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Galactus03 (2007)


This movie SUCKED....haven't seen it but it sucks... Great..... Just passed away... The spaghetti scene.... Uh oh.... How can people not Like this guy??? YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE (To Servre Man" sequel") What's he doing now???? DVDs and blu Ray's all sold out...lmao 3 years and no posts here yet??? View all posts >


Yeah Stallone was disappointed. He even put the scene on his instagram. I mentioned it would have not been a good scene to add and that the locker room scene would have been something to keep. I was hoping someone would bring up one they liked. 😂 kudos man..👍 Creed 2 was a more realistic follow up of the drago family. There is an awesome cut scene of victor and adonis sitting in the locker room talking after the fight. Rocky and ivan look at each other give a nod of approval. Stallone wanted to do a fight scene between rocky and ivan at the hospital. They even have a rehearsal scene from it. Thank god they didnt do it. It looked completely stupid. No it wasnt. Lol. It was the silliest of all the films. Rocky 5 could have been great but they made it silly once Tommy Guns manger walked in. Rocky Balboa and the Creed films brought the series back to a semblance of realism. Lmao... Very true. I figure people can believe what they want. But most waste their time trying to convince others of their beliefs. Very rarely can anyone convince someone of their own political beliefs. It's a losing battle. You are a moron. Very few actresses have a long career. Same with actors. She is uber rich. So better off than you. So stfu nerdface...😂 Im sure of it. Probably in 50 years when all the TOS fans are dead.... Your whole thread is worthless. Bttf was 34 years ago. Does it matter??? He doesnt do anything relevant anymore. So people don't give two shits. This is how the world works. Get use to it. View all replies >