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The show started with the dead, it should have ended with the dead. And by ended, I mean the dead should have won. It would have a beautifully apt and poetic ending to the series. Can someone please explain to me who decided this? This idea that every fictional character can just be twisted and warped and perverted anyway we choose just because they're fictional? Where does that come from? This is the same logic that turned the vampire from a bloodsucking creature with fangs that can only be killed by daylight or a stake to the heart, into a glittery sparkle fairy with no fangs and can only be killed by dismemberment. Absolutley no connection to the folklore of what a vampire is, but because the foundation is folklore and not fact, that means that it's just as canon as lestat? Fuck off. They arent the same creature. And the same thing applies here. The little mermaid is a fictional story that was based in europe. The author is european. That's all the source material you fucking need to know she's supposed to he white. Dont play stupid. When the ancient vikings created Odin and Loki, you think they imagined them as africans? Or likewise with the Greeks when they created Zeus? The little mermaid is part of european history and european culture. Just because its fictional doesnt give anyone the right to scribble all over it. The joker has always been a thin dude. Because women like to fix men as if theyre school projects. I didnt buy that the Arthur we saw in this film represented the criminal mastermind that we know in batman, but Bruce was very young in this. And I have a feeling that with enough years, he could adapt to become the joker as we know him. Toward the end you could see what was left of his sanity erode. I think it would take another two films to flesh out his transition fully. I must have. I dont recall that at all. You know who else are trump supporters? Latinos and blacks. Someone that pissed off a liberal. No. I got kicked out of high school for never going. Still dont feel like I missed out on anything. I dont dont see how prom is any different than a regular school dance. Black panther was nominated for an oscar...let that sink in.. I literally just fucking told you how you contradicted yourself. I spelled it out point by point. Did you not read the post? It's either authenticity or fame. The way you try to work your way around the goalposts is how you contradict yourself. You dont get to say were going to be as authentic to African animals by casting native African dialects, and then get to say, native African dialects arent as popular so we settle for American. I'm sorry but this is the biggest load of horseshit reasoning I've read on this forum. Oh ibsee. So bow casting actors with the most authenticity doesnt matter because name brand actors matter more? So much for authenticity I guess. You completely contradicted yourself and destroyed your argument in a single fucking line. - "Black actors because they add authenticity to African animals" -"Then why not just use African actors to voice African animals? Authenticity right?" -"because name brands sell" Gotcha. Just Like I thought. Race means absolutely fuck all about it. There is no fuckong authenticity to the voices of animals. Are you yelling me that childish Gambino sounded just as majestic and regal of a lion than liam Neeson as Aslan? Like fuck. Give me a fucking break. You're really pulling for straws here to the point of playing 6 degrees if separation. Absolutley absurd. Especially considering that all of the "African" voice actors arent even African in the first place. If we were even going to attempt to play this game then how about casting actual Africans from Africa as the voices of lions? A white south African in this case would sound more authentic than a black American. That was part of my point. Casting black people lions more authenticity.............? Gingers are a minority thats are even more unheard than blacks are but that didnt seem to matter when it came to casting the little mermaid though... To be fair, converse sneakers are timeless. I see them everywhere even today. And not just because I live in the pnw. It does when its curly. Invertedly, pretending theres nothing to criticize also comes across as flippant and arrogant to the fanbase so theres a good chance this could backfire on them anyway. i just dont understand why they chose not to hand the helm over to a different set of writers to finish it off. they knew they didnt want any part of it anymore, and instead of giving new people the chance to finish it off properly, they chose to burn it to the ground. reminds me of my dog who had too much to eat but rather than share her leftovers, snarls at anyone who comes near.