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STFU....🙄🙄🙄 Ummm no....the point of the film was that Sharon Survived. It's an alternate History film, like Inglorious Bastards.. I enjoyed it. I still hope we find out that chuck is really just a powerful Godlike being and not really the creater of everything. Because you never know when we may want to see a reunion show and taking out God kinda ruins that.... Liked the Character of Richie.... Rip 🙁 No... this is a story from the comics. He has been stripped of his magic and only has his surgical abilities to rely on and defeat the entity's of the multiverse. I like them both. I watch the show mostly for Elizabeth Montgomery anyhow....😃 Why do you hate Harry So much? 😂 You do sound a bit jealous. Well you can relax now, Meghan and Harry are going to be mostly independent now. They only have the few million Meghan already had as well as whatever Harry had, plus the shirts on their backs. They are poor now. 😂😂 You wasn't that good a movie....😂😂 Yeah. Mcu nerds will probably see it. But I doubt it will do so great. STFU. You are a complete idiot...🙄😂 Calm down Beavis. 😂Did you say this About Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well?? Stfu ...ROTS is the best Star Wars film.... ROTJ IS THE WORST... Stfu....ROTS is the best Star wars movie... Plus he's now 72 years old, more cautious and a surrogate father. The end of the movie clearly shows he still feels like he did in 2 and 3... Oh bullshit. Last Blood wasn't as good as his one but his character was definitely in line with what we have seen before. You are an idiot if you can't see that...🙄🙄🙄🙄 Last blood wasn't the last one. He is thinking of another. Yeah that would have been a good idea. Too bad they had to all preachy....oh well... 😂...yeah...bizarre indeed...well it was a good long run. Everything has to run its course I suppose... Doesn't matter dumbass. I did it once and had my thread removed ..