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How does Odessa afford her own apartment? Is this anything like 'Dog Day Afternoon?' Erika Alexander was hilarious They are going to do a feature on her tonight on 20/20 Is midnight showings of Rocky Horror still a thing? This has to be a wrong profile picture... "The Apartment" The 'Girlfriends' reunion Lynn's music was terrible Former Mrs. George Clooney, Talia Balsam... View all posts >


I was also wondering what is the song that was playing in the trailer. A great song. I was wondering the same thing. She's not even in the trailer that's on YouTube. Kim, Lisa and Mindy are, but no Nancy. Her name is mentioned but that's all. I wondered if he figured out she was the .45 killer and that's why he kept inspecting the gun when he grabbed it from her. Maybe he thought he was going to be her next victim and since he was severely depressed anyway he shot himself. He was a crew member, the creative consultant, named Jack McIntyre because he is interviewed on the DVD of the movie and mentions playing the drunk, homeless guy who finds the hand in the trash. I didn't notice it so much in the movie but in the featurette on the DVD you could especially tell he had a lot of pancake makeup on and eyeliner. He looked like he was getting ready to do a drag act but hadn't put on his wig yet. I was wondering who was the "old man" that owned the "big dude", but I assume you are talking about Michael Douglas in one of the fight scene's on Hart Island. I was just watching this movie and I wondered about that too. I assumed Hardin went back to the group, but then they showed him sitting in the car with Lowes outside of the house. I was wondering what was going to happen next, but the movie just ended. I know this post is very old, but they did release those movies separately because I purchased "Harper" for $5 at 'Dollar General.' ^^This^^ He lost to Jesse Owens in the Olympics and never got over it. It was on the CW today even though it's not even November yet. I remember seeing it at the movie theater when it came out. View all replies >