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I hated this movie. The ending was sadistic. This was more evidence that horror cannot exist without stupidity. I don’t need to elaborate. There were too many scenes of people standing and crying when they should have been RUNNING FOR THEIR LIVES. And Seth KNOWS that Goodnight somehow lived, but makes NO EFFORT AT ALL to RUSH to the cops to get medical attention for Amy?! This was pure crap. This was an insult to anyone with a triple-digit IQ. Chris Fatt? Really?! It’s one of the sweetest movies, and title characters, I’ve ever seen. “Sometimes, I still dance in the snow.” So poignant. More than 20 years ago, on the Entertainment Weekly message boards on Pathfinder, a man posted (and this is a paraphrase), “I was a US Marine. If you don’t cry at the end of this movie, there is something wrong with you.” Thank you. Tina Turner is a freaking FORCE OF NATURE. INTERVIEWER Tina, are you disappointed that it took you 10 years to win a Grammy. TINA No. It just took the world 10 years to catch up with me. Stick with politics. Leave the adults alone. A link is not a post. Posts have words in them; descriptive words, in your case. Yes, I know that “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” so start WRITING, sloth. Artisan? Of what? Plagiarism? . . . dead. I’ve said this before, but I don’t think I can say it too often: One of the many reason why I respect Jackie Chan is for his outtakes at the end of his films. Yes, they’re often funny, but that’s not why he did them. He did them to show impressionable youngsters that this was A MOVIE and NOT REAL LIFE. And I think that is SO enlightened of him. “Hey, kids. That cool 4-minute fight scene took us FOUR WEEKS to shoot and 3 guys went to the hospital. It took so long because we fucked up a lot. NOBODY could have fought like this. You’d DIE.” Jackie Chan deserves every cent he’s earned, just for this. See any outtakes on any John Wick movies? ‘Course not. Not COOOL! Nor realistic in the slightest. Cynical, on the other hand . . . Strntz, you’re smarter and nicer than I am. I’m certain, when you watch this piecemeal today, when AI is a fact of life (that I am nearly convinced will end the human species), that it provokes you to think. My comment stems from memories formed when this came out. I often find Spielberg hard to take, a crowd-pleasing sophist who doesn’t realize that is what he is. I LOATHE Haley Joel Osment, lines like, “I am, I WAS!” are straight out of The Book of Alleged Existential Profundities. They may resonate, until you actually think about them. Having said all that, I am happy for you that you enjoyed it and have found value in it. Please don’t let curmudgeonly me interfere with any of that. You can’t take me anywhere! The difference between “small” and “petite” is . . . ? Answer: no difference at all. Welcome to the Department of Redundancy Department. ^This, posted for Amerigirl, and not for the solipsistic delusional. There’s a dictionary over there. Not true. I watched my Region 1 DVD of Judas Kiss this very afternoon, because my cable box is on the fritz. I found a brand-new copy online last year, after 10 years of searching. Society ostracizes. The Catholic Church excommunicates. It’s not all that hard to use the right word. All it takes is effort and education. If you know me, you know I don’t much like Netflix’ own content. I find their series lazy, formulaic in a bad way (the first 3 Bond movies, by contrast, are formulaic in a good way) and padded with boring dialogue and filler. I liked Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, but I agree with others posting here: Season 2 completely engaged me from start to finish, had a unified narrative, not a trace of filler, really good production design and FX, and brought Ritu Arya in the role of Lila into the cast. SHE is magnetic. ‘S all I have to say. She’s kind of like Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She just SELLS her role. She’s blessed with gravitas and charisma. This was a joy to watch. For you, but not for her. I regret it’s taken some time to reply, Otter. I’ve followed F1 for decades. I’ve never heard any theories that Nikki had Asperger’s syndrome. Based on what little I know about the condition, I’d tend to doubt it, if only because most who have it have problems with coordination, which Lauda clearly did not. One thing I can tell you about him that I think speaks volumes about the kind of man he was. I followed news about his dreadful crash and therapy thereafter. It was prima facile miraculous that he was back racing again just 6 weeks later. But he said something that will always stay with me, about his fight for life. He said, “As I lay there, I realized I was thinking about HOW EASY it would be just to let myself die—AND THAT’S WHEN I STARTED FIGHTING.” No, philo. The Metal music genre was established WELL before the US mag appeared. I doubt you we’re even a sperm at the time. This ain’t IMBd, Bobby. Yes, Ron, but we got 2 seasons out of it, and not a truly “empty” conclusion. FYI, you can stream the full series on Amazon Prime. You write like shit, Marcus: verbose, strident, shallow and not a little narcissistic. The good news is that you’re probably dead by now.