angry and hostile) she became wishy washy and said it was probably hard for something like her gender situation to get by them so they probably knew. She had already told me that to begin with. I just let it go. Not my business, not my concern. I think she is still alive even at 82 years old, but I've had no contact with her in years. I just heard about this when John was on The View. I remember Teri was on a sitcom back in the day, and an episode of The Love Boat where the cruise ship went to Amsterdam. I recorded that episode on VHS and had it for a long time. What's kind of strange and funny I guess, but for the longest time I thought she was a boy in drag in that 'Roseanne' episode 'All About Rosey,' where she once again plays a young Jackie. Since D.J. was in drag playing Roseanne and John Goodman was in drag playing the gypsy foretune teller, she looked like another boy doing a drag act of Jackie. I only noticed it was her when I looked up the credits for that show on IMDb. Yep, then later she came out as a lesbian too.. but I don't think that was why she ended up a cocaine addict. She said she promised her mother she'd only come out of the closet once she died, and I think that's what Marsha did, even though everyone probably knew she was a lesbian already. I thought Marsha Warfield would be the first one to die after the show ended. She has mentioned before that she was a cocaine addict and would venture into dangerous neighborhoods to score drugs. It's a wonder she wasn't shot or died from an overdose. She's still alive and kickin' and has been on some T.V. shows of late. View all replies >