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But, truthfully, wouldn't you call someone like 'Suze60' a N**er lover back in the day, but now you try to be more PC by saying SJW's. Although, I do agree with the OP that sometimes this show is 'boring and preachy' especially the last episode that was on last night, but it was great to see the "Girlfriends' back together. R.I.P. Rip Was Maya Rudolph supposed to be the mail carrier? She may have voiced more than one character, but she sounded like the mail carrier lady. He should've stayed around. He was very good-looking. You must be really young then, because I live in a major city in Louisiana (not New Orleans), but I'm retired now and live with my 85 year old mother... and where we live was a white neighborhood at one time but is now about 70% African-American and that's because white folks can 'white flight' like you wouldn't believe, LOL, especially white women's fears no doubt of the black man. We live only a block away from a charity hospital (or what is called LSU Medical in La.) and my aunt is afraid to take her welfare-addicted white daughter in law there because of the "alleged" shootings and crime there, and yes there is some, but I think it's people who know one another and not random shootings. You do have to laugh at the way white people act and their fears, especially white women. TRUTH!!!! That's something I always wonder about too because so many people that have issues with transgender people, especially male-to-females, they act as if they have to deal with them everywhere. They go to the supermarket and their they are being annoying and flamboyant. They go to their job and there are trans people there too taking a genetic females job away. They can't get away from them. What I find strange about it is there are whites down south where I live who talk about blacks the same way. That you can't go anywhere without there being mostly black people around, and you never, never go out after dark to Walmart or the mall because you might get robbed and attacked by a black person because, well you know, they're always waiting in the shadows to attack a white woman, LOL. This has probably already been mentioned, but you could say the same about intersex people. I know someone who is intersex and while she can't get pregnant and give birth, and has to take female hormones to 'appear' female, she has always lived as a female and considers herself a true woman. Seems like it. I wonder what became of his case? Haven't heard anything for awhile. View all replies >