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This guy is kinda a piece of shit... Totally Juvenile they want to contaminate the MCU with Reynolds Deadpool??? Dead ghost man narrating Took me out of this film... Haha. This guy has it right about these films... Damn this show stunk.. Easily the worst modern comic book movie... If it werent for his Grandpa and Daddy.... Haha...this prick is finally getting his due... Has a new toy Action figure out... Hope Chozen is back for Season 4 View all posts >


You weirdo.... Dont even have to read that to know what happened....YOUTUBE happened. People create the same kind of content cheaply in their backyards and neighborhoods and they dont have to worry about Hollywood interfering..... Why are you laughing at your own impending doom???Fat can not only kill your relationships but can lead to an early demise. My suggestion.....start eating better, exercise and stop talking shit about woman you dont have a chance with......😃 Sylvestor Stallone and Clint Eastwood. Eastwood will be headlining a film at the age of 90...called Cry Macho....pretty impressive. Not many leading men still take a lead part at 90 years of age... I remember that one. It was great. Hahaha. Its Prove... and you said Proof and now Proove. Your trolling sucks by the way.😂 Seriously though. You would never do better than Kat. Especially if you continue to remain in bad shape. Woman do not like men that are fat unless you have a ton of money. You moron. You tell someone else to learn to spell. I said....DID YOU LOOK AT YOUR FIRST POST. It makes no sense...."PROOF ME WROG" ..???? Lmao..... Just like saying Kat is ugly.....You have no room to talk when it comes to spelling..... You would be lucky to get a woman like Kat.... Did you actually look at your first post??? 😂😂😂 Anyhow shes better looking than anyone your fatass would attract.....prove me wrong....hahahahaha... STFU Season 2 of voyage had a lot of great episodes. View all replies >