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What are you watching this season to burgeon the spooky atmosfear? Want to recommend something? Post it right here baby.

This seems like a good board to do this on seeing as Season of the Witch is one of the quintessential Halloweeny movies of all time. But also, I'm personally interested in hearing particularly about movies that are *kind of like H3* in some way: For me this movie is a weird sort of half-dream of a movie from the lost back alleys of horror. It feels always just sort of out of reach. Nostalgic Halloweentime suburban reverberations. Autumnal chill. Unconventional imagery. Highly thick atmosfear. Not necessarily terrifying. Kind of beyond being identifiable as 'good' or 'bad' as a movie. Especially interested in pre-mid-90s, and not really the ones everyone knows about. Post anything though! Doot doot mfers.


I'll start with a few that immediately come to mind as also *sort of* the kind of thing I have in mind-ish, though a little on the well known side:


The Gate

Bloodstone: Subspecies II



I just watched Popcorn. Kind of a forgotten movie, but it's a pretty solid early 90s horror. I liked the movie festival setting.


Yeahman it's feels for sure.

I first saw it back to back with The Phantom of the Opera (1989), also with Jill Schoelen and Robert Englund as the Phantom; also a forgotten movie. I really like the ambiance and it makes a good companion to Popcorn.


I'll recommend:


Phantasm I and II

Poltergeist I and II

The Thing (1982)


All highly approved vibes!

I'll add some more:

Nightmares (1983)

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (1973)

The Keep (1983)

Evilspeak (1981)

Murder by Phone (1982)

Tales from the Darkside

I guess my vibe with this is movies that could almost sort of have been Halloween sequels if it had gone on to be an anthology series!


There's a movie I'm trying to come up with the name of. I thought it might be Nightmare but it looks like not. I'm pretty sure it's an 80s flick. The concept is sort of similar to A Nightmare on Elm where a *bad guy* is immortal/has control over the dream world. I remember there being a battle on a train with weirdo lighting. I think his arms turn into snakes or something? There's a kooky transformation. Gah. I'll try to think of more details. Anyone know what this is?




OMG yesss! How did you even.


I’ve seen it. Funny enough someone at work asked me about it too. Said there’s a train and a guy turns into a snake. Maybe this is my purpose in life. To tell people they’re thinking of Dreamscape


Wow haha you do amazing work! Thank you! We've got it on right now.