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Happy Thanksgiving from Terry/Todd!! When did you first see HIII and what were your thoughts? Has The Conal ever been to a strip club? The cameras... We better be trending. Dedicated to Dr. Danielle Challis View all posts >


I don’t even remember who the hell you are! I SHOT HIM SIX TIMES!!! I SHOT HIM SIX TIMES!!! I SHOT HIM IN THE HEART!!! THIS MAN, HE’S NOT HUMAN!!! Good lord Loomis, calm down. You’ll blow him up in the end. Haven’t you seen the movie? I’ve seen it. Funny enough someone at work asked me about it too. Said there’s a train and a guy turns into a snake. Maybe this is my purpose in life. To tell people they’re thinking of Dreamscape Dreamscape I’m reporting you. You can bet on that buster! Where the hell have you been??? I’m having issues on the other website The view?!? That's why the im surprised Rosie O'Donnell never ended up in a horror movie. Unless you count her life And Night of the Demons and Return of the Living Dead are a perfect Linnea double bill and essential Halloween viewing Hell yeah. Silent night deadly night is getting the Scream Factory treatment. Can't wait for that. View all replies >