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Finished Season 14.... This looks awful This movie was AWFUL.... What a flipping MORON.....🙄🙄🙄 Gonna be seeing this early next week.....looking forward to it .. Rank the Rambo Films.... Just gets cuter with age.... Very Special Episodes ... The guys who are Hating on this film and Stallone are just a bunch of jealous middle aged Fatties.... View all posts >


That's funny the part about baby. 😂 Any number of ways. God or not, Chuck is not omnipotent and all knowing. We have seen that. If he was Sam would not have been able to shoot him unless he wanted him to. I just hope this show doesn't end on a lame reset or something like that. I'm really hoping Chuck turns out not to be "God" but just another arrogant cosmic being with delusions of grandeur. He's an old man. There isn't much he can do on screen anymore it's playing the old gruntie, shuffling grouchy man..... Dammit Foebane....after all that shit I wrote, that's all you take from it?? I have been using Fannerd since IMDB. I merged fan, which came from Fanatical of course with nerd. So it means fanatical nerd. I probably should put a hyphen and type it Fan-nerd....but it looks better and more humiliating the other way....😂😂😂 Jesus Christ....put a lid on it already. It's fannerds like you that pretty much have ruined scifi/fantasy Foebane. The constant whining and nitpicking has gotten stale and boring these past 20 years. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will ever give anyone the feeling that the original trilogy did if they were alive in 1977. NOTHING. It's impossible. First everyone complained about the prequels and hated George calling him Luca$ or lucash...and wanted someone else to step in and said shit like ...." We need Lawrence Kasdan back....😂😂😂....well they got it and him and his son pretty much ruined Star Wars for you Fannerds who wanted him so back so now they are looking at Lucas fondly again....🙄🙄🙄 It's flipping stupid. In fact many now like the prequels and are wetting their pants over Ewan MacGregor coming back as obi wan....and you know what??? They will nitpick and complain when that series is released because something won't jibe exactly with the OT or PT. LMAO.... Anyhow this is all on the Fannerds. They were told at the beginning it would not focus on the original actors. Which the really haven't. Once again they expected too much. 🙄🙄🙄 Exactly. Does it matter?? This has been happening way before JJ. Shatner did it for a kid with Star Trek 5. It's not true. Move on.....smh... It will be her choice. She's getting toward retirement age. At any rate no amount of bitching about her is gonna change anything for you ....😂😂 Oh boo hoo. Stop trying to live your past childhood. No matter what they did you still would be bitching that it was not like when you were a kid....🙄🙄 View all replies >