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Pretty good show.... Where is Adam Warlock????.he is supposed to defeat Thanos .. Best picture???? The Producers biggest mistake with the sequels ... Monkey saying UH OH.... That Hack Lawrence Kasdan isn't involved I hope....he single handedly ruined Star Wars... Better franchise than fast and furious... Uhhggg a Supervillian???? How the hell was she a consultant on Dunkirks Arial scenes... Ok we all know Ms marvel saves the day... View all posts >


I don't want my life story told... I agree. Nothing lasts forever and to be honest I have been tiring of comic movies for awhile now.... Lmao....yup I think we already know who is gonna be the one to bring Thanos down.... I've seen people even older than No..bad idea. Both franchises can't even keep their own canon straight...together would be a mess.. That's Mackenzie Davis dumbass. could have gone very wrong. Asshole.... Ummm not really. The fact that it is boring and talky is NOT playing it safe....try again...🙄🙄🙄 He hasn't played it safe. He did an Indy film in 2008 and plans one more. No like Indy is high art to start with. He has done more serious dare like Schindler's list Amistad and more recently Lincoln....THOSE are not playing it safe Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park are playing it safe..... View all replies >