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Why didn't they just created another time Lord??? I wouldn't mind marathons with classic Outer limits and Thriller... Decades Twilight Zone Marathon... Really enjoyed it.. The Mandolrian proves are full of shit... Chewbaccas grief over Leia overdone....most likely because of fan complaints about Han.... One of the best scifi shows ever... After Rewatching all the trilogies...I think the Prequels are the best structured.... So for some they basically got TWO good films. Theaters filling up in my area . View all posts >


😂😂😂.. It was ok.i don't like the fact that their talent came from Chuck. I also don't see how it would affect Baby. I'm hoping that this when chuck thing proves to be not what it seems. There is no way In hell Harrison would do It is what it is. He doesn't like it fine. Lots of us do. Are there some things they could have done better??? Of course. It's been an inside joke for years now about characters coming back. They even joke about it in the show. Some characters have stayed dead. But don't forget after season 2 the shows continuing arc has dealt with angels,demons,heaven, hell and eventually God. Omnipotent creatures. So it's no surprise that characters come back often. Bobby is still dead, the Winchester's parents, and a host of hunters. The show wasn't supposed to last this long of course but I think they did pretty good considering. They managed to bring in new characters like jack. Jack is a great character. I'm just hoping that chuck isn't really God though. But just a omnipotent creature who makes shit up... STFU....🙄🙄🙄 Ummm no....the point of the film was that Sharon Survived. It's an alternate History film, like Inglorious Bastards.. I enjoyed it. I still hope we find out that chuck is really just a powerful Godlike being and not really the creater of everything. Because you never know when we may want to see a reunion show and taking out God kinda ruins that.... Liked the Character of Richie.... Rip 🙁 No... this is a story from the comics. He has been stripped of his magic and only has his surgical abilities to rely on and defeat the entity's of the multiverse. I like them both. I watch the show mostly for Elizabeth Montgomery anyhow....😃 View all replies >