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Miss Kasmir I remember her "What Disgraces a Legend Most" Blackglama poster "I love you white people, but no thank you. I'll see you when you get back." LOL I'm Curious, what about the Royals in other European Countries? Okay was Titi supposed to be transgender? Should be interesting I wonder why she was only on one season of George Lopez? Roy Cohn was engaged to Barbara Walters?? R.I.P. Died Nov. 20, 2020 I wonder if that is his real name? View all posts >


Yes, doesn't it? LOL. I still have that movie 'Some Like it Hot' on VHS. Great Marilyn Monroe movie. That's what I was thinking because they never asked that before. I know someone who is in her 50's now and she was born intersex, she is a woman despite having XY chromosomes. She can't get pregnant but has always been a female, even though it's obvious a lot of people on here wouldn't consider her to be an actual woman. I think he has since died. His hyper-ness would've gotten on my nerves, I think, LOL. He would ramble on and on.... and I did wonder if even have of his stories were even true. In the episode of Cagney and Lacey he was in I thought he was a rough-looking lesbian. Wikipedia does say he is gay, just not a lesbian. He is real creepy, though. Last nights episode was also not very good. Darlene claiming to find a spiritual deity because a fortune teller told her to, and then Mark face-timing the other 'real folks' with the last name of Conner. I didn't get that, either. I hated that character. Only glad she/he was only in a few episodes. Yes I agree. I have the entire set on DVD and the early shows were much better and funnier than the later ones. A lot of them were unaired towards the end, but they are on the DVDs. I first heard of them back in the '70s with their single 'Butter Boy.' Still have the 45. I used to watch some on Youtube also, but not so many anymore. I still watch Angela M and sometimes Panda Monium. It's odd they never say where they are getting their money from when all they're doing is constant 'camping or glamping.' I can't imagine they make enough from their Youtube channel to support their lifestyle. View all replies >