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Former Mrs. George Clooney, Talia Balsam... How did he die jumping from a second floor window? The white girl named, Aquanetta The Carrie Fisher scene Oh Wow.. road rage T.C. Carson Shirley Murdock and Hilton LaShawn Williams He looks like Ike Turner He looks like Ike Turner I wish they would get rid of Sharon View all posts >


I remember when this crazy person was always on the old IMDb boards saying how all of the celebrities had a double and it was their double that would make public appearances and star in movies while the real person was off somewhere living in peace. I wondered about that too because I was watching the very first episode today and they were talking about her going into rehab and Bernie was speaking to her over the phone, but she was never shown. I remember that. Too bad this show didn't last. When Jackie snapped back at those children, "Do I look like Uhura to you kids?" and they all shook their heads yes. Wikipedia said he died in 2014. I wonder whatever became of the supposed spin off with Mindy Cohn living in an apartment in Soho? This episode was on this morning on MeTV. David Spade was in it playing a med student Back in the day I had her signature perfume. R.I.P. Yes, the Christmas tree scene was hilarious all because she didn't get dim cha cha heels her parents had to pay. It was news to me too. Remember the Tina Turner song 'Nutbush City Limits' and she sings about 'salt pork.' Did you notice that all through the years - about 25 years - the house never changed. Same roof, same paint color, etc.LOL. It started in 1955 and ended in 1978 when Mama dies. View all replies >