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Had to turn down the volume on this He only made the movie to get laid... Whose watching the Biden solo 'choreographed' news conference? Did they overdo the iconic theme song? So he got rid of his iconic laugh... Barron Trump waves to the MAGA crowd as he hopes to grift them some day as daddy already does Found out what Biden took before doing terrible at the debate Christian Nationalism Epstein Pedo in Chief Bodycam footage shows Alec Baldwin on 'Rust' movie set after fatal shooting Predict your rating for this movie Epic Rap Battles of The Roman Empire... How many of you enjoy Globalism and its bringing of cheap products so you can splurge on cheaply made crap? Do you think Biden has early onset Parkinsons? Far-right parties in Europe combine to form a super √úbermensch group Bad feeling about this Climate Change Is A HOAX! How Biden's event staffers guide him behind the scenes NO!