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Okay was Titi supposed to be transgender? Should be interesting I wonder why she was only on one season of George Lopez? Roy Cohn was engaged to Barbara Walters?? R.I.P. Died Nov. 20, 2020 I wonder if that is his real name? I had no idea until recently the real Jody Ann (Sharon Bottoms) died last year... Where did Ruth get Billy's red dress from? Linda Taylor, the welfare queen movie? R.I.P. I had no idea she died on Feb. 9th... View all posts >


Maybe. Unfortunately I don't get HBO Max so I didn't get to see it. I'd be curious what his/her kids think and said about her. I believe a few passed away but s/he fathered 8 or 9 children. He/she obviously loved the ladies. Didn't he try that with 'Cruising?' I saw this doc on DVD, and a lot I wasn't aware of. I didn't know he had out-of-the-closet boyfriends, even though Roy wasn't. Maybe he paid them hush money to keep silent about his sexuality. Wallace Adams was one boyfriend that was interviewed, and then there was Peter Frasier that was mentioned, but not interviewed. I do remember his part - or a character named for him - in the movie 'Citizen Cohn.' I thought that was a made up character because no way could Roy Cohn have a boyfriend hanging around his hospital bed. I figured his life was more like what was presented in 'Angels in America' where he didn't have any close friends while on his deathbed, much less a boyfriend. Yes. I thought that was really strange because wouldn't detectives be able to tell that the bullet was self-inflicted right from the start and that would've ruled out her boyfriends father or anyone else. And I recently learned the mother, Pat, died about a week ago. I haven't seen this documentary but I saw 'Where's My Roy Cohn' on DVD. I wasn't aware he had some out and open boyfriends; Wallace Adams was one that was interviewed. For him to have denied being gay so much he certainly wasn't trying to hide it. Although, it was funny when he'd go around telling people he and Barbara Walters were engaged and she wasn't too happy about that, obviously aware he was really gay. Where exactly was he in this movie? Did you watch 'Mom' last night? Unfortunately I missed it so I was curious how did they explain Christy's absence. No they got divorced because his Jewish parents didn't approve. She has said his parents nearly dropped dead learning that she's Christian and the transsexual thing probably would've killed them. They probably could accept the transsexual stuff better than being a Christian, LOL. She actually told him before they were married and not two years after the marriage like the other poster said. Then I'm curious what you must think of intersex people? I have a friend who was born intersex - At times she referred to her medical condition as Swyer syndrome, then other times AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome), maybe they're the same thing... I dunno. She is a female and has always lived as a female despite having XY male chromosomes, she can't get pregnant and has always taken female hormones. One thing is I'm always surprised she has been as open about herself on Facebook and elsewhere because she did have a 'Christian' lady who blocked and unfriended her on Facebook, once she learned her history, and this lady said she was really gay (my friend was married 3 times to men, so I'm guessing that's where that comes from) and she hated gays. As my friend replied: "Maybe this woman was simply jealous knowing she had no chance, sexually, with her." Wouldn't surprise me, LOL Okay, and you did say there is only male and female XX and XY, because usually people like yourself start to back peddle when intersex people are thrown into the mix. And I don't care if there are only 10 people on the planet that are intersex, they do exist, everything isn't exactly XX and XY male or female, so you can't say they are such a small number that they don't count: I'm fairly certain that would be your next move, so I beat you to the punch. View all replies >