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Then I'm curious what you must think of intersex people? I have a friend who was born intersex - At times she referred to her medical condition as Swyer syndrome, then other times AIS (androgen insensitivity syndrome), maybe they're the same thing... I dunno. She is a female and has always lived as a female despite having XY male chromosomes, she can't get pregnant and has always taken female hormones. One thing is I'm always surprised she has been as open about herself on Facebook and elsewhere because she did have a 'Christian' lady who blocked and unfriended her on Facebook, once she learned her history, and this lady said she was really gay (my friend was married 3 times to men, so I'm guessing that's where that comes from) and she hated gays. As my friend replied: "Maybe this woman was simply jealous knowing she had no chance, sexually, with her." Wouldn't surprise me, LOL Okay, and you did say there is only male and female XX and XY, because usually people like yourself start to back peddle when intersex people are thrown into the mix. And I don't care if there are only 10 people on the planet that are intersex, they do exist, everything isn't exactly XX and XY male or female, so you can't say they are such a small number that they don't count: I'm fairly certain that would be your next move, so I beat you to the punch. [quote]Trans people can call us whatever filthy names they like, and I'm talking FILTHY[/quote] I'm curious where you live that this type of thing doesn't happen in your everyday life, but I'm sure not by transsexuals. I mean men do this all the time if you live in a major city. I live in southern Louisiana and I don't go to New Orleans anymore because you will hear every obscenity, profanity and threat you can imagine yelled at you as you're walking down the street, especially the French Quarter. That happens in most large cities. I've heard Amsterdam is really bad (no thank you). I'm too old for that. You must live in a very small community of mostly white people if you don't hear this type of filth when you're out in public. I remember him, he was once on the Phil Donahue show many years ago. He was supposedly writing a book called "More Lives than One." The ending was really dumb and unrealistic. I couldn't figure out how Andy pushed his wheelchair so hard it knocked Keith over when it hit him, perfectly. Then right at the end before the credits roll Andy is walking away with his mother like he had never been in a wheelchair at all. If he could always walk that well why was he in the wheelchair to begin with? This episode was just on. I can certainly see how he could become fearful and paranoid after those two would-be robbers cut off the electricity and entered through a window when you're home alone. I thought there was going to be a plot twist and at the end we'd learn the cop was mixed, he had a parent or grandparents that were black, and he hated that side of himself that he was acting more racist than the average white racist, but there was no plot twist. The cop looked mixed to me, though. Something that I didn't know until I purchased one of the seasons (can't remember which one) of 'Seinfeld' on DVD was he replaced another actor, John Randolph, as Frank Costanza. They had to go back and re-shoot those scenes for syndication. I don't think the John Randolph episode is ever shown anymore except on DVD. I wonder if she got her second series 'The Neighborhood' because of him also. I think I remember seeing that show, but I thought her husband appeared with her on Donahue. In the Wikipedia article they said only she appeared. I can't remember if he played the transsexual, Leon, in 'Dog Day Afternoon' before or after this movie, but I saw 'Lipstick' first and then when I saw DDA all I could think is 'that's that creepy rapist in Lipstick.' She did have a way with words. Sad. I just heard this. I think he once dated Mackenzie Phillips also. R.I.P. LOL, This episode is on right now on the CW. LOL, some years ago I knew a transgender that was 6'3" and the size of a linebacker who was like that. She was broad shouldered with an exaggerated bustline and wore profuse, caked on makeup. The entire time we'd be out in public people would stare and sometimes teenagers would giggle and smirk when they saw her like the "what-in-the-hell-am-I-looking-at" stare. I never liked The Game either, even though I still sometimes watch it on Bounce.TV. I liked 'Girlfriends' much better that was created by the same people. I was wondering if I was the only one that didn't like this movie. Someone had posted a comment that said it was similar to 'Seinfeld,' in that scenes went on and nothing happens. You keep waiting for something to happen but it never does, except at the end. LOL, I have you on Ignore. [quote]Like sports, for example, where she'd have a clear advantage over wholly genetic women.[/quote] Except you could say the same about genetic women that can beat white women, like tennis player, Serena Williams, who is black, and most lesbians regardless of their race that could beat whiny, white heterosexual women. TRUTH! A lot of white, heterosexual women are looking for a scapegoat... probably because they're losers, especially in sports. As I posted above... I know someone who was born intersex, and has always lived as a female, but she can't give birth either but does consider herself a woman, despite what someone like you might think. I don't really know anything about all of this or what has been said, but I do know someone who was born intersex - she says she hit the trifecta when she was born: she was born a Louisiana Cajun, intersex and with male chromosomes, meaning she'll whoop your ass if you mess with her - and she has always considered herself to be totally a woman, and not something 'other' simply because she could never give birth and has to take hormones to 'appear' female, like male-to-female transgenders do as well. Also, I totally believe her when she says being born intersex is as common as someone being born a red-head, but the difference is usually intersex people don't come out and tell people their history since they've always lived as the gender they are, so you don't normally hear about it, which makes it seem rare. I knew her from years ago in the gay bars when she would date lesbians and transsexuals, but she also now speaks openly about being intersex on her Facebook page. I wonder why people never criticize her saying she isn't a true, genetic woman like a 'real' woman that can menstruate and give birth? Just a question.