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Crawford's other two daughters, Cathy and Cindy, as well as Cathy's children Casey and Carla, remembered her as a wonderful mother and grandmother. I guess they weren't credible witnesses, right? According to those of her children who don't seem to have had mental health issues there was nothing wrong with Joan's mothering skills. Posthumously crapping on celebrity parents pays big time--just ask Gary Crosby (another lying sack of shit). Keep your fantasy of the Joan Crawford who never existed outside of a gold-digging book and the ridiculous movie that was based on it. Crawford's other two daughters, twins Cathy and Cindy, as well as Cathy's son Casey, all said that Joan was a wonderful mother and grandmother. As Christina and the also-lying Gary Crosby proved, there was a lot of attention and money to be picked up by posthumously trashing deceased celebrity parents. Maybe Christopher Crawford thought he had a chance to cash in on some of the goldmine Christina had opened up. From the description in the article, he sounds like a loser. I'm pretty sure I saw a Cavett show where she was one of three or four guests, but it might have been some other host. Check You Tube. I was surprised when I read that McCambridge had a son. She gives off a very manly vibe. I just saw her in "All the King's Men" and found her repugnant, yet fascinating. I do not think Crawford was a lesbian. She was a great actress who made a lot of very good pictures, but among them only "Mildred Pierce" is still well-known. "Baby Jane" is silly nonsense, and she was wasted in it. Unfortunately, it made her an icon of camp to a certain audience, and between that, her daughter's horrid book, and Faye Dunaway's ridiculous impersonation, that's the cartoonish way she's remembered today by most people. No rational person should care what Christina Crawford says about anything. That she didn't star in more movies that, like "Mildred Pierce", are still popular and taken seriously today. That her movies of the late 1940s and 1950s don't get the serious appreciation they deserve. That so many people today base their impression of her on "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" and regard her only as an icon of camp. That her reputation was crapped on by her daughter's lying book and the ridiculous movie that was based on it. That she's not remembered on the same artistic level as Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck today, even though she was as good as either of them, and sometimes better. I really like her as an actress, which is all she ever intended for me to know about. As for her private life, it's none of my business, and most of what we hear about it has been made up, anyway. First of all, the tragedy of McCambridge's son has nothing to do with Joan Crawford. Second, I'm surprised to find out McCambridge was heterosexual. The character of Apollo Creed wasn't aware that his life existed in a script. He thought he was real. Naturally he did not want to be killed off. Agree with most of your points except one. As you say, "Are there boxers who honor their vows? Certainly." Rocky just happens to be one of those. It's credible. "Panties" was a commonly used word at that time, but not in a formal setting like a courtroom. The people were laughing at the use of the informal term, not at the plight of the allegedly raped woman. In the late 1950s smoking was not prohibited in some courtrooms. Up until at least the late 1970s, smoking was allowed in grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, doctors' offices, hospitals, and most workplaces. They switched over when the Yugo thing didn't work out. In movies, guys wearing cowboy hats or fedoras all day take them off and their hair is always perfect, no hat-head. It's a tradition of the medium and we agree to suspend our disbelief. It's not gross or sick to marry a cousin. There is nothing legally, morally, or genetically wrong with it. (Before anyone jumps to a stupid conclusion: no, I am not married to my cousin.) I feel threatened. Kimmel is a leftist buffoon. Surprising that Kimmel did this show, since he is such a leftist tool. Carola has always been too intelligent to be a leftist. Wikipedia!