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You mean like the polls we saw in 2016? A lot of them aren't intelligent enough to see the irony of the plot. I thought it was obvious. This is probably the first time I find myself agreeing with Rowling since her far left shpeel some odd years ago. But she's right on this. And Daniel is wrong. All he's doing is trying to stay relevant. If you have to take hormones to be a woman, then you aren't a biological woman. That's just a fact. All it takes is a shutdown of society and the hormones producers to no longer manufacture pills, for every single trans person to revert back to their biological selves. We really do live in a clown world right now. The same people that mock antivaxxers and flat earthers for denying science and fact, somehow, are the same people insisting there's 81.5 genders and that biology doesn't take precedence over feelings. Unbelievable. A man of principle. Good on ya man! The plot recently got leaked. And from all the spoilers that went public, the plot basically murdered any and all anticipation for the game. If it got canceled, it would probably be a better fate than releasing what they've done. You know that you're a delinquent when your only retort is "ahurpadurpa transformers teeheehee". You people are worse than the critics. Just saw this movie and couldnt help but think the same thing. It just felt like if cube was directed by Michael Bay They weren't doing it thinking about her killing them, they did it to spite her for being the "replacement mom". That's the reason they fucked with her. Revenge. They just didnt think it would go that far. Because they were stupid. And I'm glad she killed them in the end. Fucking nitwit brats. Sadly it's becoming a staple of modern television and cinema. I guess it's a blessing in disguise as I've cancelled more subscriptions this year than ever before and am spending less time watching garbage and more time outside enjoying life. That ship has sailed. And unfortunately it looks like a bunch of brain dead morons are steering this ship. I might have forgiven them for the first election, but after the second, I became convinced canadians are a bunch of mentally challenged simps. Do you have anything else to add here? Or are you just going to repeat yourself like you're 5? Are you suggesting that conservatives would be the vegans when compared to liberals? Do you remember election night? The only people I saw with sad watery eyes were the non trump supporters The movie and the jokes in it aren't the problem, the culture we live in now is the problem. You watch. You humorless, dry, politically correct clowns are going to get trump in again by the end of the year. By definition, they cant be muslim. I dont get it either. If anything this movie makes a complete mockery of how insane the left has become nowadays. The conservatives albeit simple and sheltered, came out looking like the good guys. I'm just glad it didn't end like game of thrones. The ending was perfect enough that I could easily rewatch the series in the future. Something was destroyed by the final season of got. Mr robot will stand the test of time for me. Up there with breaking bad. Thay makes it worse. You made yourself clear as crystal. This whole time 8ve been pointing out why your argument doesnt hold water. You know what would have been a better alternative to using the word incel? Misogynist. That accurately and clearly describes the motive behind a guy like elliot Rodger. A guy that hates women goes around killing women. What on earth does his inability to get laid have to do with anything when he shares the same hate toward women that a man like Ted bundy or Jack the ripper did? Its nonsense. And we've been using the word misogynist that way up until cnn decided hijack the word incel. A complete bastardization of an otherwise harmless group of people. Have you been absent from the hashtag metoo movement? A movement that started out with good intentions by trying to get men with power held accountable for the rapes they've committed, and ultimately lost track with the goal by throwing innocent men who got the wrong idea under the bus. See aziz Ansari. Liam's Neeson made a quip about the issue as well calling it a witch hunt against men. Yes, it has has become embedded in our culture now to use these terms as frivolously as possible. Ut that's besides the point. You seem very determined to keep rape and nazi specifically away from the conversation. Which is odd. Does it matter which words get diluted over time? It is acceptable if incel is improperly used but not rape? Why? Which words are being used isnt the point here. The point is that words are being reapplied to meaning that has no relevance. Your personal understanding doesnt mean that it hasn't extended beyond what you've observed. Nor should that be a suitable excuse to defend the misuse of those words in the first place. The fact of the matter is, it has become all too common to call someone a racist or a sexist or a nazi for simply disagreeing with an opinion. Don lemon has gone on to compare trump's detainment facilities as concentration camps. Fuck, even politicians have done the same. And as a result, people have started using that term to describe them. Which erodes the severity of what Jews went through during the holocaust Now. As terrible as that is, this is just a natural evolutionary progression of the english language. Correct?