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Nor “Candyman.” No booze. Give me Nepali temple balls in a hookah filled with Absinthe. Booze is for kids. The 3 part Hobbit movie (which is not a trilogy, for reasons I am not going to repeat again) is an abomination. I lack your enthusiasm for Freeman. He’s better suited to gangster roles than he is to stories JRR Tolkien wrote for his grandchildren. Rhinestone would have made a billion dollars, if only the 2 leads had gotten naked to the waist. In its last scene, it gives a precis of the gestation of rock n’ roll, from country/western to Rockabilly to full-on Chuck Berry ROCK N ROLL. I know no other film that does the same in such a small time frame. Barb Wire is literally the plot of Casablanca with boobs. That’s a bad thing because . . . ? Winter, I think you need to see the Extended Version, which fleshes out the narrative. I watch this for Scott Glenn and Carla Gugino. American Gods has ruined Browning for me. The Blu-ray transfer is quite good, as is the DTS audio. You beat me to it, Otter, except I don’t think Lawrence is beautiful, but she IS to pretty to play Pearl, who looked like 40 miles of pudgy bad road in a fright wig. Don’t quit your day job, Stevie. He WAS a pioneer. LOTS of housewives drooled over him on his TV show, so, of course, lots of husbands concluded he was gay! “No REAL man looks like that!” I remember 2 quotes from his Playboy interview. “Look at what most people have for breakfast. They have a donut, a cup of coffee and a cigarette. Then they wonder why they feel awful the rest of the day.” “I still have sex nearly every day—nearly on Monday, nearly on Tuesday . . . .” And you should have learned English. No wonder you think well of Netprix. And “maybe” you are an asshole. Thank you. Love is not gross. And I love woman’s fanny. Please, tell us specific examples of where it was overdone and melodramatic, beyond the bounds they are accepted and expected of myth. Really. I freaking mean it. You don’t find Gilgamesh and The Odyssey “overdone and melodramatic”? That’s what LARGER THAN LIFE IS! It’s overdone and melodramatic. Was the dialogue of the movie script inferior to Homer? Yes! It was! Prose is inferior to poetry! Was the narrative inferior? I think not, and I stand by what I think. Defend your post. All you’ve offered so far are sweeping and unsubstantiated statements. Quality? Yes, a classic film that transcends its source to an exponential degree. So am I. Void this 1 out. Instead, I submit: Ferris Bueller‘s Day Off What an asshat. And then add: Angel Heart Fanny and pussy are 2 different holes on a woman, and I love ‘em both. Do you mean 25 age, or 25 IQ? Or both? Aliens is in a COMPLETELY different universe of superlatives from the 2 mediocrities you mention in the same sentence. It’s like, “If you like Kobe filet mignon, Spam and the Big Mac, you’ll like this.” BTW, “to be bad” is a verb. “To bad” is illiterate. Yeah. That felt good. Why didn’t they go with Nude Nuns With Big, Round Buns And Guns? I know Warhol was serious. So was I! That’s how you get your 15 minutes of fame!