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When, or how, did the dogs go to the 'bathroom?' R.I.P. (passed away in 2020) 'Witless Cunts, LumpenProletarians, masturbators and transvestites...' LOL The actress looked nothing like the real Antoinette Frank Where can I see this? Haven't found it anywhere R.I.P. When all else fails, get a white woman - a karen - as the villian Miss Kasmir I remember her "What Disgraces a Legend Most" Blackglama poster "I love you white people, but no thank you. I'll see you when you get back." LOL View all posts >


What's kind of strange and funny I guess, but for the longest time I thought she was a boy in drag in that 'Roseanne' episode 'All About Rosey,' where she once again plays a young Jackie. Since D.J. was in drag playing Roseanne and John Goodman was in drag playing the gypsy foretune teller, she looked like another boy doing a drag act of Jackie. I only noticed it was her when I looked up the credits for that show on IMDb. Yep, then later she came out as a lesbian too.. but I don't think that was why she ended up a cocaine addict. She said she promised her mother she'd only come out of the closet once she died, and I think that's what Marsha did, even though everyone probably knew she was a lesbian already. I thought Marsha Warfield would be the first one to die after the show ended. She has mentioned before that she was a cocaine addict and would venture into dangerous neighborhoods to score drugs. It's a wonder she wasn't shot or died from an overdose. She's still alive and kickin' and has been on some T.V. shows of late. This sounds like it would be very interesting. I knew someone intersex some years ago, and she's about 60 now, but her parents didn't tell her the truth about her medical situation either until she was in her early 20s. They lied up until that point. At 14 they told her she needed a hysterecomy and would need to start taking female hormones, but in reality she had her testes removed, not ovaries. Parents and doctors probably don't do this today. Yes, I know someone who was born the same way with CAIS: Complete Androgen Insenstivity Syndrome. Sometimes she (lady I know) has referred to her 'condition' as Swyer Syndrome also. I'm not sure if there is a difference or a combination of both, but she was born with XY male chromosomes, but she does consider herself totally a woman despite what anyone might say. She was also married and divorced 3 times. She married three losers and bottom-feeders. Better to be single I say. Not true (maybe it depends on what country you live in but not the U.S.). Years ago I knew someone from my old gay bar days who was born intersex: CAIS (complete androgen insensitivity syndrome). People have said actress Jamie Lee Curtis was born with this condition also, but I dunno??? She was born with XY chromosomes, but she is legally a female and has always lived as a female, and considers herself a female despite what someone like you might think. Not sure how intersex children are 'dealt' with today, but she did have some surgery at 14 (that her parents lied about. They didn't tell her the truth about her condition until she was 22). She's nearly 60 now but she is a female as surely as Jamie Lee Curtis is. There is a documentary about this called "Out of Faith." I would like to see it but only saw the trailer on Youtube and read about it. Can't find it elsewhere. It's about two Jewish grandparents, who spent nearly 3 years in a concentration camp, who aren't at all happy their two grandkids want to marry outside of their faith. I think with the grandson they don't speak to him anymore, but they do with the grand daughter. They feel if you marry outside of your faith and raise your kids as Christian then all you are doing is completing Hitler's work. I was just watching this episode on DVD. It's called 'The Bridges of Fresno County.' Toni's mother says it, "I don't need no more Cherokee tops and bottoms. I'm a sweat suit away from the Trail of Tears." I wonder why Carmen didn't appear also (I forgot what her real name is). Wasn't that a lesbian bar that Dyan Cannon went into on their first clue/hunt when they were looking for the shoplifter? I thought a few of them were men, but I think they were butch lesbians. View all replies >