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How the hell was she a consultant on Dunkirks Arial scenes... Ok we all know Ms marvel saves the day... This guy's an Asshole... I like Bullseye but one thing annoys me about him.... Oh my God this is BAAAAAAAD.... What a dumbass..🙄🙄🙄 Rip I can see Negan being redeemed .. Antenna Tv's Bewitched Witch-o-Ween Damage Michael took in this film... View all posts >


Sadly that is true. Oh well it's not like the tv characters would ever make it to the movies anyhow. The MCU movies verse will be wrapping it up for the most part. No one is gonna care once Downey and Evans quit... You are correct. You idiot can't even respond back to your own troll thread....lmao Anyhow they have already made a ton of white characters from the comics black to satisfy idiots like you.. Dude you are a Yeah I get that. Than that means any normal human if trained properly can fight Daredevil and beat him. Daredevil has improved senses that also give him great agility. I do also have the same problem with Hawkeye and Balck Widow. They seem to be able to take more punishment from superpowered villians than other humans. Because he's been typecast as Thor probably.... They fucked up and are trying to fix it. They have the lame excuse now that klingons had Shaved heads last season because they were at war...🙄🙄🙄🙄.....yet they said last season they looked different because of different houses....fucking stupid excuses..... Well she used to be Ms. marvel in the comics. Meh his acting isnt that great ..he tends to overdo it.... Loses his temper on set and assaulted his mom and sister. If that is not being an asshole I don't know what it. The guy is a major tool with a hot temper .... View all replies >